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Anyone Wants A Cum Tribute?

Discussion in 'Cum Tributes' started by Mattzz, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Mattzz

    Mattzz Beloved Member :)

    Any wife want to see my cock on your pic? Just send it the image and i will make it happen :)

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  2. Sam6911

    Sam6911 Beloved Member :)

    Would love your cum all over my pics.

    355.jpg pK.jpg 20170202_225538.jpg $RWN9LZU.jpg
  3. trainermurray

    trainermurray Beloved Member :)

    please tribute my wife

  4. jb102991

    jb102991 Beloved Member :)

    cum on her face

  5. Sam6911

    Sam6911 Beloved Member :)

    Is there something wrong with my pics? Your post says to just post an image and it would be done. Just making sure I didn't miss something.
  6. brandonnlisa

    brandonnlisa Beloved Member :)

    cum tribute me please a video cum tribute so i can hear what you wanna do to me!

    received_10211194144903367[1].jpeg received_10211194133223075[1].jpeg received_10211190657856193[1].jpeg
  7. uk24fun17

    uk24fun17 Beloved Member :)

    Nice xx
  8. Mattzz

    Mattzz Beloved Member :)

    Sorry for all, i wanst entering on slutwives for a while. But now im going to do all the tributes!
  9. brandonnlisa

    brandonnlisa Beloved Member :)

  10. Ourphotos

    Ourphotos Beloved Member :)

    Mattzz - Let me know if you are interested in cumming for my BBW.
  11. Grkbull18

    Grkbull18 Beloved Member :)

    you could do some for my gf
  12. brandonnlisa

    brandonnlisa Beloved Member :)

    bullshit post..this guy doesnt deliver
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  13. brandonnlisa

    brandonnlisa Beloved Member :)

    Ok looking for it!