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Cucked By A Fellow Military Buddy Parts 1, 2, And 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by 40sCpl4BigCocks, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. 40sCpl4BigCocks

    40sCpl4BigCocks New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Part 1
    This naughty tale has a bit of a back story before the really good stuff. It's important and will be worth it. I promise.

    After 27 years in the Air Force as a senior enlisted member, I volunteered to go overseas for a special assignment. My wife Marie wasn't thrilled about me going to Afghanistan but she begrudgingly supported the choice in the end. It was 6 month short tour and we decided I would retire when I returned. I had a plumb government job lined up after I made the transition from active duty.
    My command was at the main headquarters in country, but I was sent to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) as a liaison to the Army. The base had a few other small adjunct Air Force missions as well as one Navy unit, but for all intents and purposes I was essentially a one man show being the only Air Force member on the base from my command. My office was in the Army unit's command building next to the Command Sergeant Major's office. His first name was Calvin and we got along well. He was also on his last tour before he was to retire. He was a tall affable black man. In fact, most of the senior enlisted guys in that Army unit were black and they all hung out together during off hours. The first sergeant was also a black guy named Caesar. He was less affable than Calvin. One might call him a pissed off asshole. Actually, the fact that the First Sergeant was an asshole was a point of emphasis during my short turn-over with my predecessor. Because my unit didn't have any young airmen at the FOB with me to do the occasional labor required by my mission, those requirements fell onto Caesar to get his soldiers to do those occasional manual tasks on the Air Force's behalf. That was one reason Caesar wasn't a fan of the guy I relieved, or me by extension. I also discovered that Caesar had the VIP room next to his buddy Calvin, but the previous Air Force Chief pulled rank and displaced him from the sweet wet CHU (Containerized Housing Unit - essentially a trailer with two single rooms on either end and a common bathroom in the middle). These types of accommodations are usually reserved for senior officers and the top two or three senior enlisted members.

    Anyway, Calvin and I worked well together and he brought me into his social circle, much to Caesar's dismay. Calvin and I discussed our plans after military retirement. I told him about the government job I had lined up. He told me about a strip club he own in his home town of St Louis that his cousin ran for him. He planned to take it over fully and maybe buy a second one after he punched out. We smoke cigars in the smoke pit and watch football together on Armed Forces Network. Sometimes we watched the games with the other senior enlisted guys in the recreation room or we'd watch in his room or mine depending on when the game came on or how crowded the rec room was.

    One particular day, we agreed we'd watch the game in my room after I got back from the gym. I heard Calvin in his room when I got back and knocked on the door that led from our common bathroom to his room. He opened up and I told him that my outside door was open and he could start the game while I showered. He agreed. After showering and drying off, I had my towel around my waist and needed the fresh change of clothes I left on my bed. I opened the door into my room and the game was on but Calvin wasn't paying attention to it. Instead, he had my laptop open and was thoroughly enjoying what he was seeing. My wife had sent me overseas with a couple of sets of sexy pictures. One set was called the "Playboy Set" and the other the "Penthouse Set". The Playboy set was as one would expect. Classic lingerie types of poses, such as a shoulder strap off of her shoulder and exposing one of her breasts or teasingly bent over with the satin bottoms of her sexy teddy bottoms riding up her full round ass. The "Penthouse Set" was much more explicit, full nudes, legs open, playing with her tits and pussy with erotic expressions on her face. I had set up the pictures as a slide show on my laptop and as my screen saver. Each picture would display for 30 seconds and would then transition to the next, making it easier to jack off when the urge struck. The screen saver came on automatically when the laptop was opened. I didn't use a password because it was my personal computer and I didn't share a room with anyone else (unlike most of the other lower ranking military guys). I knew the laptop was closed when I went into the shower.

    Calvin didn't bat an eye when I walked into the room. He just smiled and looked back down at the screen without shame or any embarrassment from "getting caught". He said, "Damn, is this your wife? She's my kind of white woman. I love white women, especially ones built like a black woman. You know, built to take a hard black dick. And that is exactly how your wife is built". My wife was a little on the thick side but had been working hard to get her figure back after giving birth to our sons 22 years earlier. It was a constant battle for her but one she steadily worked towards. She was 5'7", 36C, with a nice round ass and hips. She was still sexy at 48 years old but she had a little bit of a tummy. The tummy is what bothered her and what she focused on fixing the most. I loved her full round ass and hips. I told her she could do what she wanted but under no circumstances was she to lose either her hips or her ass.

    I asked Calvin how long he'd been looking at the pictures. He replied long enough to see the whole slide show a couple of times. I walked over and closed the laptop, grabbed the clean shorts, underwear, socks and t-shirt from my bed and went back into the bathroom to change. When I came back out, Calvin had the laptop open and was shamelessly enjoying the show again. He said, "how about giving me a copy of these? The look of her makes my johnson twitch and I could use some new beat-off material, know what I mean?". I said, "absolutely not! My wife would kill me if she knew anyone ever saw those. Please close the computer". Calvin ignored me, continuing to gaze at the screen. He said I was wrong. He went on saying he bet my wife would be turned on knowing another man got off on her pictures. He spun the screen around so I could see. The image was one of the Penthouse series pictures. My wife leaning up against the headboard of our bed, wearing only a short satin robe, open, fully exposing her tits, legs wide open, one hand at her pussy sliding an index finger up to her clit, the other hand at her mouth, teasingly biting a finger with a slutty and knowing smile on her face. Calvin said, "this is a picture of a woman that likes to fuck. Likes it fun and wild. Needs a big black dick in her pussy. If we were back in the world, I know I could charm your wife off of your arm and onto my big black dick. Matter of fact, the only thing I like better than white pussy, is married white pussy". He then shrugged his shoulders, splayed his hands out in a mocking gesture of innocence and said "no offense intended, it's just how us brothers are".

    I marched over and defiantly closed the laptop, unplugged it from its charger and put it into my locker and said, "are we going to watch the game or what?". Calvin responded with, "so no copies of those pics then?". I gave him a dirty look and flatly said, "no". He followed with, "tell her I saw the pics and see what she says. You can tell her you didn't let me look at them willingly". I exclaimed, "that's because I didn't!!!". He said, "just tell her. She may be pissed at first, but I'm telling you, she'll ask you about it later. If you press her, she'll admit that it turns her on". I said, "no fucking way". He said, "do it and if I'm right, you give me a copy of them". I disgustedly sat into one of the chairs in front of the TV and pretended to watch the game. I was both angry and in an odd way, turned on by the whole ordeal.

    A few weeks later, I was on Skype with my wife. She was feeling frisky and was telling me how bad she missed me and how horny she had been. She teasingly flashed her robe open and then asked me if I had been enjoying the pictures she sent me with. I sheepishly said that I did. Then I surprised myself by blurting out that I had accidently left my computer open and one of the guys on base saw the pictures. My wife's jaw momentarily fell open in shock. She quickly regained her composure, got that knowing sexy smile and said, "well...did he like them?" I was floored. Calvin was right, and she didn't even go through the "getting pissed" phase! I could immediately tell she was turned on by the idea of a stranger looking at her pictures. I nervously said "yes, I'm certain that he liked them". She followed by biting her lower lip and asked, "which ones did he see?". I took a deep breath and said, "I'm pretty sure he saw all of them". She mockingly gasped again and said, "even the Penthouse ones?!?". I said, "yes, even them". She asked how he reacted. I was evasive. I wasn't going to recount the actual conversation or events. I said, "he made it clear that he liked them and asked me if I would give him a copy of them." She exclaimed "you didn't did you?!?". I replied that I didn't. She then asked what I thought he'd do with them if I had given him a copy. I replied, "you know exactly what he'd do, the same thing I do with them". She smiled slyly. She then asked me what the guy was like. I told her it was my neighbor, the Command Sergeant Major. She smiled big and said, "the black guy?". Her reaction caused my stomach to drop. Calvin was right on all accounts. I asked her, "why does that matter?!?". She became a little embarrassed and said, "well...you know, I've always had a...had a thing for...um black guys". She had teasingly made comments off the cuff about black men before, but I always figured it was her just trying to get my goat in a joking manner. I said that I didn't really know that and I wanted to drop the subject. It was obvious that I was irritated. She said she was sorry, but it was me that messed up by letting her pictures be seen. We moved the conversation onto other typical things that we discussed when we got the chance...the kids, the house, her job (she was up for a big promotion) and then we said our "I love you's" and "goodbyes".

    I laid in bed tormented by the whole thing. Again I was angry, embarrassed and also strangely turned on. Calvin and I had continued to be friends and socialize as much as you can in a war zone. His right-hand man Caesar continued to be a borderline insubordinate dick to me. Calvin told me not to worry about it. Calvin also continued to drop crude and inappropriate comments about the pictures and my wife, going so far as letting Caesar and some of the other senior black NCO's in on the story. They all had a great time with it. Often making jokes that my wife had "jungle fever". I laughed them off trying to portray the image of a confident man that wasn't phased by any of it. They would have had a field day if they knew about the Skype conversation my wife and I had. Technically, I should have fessed up and given Calvin copies of the pictures, but there was no way I was going to admit any of that to him.

    Time ticked by rapidly and eventually my tour came to an end. Calvin and I exchanged all the typical personal contact information. He told me if I was ever in St. Louis, he'd give me the royal treatment at his club. I told him my wife had family in St. Louis and I just might take him up on his offer. As I said the words, I wanted to take them back. Calvin smiled and said that if I came to St. Louis, I damn sure better bring my "sexy ass" wife. I shot him a look, and he mockingly gestured innocence and said that he'd behave himself. Yeah right. Anyway, I left and eagerly went back to the states and my wife.

    That's it for Part 1. I hope it wasn't too slow. The next parts will get much racier. Would love to know what you think so far.
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  2. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Oh my, what a prelude to what is shaping up to being a great story. As a Vet this is hitting all the right spots for me and I can envisage exactly the situation. Well done and don't keep us waiting too long for Part 2.
  3. Threadmarks: With Futher Ado...Part Two

    40sCpl4BigCocks New around here... Beloved Member :)

    C.B. Thanks for the kind encouragement. I hope I don't disappoint.

    Part 2
    Things went as planned when I got back, meaning I retired from the USAF and got the civilian job I had been promised. We got the great news that Marie received the promotion she was hoping for. Her raise in salary was bigger than we had anticipated. Marie said she wanted to get a tummy tuck as a congratulations gift to herself. I told her I'd support her in anything she wanted to do, but I was happy with her the way she was. And I meant it.

    Marie went to a reputable cosmetic surgeon that had been recommended to her. During the consultation, the surgeon asked Marie if she had considered doing the "Mommy Makeover". She later explained that a "Mommy Makeover" consisted of a boob job done at the same time as the tummy tuck. It was the "new" thing because it saves on the cost of the surgeon's schedule and the anesthesiologist. The recovery would of course be a little more involved. My wife asked me what I thought. I told her that I thought her tits looked great. They were a nice size (36C), but truth be told, gravity had taken a small toll. She said she thought she wanted to do it. Maybe not get them much bigger, but at least firmer and perkier. She said she'd always wanted to wear sundresses and sexy tops sans a bra. In the end, she decided to go for it.
    The recovery was more than either of us had expected but the results were amazing. She was definitely a full-on D cup and they were high and proud. Her waist was noticeably smaller and tighter. Marie then went crazy with her new wardrobe, buying lots of smaller, tighter, and sexier outfits. Her self-confidence was off the charts and so was our sex life. We had often shared fun and sexy fantasies in bed during sex, but I had always been the one to broach the subject and start the exchange. After the surgery, Marie was the one leading the charge and the content had gotten more risqué. Exhibitionism and public sex were two of her favorite topics.

    I came home from work on a February afternoon to my wife holding an invitation. It was for her nephew Justin's college graduation in St. Louis later that May. Marie said she wanted to go. She said she had bought some great spring/summer outfits on sale earlier that fall but hadn't been able to wear them because of our early winter. She said that St. Louis was amazing in late May and the outfits would be perfect. I told her I was fine with us attending Justin's graduation. She then said, "hey - doesn't your buddy Calvin from your last tour live in St. Louis?" She tried hard to stifle a look of expectation. I replied, "yes, why do you ask?" in a concerned tone. "Oh, no reason...I just thought that you'd like to take the opportunity to see him. Maybe we could go a day or two early". "Maybe", I said and continued with "I know you know that Calvin was the guy that saw the naked pictures. Does that have something to do with it?" She smiled coyly and said, "sorta. I'm so much prouder of my looks now and I admit that I'd like for him to know that I'm not that flabby soccer mom anymore". I replied that I was happy about her new found self confidence, but I had always thought she was sexy no matter what and that was all that counted. She shrugged her shoulders and said "thanks", but she wanted to go early anyway. "Besides, you said he owns and runs a strip club - that sounds fun - we're going early, get used to it. Tell your friend we're coming". With that she spun around and walked off to do something on the other side of the house. My head was spinning. I immediately recalled Calvin saying, "this is the picture of a woman that likes it fun and wild"...and then all the other more sordid comments that went along with that statement. I was again having those familiar contrary feelings...anger, embarrassment, and excitement.

    Again, time flew by and before I knew it, we were a day away from our trip to St. Louis. Marie was almost giddy with excitement. I had contacted Calvin as my wife suggested and he was...well, he was Calvin. A little bit nostalgic and affable and a whole lot suggestive and inappropriate...all while trying to be funny and coy. We were flying in on a Wednesday. The graduation and festivities were on Friday night and Saturday morning. Marie mapped out our itinerary so we had Wednesday night to recover from our flight, Thursday morning to see the sites, and Thursday night to hang with Calvin. She added, "we'll have all morning and afternoon on Friday to recover from our night with Calvin", unable to contain her smile and enthusiasm. Again my stomach fell but my cock twitched. My wife had no idea exactly what Calvin was like. I would have sworn a year earlier she would have been disgusted by him and not given him the time of day. I wasn't so sure anymore.

    My wife ensured our travel plans went off without a hitch. We ate an early dinner after landing in St. Louis and then to bed. Thursday we saw the arch and went to some BBQ place for lunch her family used to frequent when she lived in the area. We shopped and then went to another favorite restaurant of hers for dinner. As we left the restaurant, she said that she had a surprise for me back at the hotel. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad one. When we got back to the hotel, I watched the end of the Cardinals game while Marie barricaded herself in the bathroom. After a while, she yelled from the bathroom for me to start getting ready and she'd be out momentarily. When she did emerge, my mouth literally dropped. She was wearing a very short pleated mini skirt, super low cut, super tight black top (obviously no bra) and these incredibly sexy Romanesque strappy sandals where the leather thongs cris-crossed up her calves. While Marie's surgery left her with bigger firmer tits and a tighter and smaller mid-drift, her ass and thighs were just as they were, round, full, and shapely. Just like Calvin liked 'em. The skirt she was wearing barely covered the bottom of her ass standing still. When she twirled in an effort to model the outfit, I distinctly saw the bottom of her bare ass cheeks. I prayed she was wearing a thong and not going "commando" like she was up top. She said, "surprise! What do you think?". I said, "I think you're sexy as fuck and it's going to be a long night for me". She said, "don't be silly and don't be so dull. We're going to have a great time. Now let's go!"

    I punched the address that Calvin gave me into our rental car's GPS. As I did, Marie asked, "are you sure that address is right? That is a crumby part of town. At least it was when I was here as a kid". I replied, "I have no idea, maybe it has been gentrified. We'll have to see." It didn't take long for us to realize that the neighborhood Calvin's club was located was far from seeing any sort of gentrification. It was dark and industrial. Very few street lights and the people we saw on the streets looked unsavory. We then turned onto the street we were looking for and a saw a bunch of pimped out Escalades, Lincoln Navigators, and a Hummer. All with big chrome wheels. They were outside of a dingy brick building with small windows high above the sidewalk with neon beer signs aglow. We also heard the distinctive heavy bass of rap music. I declared, "I think we found it. I should have guessed that Calvin would have a strip club square in the middle of the ghetto." My wife said, "You hush. We're going to have a great time."

    I parked on the side of the street about a hundred yards past the place. I helped my wife out of the car. Because it was dark, I couldn't be sure...but when she swung herself out of the car, I could have sworn that I got a glimpse of her bare pussy under the short skirt and it looked more trimmed than usual. But again it was dark and it could have been one of her wispy almost transparent thongs she started to wear these days. Anyway, we walked towards the sound of heavy bass rap music. As we approached the building, a hulk of a black man stepped out of the door way. He was immense. At least 6'5" and enormously stout. His head was huge and he appeared to have no neck, as if his giant head was fused directly onto his gigantic frame...280lbs. easy. He looked down at us and scoffed. He croaked, "you guys sure you're in the right place?". I said that I was a friend of Calvin's and that he was expecting us. The bouncer pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and pushed a single button and put the phone to his ear. He then said, "some white dude and a pretty ass white hoe are here...he says he knows you", followed by, "uh, huh. Ok boss". He put the phone away, looked down upon us again, smiled while cocking his head and said, "right this way" as he opened the door behind him. As we walked by, he said to me, "the boss will meet you right inside the door...have a good one white boy". I later discovered the bouncer's name was "Tiny" and was also a relative of Calvin's in some way,. He was once a star defensive lineman in Division I college football before blowing out his knee during the NFL combine.

    We stepped into the building and it took a moment for our eyes to adjust. Almost all of the light was produced from red neon lights that ran along the tops of the walls creating a murky perception that everything was fuzzy and soft edged. The one exception was the stage, it had a bit more direct and brighter lights. To our right stood the bar. As our eyes became more adjusted to the light, we realized that the place was nearly full and almost all eyes were upon the two of us, the only white people in the place. As the music lulled for a moment, I saw a door open past the bar and a familiar voice ring out, "Chief! How the fuck are you man?" The voice was Calvin's and he had another guy with him who he later introduced as his cousin and business partner Jerome. Calvin quickly embraced me patting my back and saying he was glad that I came. He quickly shifted his attention to my wife and didn't hide the fact that he liked what he saw. He dramatically and audibly sucked air between his teeth and said "God damn, you are one fine ass woman! Are you the same one that I saw those sexy pics of way back in the day? You look a damn bit hotter in real life baby, I'll tell you that! And those pics your husband showed me had me at full attention if you know what I mean!" My wife smiled, did a cute half little curtsey, and said, "thank you kindly" in a faux southern accident and then in a mock whisper added, "I've had a little work done since those pictures were taken". Calvin still couldn't get enough saying "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. Let me see some more of this fine woman". He grabbed my wife by the hand and held it high above her head and then coaxed her in a slow pirouette. Calvin was almost in a trance gawking at my wife and then snapped out of it as my wife struggled on her tippy toes all while turning about for Calvin to appreciate her. He said under his breath, "God damn, It's gonna be a good night" and then turned to me and said, "what do you think of the place?" Before I could answer he said that he recently remodeled the whole interior and bought a second club across the river. He said his favorite part of the remodel was his new office which he'd show us shortly. Then he said, "let's go to the bar and get this fine ass honey a drink...oh, and there's a familiar face you'll be glad to see". With that, Calvin gave my wife's ass a little smack and then walked with her towards the bar, his big black hand on the small of her back and then he let it slide down and cup her ass as he looked back and gave me a wink. Again, all the black faces in the club seemed to glare at us throughout the whole exchange.

    So that's Part 2. Sorry it didn't get as naughty as I had originally envisioned. Part 1 was backstory. We'll call Part 2 build up. Part 3 will be the real deal. I have two versions written, one is hardcore and the other is down right filthy. We'll put it to a vote on which way you want it to go, "plain hardcore" or "down right filthy".
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  4. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Oh no; it's building very nicely and for me is pitched and paced at the right level - a slow burner. Hardcore/filthy? Playboy/Penthouse? I know I'm going to get excited either way. You choose!
  5. kraftty3

    kraftty3 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

  6. 40sCpl4BigCocks

    40sCpl4BigCocks New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Glad everyone is liking it. Here's Part 3 (Filthy edition)

    Once at the bar I understood what Calvin meant by a "familiar face" but I wasn't happy to see it. On the other side of the bar Caesar sneered at me with a toothpick sticking out from his teeth. Calvin shouted enthusiastically, "Caesar, it's our good buddy Allen, the Air Force Chief. Caesar didn't say a word, he just gave a nod with hate in his eyes. Calvin continued in a dramatic fashion, and this is his lovely bride Marie. As Caesar looked my wife up and down, his sneer transformed into a sinister and menacing smile. His smile immediately made me start to panic. Why, I wasn't completely sure...but my heart was pounding in my chest. Marie was beaming and clueless. Calvin asked her what she wanted to drink which she replied with a "vodka martini please". Calvin said that sounded good and ordered one for all of us. As Caesar made the drinks, Calvin talked to my wife in an animated way. The loud rap music made it hard to hear what he was saying. I think he was telling her about the recent renovations. Caesar slid the cocktails across the bar and Calvin handed one to my wife, one to his cousin, and grabbed one for himself. He then handed me a drink and gestured for me to lean in closer and said, "we're going to show your wife my new office, hang back for bit and we'll send for you after a while." It took me a second to process what he said as the music pulsed. By the time I figured it out, it was too late to protest. Calvin, Jerome and my wife just walked through a door that shut behind them with a brass sign that said "private".

    I stood there dumbfounded with a martini in my hand. I looked around and many of the black patrons and strippers looked away but some continued to stare, half smiling, half laughing. I looked back at Caesar. He had a full on grin, toothpick flicking back and forth in his teeth. I began to drink my martini wondering what I should or could do. The minutes felt like hours. Eventually there was a lull in the pounding music as the DJ transitioned between songs and I heard it. As did most everyone in the place. The distinctive sound from the office of my wife moaning and then crying out "Oh God, Oh God... Oh God Yes, God Yes, Fuck Me!" Then the next song came on full volume but it wasn't loud enough to drowned out the sound of Caesar laughing uncontrollably. I looked out vacantly to the crowd and the black stripper on stage who was only half shuffling her feet to the music and more focused on what was going on at the back of the bar. I didn't want to give Caesar the satisfaction of looking at him or him seeing me uneasy. But then those strange conflicting feelings came flooding back. I was horrified and embarrassed but also turned on. My wife was getting fucked by probably two men at the same time and everyone in the place knew it. I felt my cock begin to twinge. A short while later I noticed the office door open and my wife emerge...smoothing and adjusting her garments...obviously having just put them back on. She strode towards me with what I interpreted at first as a sheepish and nervous smile but quickly reassessed it to be a sly and knowing one as she got closer. When she was standing right before me, she slurred "Calvin has a question for you"...I was surprised by her slurred speech pattern because she'd only had 2 drinks the entire night. Then she kissed me fully, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I tasted something that wasn't alcohol. I was confused. Then she broke the kiss and said, "Calvin wants to know how you like the taste of his and Jerome's cocks and cum". She smiled at me while I looked at her in stunned disbelief. Then she turned to Caesar and said, "Calvin asked that you start another round of drinks, Jerome will be out to finish shortly, my husband will bring them back. You and Tiny are up next." Then she looked at me again and confidently walked back to the office with an extra wiggle and shake in her hips.

    Caesar looked over to Tiny who was just inside the front door and jerked his head towards the back office. Tiny smiled broadly and knew what the cue meant. He left his post and made his way to the back office smiling and grimacing simultaneously as he passed me. Jerome came out as Tiny was entering. They whispered something into one another's ear, laughed and did an elaborate handshake.
    Tiny then disappeared through the door and Jerome went behind the bar and whispered something into Caesar's ear. They both looked at me and laughed. Caesar then took his barman's apron off and headed back to the office while Jerome took over making the martinis. Once again the music lulled and Jerome put the finished cocktails onto a tray and slid it over the bar to me. He smiled broadly and said, "That hoe of yours has a pussy that can take a pounding. I am truly impressed. But you my friend are about to behold something special...Tiny is notorious for splitting bitches in two. Now take these drinks back and watch your slut get fucked good and proper, ya hear?".

    I shook as I picked the tray up. Vodka spilled over each of the martini glass rims as I approached the door. One of the black patrons that was paying keen attention to every detail of what had transpired and raced to open the door for me. As he did, I was surprised by the bright light coming from within the office as compared to the rest of the club. I stepped in and again, had to stop to let my eyes adjust. The smell and sounds of sex were immediate. As my vision came into focus, I could see the office was spacious and wood paneled. A large desk at the back far corner. The furniture was leather. Two couches and a chair. Tiny took up all of one couch, slowly removing his clothes and leering at the spectacle before him. Calvin was in the wingback chair, naked, recovering, smoking a joint. Between the two couches and the chair was a low wide matching leather ottoman. Between me and the ottoman was a naked black man fucking my wife. She was on her hands and knees and he was thrusting feverishly into her pussy from behind. All I could see were her lets and feet, but there was no doubt about it. Calvin said, "hey, pass those drinks around, put the extras down on the desk and grab a seat on the other couch and enjoy the show". The whole thing was so surreal. My wife looked up at me and smiled as I passed. Caesar gave me his patented sneer, toothpick and all as he continued to thrust his fat black cock in and out of my wife's pussy. I sat the tray of drinks down as directed and turned back towards the action. As I sat down on the couch next to Calvin and across from Tiny, I saw there was another black guy in the room I hadn't noticed before and it became immediately clear why the room was so bright. The guy was holding a video camera in one hand and a regular digital camera in the other. Calvin noticed my revelation and said, "since you were so stingy sharing your hot wife's pictures back in the day, I decided to do some of my own." He continued, "but I'm not going to be so selfish with the ones that I take. I'll let you know what site I post them to and you can download them too."

    Calvin then said, "your wife is something else. I was right when we had that chat back in the 'Stan. I told you I could tell she was the type of white girl that needed a good fucking from a big black dick to be satisfied". She was still on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind by Caesar and she was facing Calvin. He looked down on her and said, "isn't that right baby, you like that big black dick in your pretty white pussy, don't you?" My wife was grunting with every powerful thrust of Caesar's cock but managed to breathe the words, "oh yes, I love it. I love...Oh...love getting fucked by big black cock...it's been, oh god, uh, it's been too long". Calvin shot a look at me and smiled while I processed what I just heard. She said it's been "too long". Too long since what? Calvin still smiling said, "yeah, you got it right man. Your prim and proper wife has been a black cock slut since before she met you and has been getting dicked by black dick your whole marriage, isn't that right Marie? Go ahead and tell him what you told me". Marie looked at me and smiled (and grunted in time with Caesar's powerful thrusts) and said, "yes, its true. oh God. I've been fucking black men since colle - college. I - I was afraid our son Tommy might...might have, have come out black...so - Oh God, so I had my tube - tubes tied". The blood drained from my face and my stomach was in knots. Calvin then said, "relax man and embrace it. I know deep down you're getting off on all of this. Tell me this whole thing hasn't turned you on? I know it did back in the CHU when I was looking at your wife showing off her cunt. Admit it, I'm right...aint I?" I started to say something but couldn't get the words out. Calvin said it again, but more forcefully, "admit it, you like seeing your wife being a slut, don't you?" I can't believe I uttered the words but I did. I blurted "Yes, yes I do".

    Caesar had really started to pick up his pace and my wife's moans were undoubtedly and easily heard by all the people in the club, music or not. Calvin then added, "and you liked when your wife went out and kissed you and passed my little message to you, isn't that right?" I looked at him blankly and said nothing. He repeated himself once again but with more emphasis, "Isn't that right!". Like a man under the influence of truth serum I uttered, "Yes, you're right". He then said, "you liked the taste of Jerome's and my cum in your pretty wife's mouth while she kissed you, isn't that right". Again, I softly said, "yes" as Caesar yelled savagely, burying his fat cock deep into her pussy and flooding it with his cum. My wife climaxing for the upteenth time as well. Calvin still smiling said, "well, that is very convenient for all concern there Chief, cuz here's the deal. Black guys have no problem sharing a nice piece of pussy like your wife's got but we're not big fans of one another's cum on our dicks. Here's where you come in. I need you to crawl in underneath your wife and lick up all that cum Caesar just deposited in her pussy so Tiny can fuck her next without worry. I was kind enough for my brother not to cum in her pussy when I fucked her and instead came in her greedy pretty mouth." He then turned to Caesar and said, "hold tight man, don't pull out until our man here is in position." He then turned back to me and said, "let's go man, we ain't got all night" and motioned me towards the ottoman. My wife smiled at me and said, "come on baby, get under there".

    Again, it felt as if I was in a trance but still had some feelings. Feelings of nausea, embarrassment and extreme excitement as I crawled in under my wife, shimmying into a 69. As my face inched under her pussy, I was shocked at the girth of Caesars' cock. My wife's pussy lips were stretched tight around his massive shaft. His big heavy black balls still contracting from emptying their contents into my wife's pussy but slowly relaxing to their normal low hanging position. Caesar slowly withdrew his massive cock and the light from above momentarily blinded me. The sound of air and bubbling cum from my wife's pussy filled the room. When I opened my eyes, Caesar was still hovering over me but Calvin and the black camera man were peering over either shoulder, camera emitting sounds of pictures being taken repeatedly. Calvin said, "Here it comes Chief, be sure and get it all". Almost involuntarily I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as a flood of Caesar's warm cum ran out of my wife's spasming pussy and into my mouth. The three men cheered and alternately feigned being disgusted by the sight. I eagerly lapped the cum that flowed from my wife's well fucked cunt. I heard Caesar say, "damn, that white boy looks like a hungry baby bird getting fed from it's momma!" With that they all laughed. Then Calvin eased my wife up off of hands so she was fully upright straddling my face saying, "be sure to get every last drop. Caesar is a big cocked nigger, but Tiny is going to hit places in your wife's pussy aint no dick has hit before." I continued to lick and suck the warm salty cum from my wife's pussy as directed.

    Calvin then pushed my wife back down onto her hands and knees saying, "actually, before Tiny gets this pussy, I think I wanna get balls deep in her pretty pink asshole" as he got into position behind her and directly over me stroking his huge hard cock. He slid the huge head of his cock up and down the wet slit of her pussy to lubricate it, centimeters from my face and then slid all the way into her pussy and back out and then right to her puckered pink asshole. I had only fucked my wife's ass a handful of times during our entire marriage. She always said she liked the idea of anal sex but my modest 7in was usually still too big for her to take comfortably. Almost every successful occasion, she was drunk or at least tipsy. The effect of her two martinis would have surely worn off by now and Calvin was definitely a whole bunch bigger than my 7 inches in every way. I expected my wife's reaction would have been to brace for or shy away from Calvin's big fat cock knocking at her back door, she instead backed into him after quickly licking her own fingers and applying the saliva to her ass. Calvin said, "that's my baby...good girl" and eased his enormous cock into my wife's ass slowly and steadily...my wife yelling out "OH FUCK!". Calvin slid in fully and then slowly withdrew most of his cock and then slid back in powerfully and without restraint. My wife continued to yell out and Calvin went to work, fucking my wife's ass with a determined rhythm and cadence while I took in the whole scene up close and personal...literally at point blank range. Calvin said, "damn, this bitch's ass is so damn tight, I think I'm going to lose my nut pretty quick. Hey Tiny, where do you think I should put my seed? In her ass? on her ass? on her face?". Tiny was still lying back on the couch, now in just his boxer briefs. A grotesquely large cock stirring to life inside. Tiny smiled and said, "the white boy seems to like a black man's cum, why not give him a dose straight from the tap". Calvin said, "damn Tiny, you're a sick man. You want me to do Ass to Mouth on this bitch's man?" Tiny grunted "yeah". Calvin still pumping steadily said, "well, we all heard the man" and with that he pulled his cock out of my wife's ass and shoved it into my mouth while stroking his own shaft saying, "there ya go...that's it...suck that cock". I did as I was told, sucking a black man's cock in a room full of other men. I heard Caesar say to my wife, "take a look baby, you like seeing your man suck that cock?". Marie looked back over her shoulder and cooed, "oh yes, that is such a hot site to see". Calvin said, "oh yeah, that's how I like it...keep doing it like that" and yelled as he came in my mouth and I again eagerly swallowed all he had to offer.

    End of Part 3. A success or too much? I haven't written Part 4 (the finale yet). Waiting to hear what you all think.
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    Great Job, can't imagine how Pt.4 is going to pan out but really looking forward to seeing it.
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    HELL YES TO PART 4. To bad we cant read it today. Good story the best part is that she has been fucking black men all through the marriage. Also that she started fucking them in college. okdeacon