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Blackmail Cuckold Dice Dare Revised First & Second Set Of Rolls

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by BlkDomseeking, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. cuckjan

    cuckjan Beloved Member :)

  2. Lux322

    Lux322 Beloved Member :)

    I consent to play msg me. Cuck here with 26 year old girlfriend.
  3. Rahul Khanna

    Rahul Khanna VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Send me rolz id and chatstep details to start
  4. Mica

    Mica Beloved Member :)

    anyone playing the game?
  5. Dascrew

    Dascrew Beloved Member :)

    hello abuse us 2
  6. GideonMack

    GideonMack Beloved Member :)

    Hello Once again looking to play the dice game.

    Happy with whichever rules the dom chooses. The ones on page 40 look interesting but what do I know?

    This is an addiction and each time I play the desire to reveal more increases to trigger that extra level of fear/excitement.

    52 year old UK wife.
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  7. topflight29

    topflight29 Beloved Member :)

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  8. buck6t9

    buck6t9 Beloved Member :)

  9. DomCole

    DomCole Beloved Member :)

    Anyone want to play?
  10. Belgian Cuckie

    Belgian Cuckie Could she be turned on again after 15 years? Beloved Member :)

  11. sarahanddanxx

    sarahanddanxx Beloved Member :)

    Me :)
  12. Abuse_Us_2

    Abuse_Us_2 Beloved Member :)

    and out.
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  13. Dascrew

    Dascrew Beloved Member :)

    hey abuse i sent you a pm check it
  14. DomCole

    DomCole Beloved Member :)

    Just played a fantastic game with Belgiun Cuckie - true cuck and pretty h/c rules too
  15. Londonium

    Londonium Beloved Member :)

    Going to post the results DomCole?
  16. DomCole

    DomCole Beloved Member :)

    Nope. That roll didn't come up
  17. DomCole

    DomCole Beloved Member :)

    Great game lilngeorges - fucking loved how exposed you made her
  18. Abuse_Us_2

    Abuse_Us_2 Beloved Member :)

    damn why does that statement instill hardons?
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  19. Abuse_Us_2

    Abuse_Us_2 Beloved Member :)

    wimpy wannabe here for page 73 game message if interested. no wedding pics available.

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