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Cuckolded in the Philippines

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by DavaoMike, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. DavaoMike

    DavaoMike New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Hi folks,

    I have been lurking here for awhile, and finally decided to share with everyone what I feel has been the highlight of my life--so far.

    After retiring from the Air Force in 2006, I decided to live in Davao, Philippines for awhile, since the cost of living is just a fraction of what it is in the US. I rented a really nice apartment for only 6,000 Philippine pesos (about $125) per month, and other expenses were dirt cheap.

    For the first few months, I pretty much played the field. I would have a new girlfriend every week. There's no shortage of young, gorgeous, exotic Filipinas in Davao, most of whom work in the malls, attend college, or both.

    I finally met an extremely hot 19-year-old Filipina college student, Maricel, who had an insatiable sexual appetite, and I decided that she was definitely a keeper. We had an arrangement whereby she lived with me in my apartment, kept the place clean and tidy, and slept with me every night. I gave her room and board, plus an extra 1,000 to 2,000 pesos (about $22-$45) per month in spending money. Maricel was happy as a clam because that is the amount some people there make as full time employees. Nevertheless, like most Filipinas, she was very jealous, and would go nuts if I even looked at another girl. I didn't mind. I was actually flattered by Maricel's possessiveness.

    Maricel frequently hung out with a young guy, Arsenio, about 22, who she originally introduced to me as her cousin. He also attended the same college (University of Mindanao) as Maricel. She would go out with him, telling me that they were going to the local Internet cafe to play computer games.

    I used to take trips to Palawan and Boracay on occasion, usually taking Maricel with me. On one occasion, Maricel couldn't come with me because she claimed to have exams, so I went alone. However, I returned a couple of days earlier than I had planned, and when I entered the apartment early on a Sunday morning, I found Maricel and Arsenio naked in bed asleep in each other's arms.

    Arsenio jumped out of bed in a state of Panic, and Maricel started crying, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over and over. Well, being someone who had always had unrealized cuckold fantasies, I laughed and told them both to relax, and they calmed down.

    I told Maricel that the only thing that would make me angry is if, from now on, she ever lied or kept secrets from me, and I asked her to come clean with me. By this time Arsenio, got dressed and was out the door. His English wasn't as good as Maricel's, so it was probably better anyway for him to leave at that time.

    Anyway, Maricel was sobbing and told me that she had lied about Arsenio being her cousin. In fact, he was her boyfriend, and the one to whom she had given her virginity one year previously. I asked Maricel how Arsenio felt about the fact that she was living, sleeping, and having sex with me, a 42-year-old American. She said that Arsenio understood and accepted the situation, because it was common for young Filipinas to have both an older foreign benefactor, or even husband, as well as a young boyfriend on the side.

    At that point, I explained to her that I was a very open minded man, and understood her need to have a young and energetic boyfriend, and told her that not only wasn't I upset with her, I found the whole situation very arousing. At first, Maricel was skeptical, since she had never heard of the term "cuckold" or anything similar. Then, I whipped out my laptop and showed her some selected posts on various cuckold websites, just to show her that there were other men like me.

    A few days later, I asked Maricel to invite Arsenio to join us for dinner at one of Davao's nicest seafood restaurants, a place called Ah Fat. At first, Arsenio was a bit nervous, but eventually Maricel explained to him that I wanted the three of us to be special friends. To show my sincerity, I even took both Maricel and Arsenio to Gaisano Mall to go shopping for some new clothes (for me, the cost was like pocket change). Arsenio was so very grateful, and expressed to me (through Maricel) how much he wished he could repay my generosity. I told him, vaguely, "Maybe some day you can" and smiled.

    When Maricel and I were alone, I asked her to tell me, in detail, what it was like to make love with Arsenio, as apposed to me. After some prodding, she admitted that, although my cock was slightly bigger than Arsenio's, his was very hard ("like rock," she explained). Also, unlike me, he had lots of energy, and she liked the way he was sometimes rough, and "like animal." I asked her if that meant that she didn't like making love with me, and she said that she really liked the way I was so gentle with her (in contrast to Arsenio) and also the way I "kissed" her pussy, which Arsenio never had done. In fact, Maricel told me that I was the only one who had ever given her oral pleasure.

    After our discussion, I told Maricel that I would like it if she would invite Arsenio to the apartment, and I would leave for a couple of hours so they could have time together. Also, I gave her specific instructions that I did not want her to take a shower after making love with Arsenio. She had already read about "creampies" and "sloppy seconds" on the websites we had reviewed, and although she couldn't understand why I would like that, she accepted the fact that I wanted her unshowered.

    That evening, I left to go to the bar at the Apo View Hotel, to have a drink or two with some American guys who were visiting Davao. A couple of hours later, I got a text message from Maricel telling me that Arsenio was gone.

    When I got back to the apartment, Maricel was still in bed, naked and waiting for me. She asked, in her sexy accent, "Are you sure I shouldn't go to the CR [means bathroom] and freshen up?" I answered her by tearing off my clothes, jumping into bed, and kissing her legs, slowly moving up to her thighs, and finally burying my face in her unshaven hairy pussy, sloppy wet with Arsenio's semen. This was my first creampie in my life, and I lapped it up hungrily as Maricel was giggling and moaning with pleasure.

    After spending about 10 minutes devouring Maricel's pussy, with my face still covered with Arsenio's semen and Maricel's juices, I slid my rock-hard cock into Maricel, and enjoyed my first experience with sloppy seconds. Despite my having "cleaned" the outer lips of her pussy, it was clear that Arsenio had deposited what felt like a gallon of sperm deep inside of Maricel. Although Maricel was only 85 lbs., and had a very tight pussy, it now felt loose and silky, and my cock was sloshing around in Arsenio's cum until I finally exploded inside her, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

    This was the beginning of what was to be a wonderful 3-way relationship between Maricel, Arsenio, and me, and things only deepened over the coming months. This was a perfect example of truth being stranger, and more intense, than any fiction I ever read or heard.

    I will describe more about this relationship if folks are interested.

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  2. DavaoMike

    DavaoMike New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Pictures of Maricel

    For those who are interested, attached are pictures of Maricel in Davao, Philippines.


    Maricel2.jpg Maricel3.jpg Maricel4.jpg Maricel5.jpg Maricel1.jpg
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  3. uscavsct

    uscavsct Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Dang! thanks for sharing your story (and pics) I'm retired army and know exactly the situation you are in. What can I say? I think you are living my dream! Good for you.

    I spent some time at Mag Sai Sai once. The Philippines are great! Keep it up and hope you keep us informed!:)
  4. j46n2

    j46n2 Guest

    I just cannot get enough of Asian women. They are the hottest creatures alive! Yours being one of them!
  5. lkjhgfdsa

    lkjhgfdsa New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Filipinas are delicious ;)

    My wife is a Filipina :D
  6. greymaster

    greymaster SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Hi Mike :)

    You write about your experiences very well - I look forward to hearing more about this SEXY LITTLE STUNNER when you're able to.

    She looks fantastic. Being of a similar age to you (ok, a couple of years older) I can only imagine a hot young thing like this wanting to give herself to me.
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  7. DavaoMike

    DavaoMike New around here... Beloved Member :)

    You don't need to just imagine it. Gorgeous and stunning as Maricel is, the Philippines is overflowing with hot young ladies just waiting to be ravished by an older American or European. It's not just the fact that we have more money than they do, though it is a small part of it. It's also that age is not a major factor in Philippine culture. Also, they have a thing for guys with white skin, no matter how old or chubby or whatever.

    If you go, don't waste time in Manila, however, as women in that city tend to be a bit stuck up. Go to Davao, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, or Cebu, where women are more eager to meet guys like you and me. Plus, the dollar goes much further outside the Manila area.

  8. DavaoMike

    DavaoMike New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Hi folks,

    Thanks for all the nice comments. My previous post was just the beginning of my relationship with Maricel and Arsenio in Davao Philippines.

    Anyway, after that one evening when I made love with Maricel after she had been with Arsenio, things started to deepen between the three of us. For a few weeks, Arsenio was a bit shy about showing affection to Maricel with me around, so I would leave my apartment for a couple of hours at a time, 2-3 times a week, to allow Maricel and Arsenio some privacy, and then Maricel would text me to let me know to come back and have my creampie and sloppy seconds. However, the three of us would still get together for dinner, or go to movies, and Arsenio started feeling more comfortable around me in a friendly way.

    But I felt I wanted more. I wanted to be able to watch Maricel and Arsenio make love, and hopefully let things develop such that Arsenio would start spending the night with us. I wanted Arsenio to feel totally at ease about kissing, cuddling, and fucking Maricel, without regard to whether I was present or not. Maricel admitted that she would like the same arrangement, but said that Arsenio was still shy.

    Well, I decided that the best way to move things along would be to "change the backdrop." When Maricel's and Arsenio's college was out for break, I decided to invite both of them to a vacation in Boracay, a well known beach resort in the Philippines. However, I made it clear that I was going to reserve only one room for the three of us. So, if Arsenio wanted to come with Maricel and me, he would need to get over his shyness about me. As expected, Arsenio accepted the invitation.

    I booked a nice beachfront room at the Red Coconut Beach Hotel in Boracay, which had one king size bed. I told Maricel that she might need to take the lead in "breaking the ice" with Arsenio when we would be together, rather than just waiting for him to make the first move. Maricel just laughed and said that she sometimes enjoys "attacking" Arsenio when they are together, which didn't surprise me, since she was often sexually aggressive with me. Maricel did suggest, however, that at first I should just roll over on my side with my back to them, and pretend to sleep, instead of just watching them and waiting for a "show."

    I always have loved Boracay. It's a bit of a hassle to get there, but truly a paradise when you are there. As usual, Maricel, Arsenio, and I took Cebu Pacific airlines to Kalibo (Arsenio was scared, since he had never been in an airplane), road a bus to Caticlan port, a boat to Boracay Island, and a motorized tricycle to the hotel.

    Maricel was sleepy and wanted to take a nap, so Arsenio and I went to the pool to swim and hang out. He spoke in broken English, but we could communicate just fine. We played pool basketball with some other guys there, and then had a San Miguel beer. It was great to have this "guy time" because this sort of broke the ice a lot more with us.

    After all of us showered, we went out for a nice dinner, and then went to a local bar featuring a local band. Arsenio and I took turns dancing with Maricel, and then returned to the hotel. I announced that I was really tired, so I climbed onto one side of the bed, and rolled onto my side facing the edge. Maricel and Arsenio then turned out the lights and got into bed, with Maricel in the center. I pretended to be asleep.

    Maricel and Arsenio started talking to each other in their native tongue (Bisaya) and, eventually, I could hear them kissing and giggling. Arsenio kept going "shhhh," apparently afraid that they might wake me. After about 10 minutes, I could hear that Maricel and Arsenio were kissing and playing much more passionately. A few minutes later, I could feel the bed rocking, and could tell that Arsenio was obviously fucking Maricel, but doing his best to do so as quietly as possible. It was rather amusing to hear Arsenio say "shhhhh!" whenever Maricel started getting vocal. After awhile longer, I heard Arsenio start grunting, and could tell that he was climaxing inside of Maricel.

    After the bed stopped rocking, I slowly turned around and faced Maricel and Arsenio. I could see easily in the room since the moonlight was shining in. Maricel was still on top of Arsenio, obviously with his cock still inside her. Arsenio nervously looked at me, and I flashed him a big smile--and then he smiled back. At that point, I knew that things would be okay from then on.

    I rolled back on my back, and Maricel took the hint. She climbed off Arsenio, turned around, sat on my face, and took my cock in her mouth in the 69 position. Maricel's pussy was sopping wet with Arsenio's semen, and she was just grinding it into my face like a wild animal. After my cock got hard, Maricel turned around again, and started riding me until I climaxed inside her.

    I then glanced over at Arsenio, and he was just awestruck, but managed a smile when our eyes met. A few minutes later, Maricel climbed off me and took her place in the middle of the bed, and took turns cuddling with me and with Arsenio, alternating throughout the night as we slept.

    Well, I need to get going. I will continue this later.

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  9. dcforreal

    dcforreal Ban Hammered BAN HAMMERED!

    Oh man, you are so lucky! I would love to have a woman like yours. I would take very good care of her.
  10. DavaoMike

    DavaoMike New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Couple of More Pictures of Maricel

    Here are a couple of more pictures of Maricel

    Attached Files:

  11. mrock

    mrock Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    please tell us more thx
  12. greymaster

    greymaster SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    She's got 'smiling eyes' :)

    Great writing again - enjoying it very much.
  13. uscavsct

    uscavsct Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I agree with Greymaster. Stunning woman and great writing for a great story. Thanks again and looking forward to more!

    Oh and you're right about Manila, just like every other tourist city.:)
  14. cleaner

    cleaner Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    do you have any pictures of her naked or a picture of the ultimate....a creampie in waiting? Have you seen Arsenios cock yet when hard? How many inches would you say it is and is it a bit thin also?
  15. DavaoMike

    DavaoMike New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Answer to Questions

    No naked pictures, sorry. Maricel is much too modest to display her naked body to the camera. When I asked her, she just said, "Take picture with your eyes." I can tell you, she has no body fat. Her breasts are smallish, but firm (typical for a Filipina), and she keeps her pussy, "au naturale," which is the way I like it.

    As for Arsenio, yes, I have seen his hard cock (I haven't written that part yet). It is about 6.5 inches, and average thickness. Mine is about 7 inches, and also average thickness. The difference is his endurance and hardness of his cock. Arsenio is a very much in shape, not an inch of fat, and very flexible. Arsenio can go 5 or 6 times in a row. Once I cum, I am done for hours.
  16. asia

    asia Guest

    dude she is fine enjoy!
  17. mrock

    mrock Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    please show more of your wife...............
  18. bbc_lvr

    bbc_lvr New around here... Beloved Member :)

    How old is she
  19. vette99x

    vette99x Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I have seen this and read this story before at another web site...
  20. endless

    endless Guest

    I'd really love to hear more about this story.