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Cannibalism or Spiritualism

Discussion in 'Interracial Extreme' started by trinidadynotme2, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. trinidadynotme2

    trinidadynotme2 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I have read recently about eating of human testicles and it is extremely nutritious.http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_you_eat_human_testicles. and http://tribes.tribe.net/aee9385f-01...2/thread/b998e107-6fa3-4909-9743-af36d9d904c8
    I guess that the "West",is now finding what some African tribes have known for centuries .When I 1st was told about joining and submitting to this "Orisha" Dominant group, I ask how can anyone do this? I must say 1st, that it is blk bisexual "top"men for couples.My wife and I knew before we joint that part of the requirements were all sub males to volunteer castration.That made it sure of our commitment to their principles and the blk man that becomes our husband.They believe that it a spiritual change in us(white bois)that is shown in the physical.The blk "husband" is required to eat both the penis and balls as a sign of him having taking our masculinity and making us fem.
  2. nuits49

    nuits49 Not quite a lurker VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    a great question but thinks these is like in other time they kill sheeps for lord or other things to be lucky
    these community is very interessant
    thanks trini
  3. trinidadynotme2

    trinidadynotme2 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Thanks Nuits49, it always good to hear from you. A lot of ppl do not understand "origin" and application for castration.
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  4. kinkycalicuckold

    kinkycalicuckold New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I would absolutely love to learn more. PM me
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  5. Coupledateblk

    Coupledateblk New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Wow , it is so true that I have also joined a group like this . I know it is very taboo but I saw were it was necessary for husbands like me to submit to a man that have become a husband for my lifetime.
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  6. cheshireset

    cheshireset Not quite a lurker VERIFIED!

    Literally a load of bollocks
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  7. Coupledateblk

    Coupledateblk New around here... Beloved Member :)

    So much culture have their tradition that most ppl don't know. Thanks for the information .
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  8. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    THAT is sure true. WE whties here in America do so many taboo things. It seems we keep it even more secret than other cultures I think. the rituals are usually led by Black Alpha MEN. Even Black priests and ministers. \
    I noticed a long time ago that while Black drops were protesting something and talking down white--> the sexy black men were still flirting with me and making sexual advances.
    You probably know by now that Black men smiling at me or talking to me gets me so turned on. I started wearing my skirts with no panties-whatEVER I I wore for stockings or warm thigh highs. Just to be able to do ANYthing they wanted immediately. Ofetne with knee pads showing below my skirt.

    Love, Heahter, now 53 in Rochester, NY -->msGary
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  9. Judymwf37

    Judymwf37 Slutwife and loving it Beloved Member :)

    i would love eating them!
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  10. 412perv

    412perv New around here... Beloved Member :)

    you can chow down on mine if youd like ;)
  11. shocked

    shocked Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Judy, I like you and have tremendous respect for you but your cannibalistic desires frighten me!
  12. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    I think I took that AS you meant it! Great pic on profile and avatar
    Love, Hether, why boy 53 sissyshemale
    LOVE, Heather