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Financial Cuckold Humiliation

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by BlackDad, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. BlackDad

    BlackDad Beloved Member :)

    I read about this topic the other day and was surprised that there are cuckolds that do this. Has any cuckold provided financial stability to his wife or ex and their lovers purely because they felt they needed to be useful or because they enjoyed the financial control?
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  2. ChatAboutMyBBW

    ChatAboutMyBBW Beloved Member :)

    I have heard of providing to a BBC not even connected to wife as well
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  3. TrainingMyDaughter

    TrainingMyDaughter Beloved Member :)

    My husband pays all our bills and I have a live in boyfriend and he pays his too
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  4. Billparker

    Billparker Beloved Member :)

    At First i too used to pay my wife's boyfriend's bills but now He earns well enough to take care of her needs
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  5. Mike and Chris

    Mike and Chris Beloved Member :)

    When we are out and Chris' boyfriend shows up I have to take care of buying them drinks.
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  6. BlackDad

    BlackDad Beloved Member :)

    Sounds like there are a lot of cucks that are in this position. Either because your wives boyfriends are demanding it or your wife is demanding it. Either way you are all submissive enough to accept it
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  7. Billparker

    Billparker Beloved Member :)

    We just want our wives to be happy
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  8. TrainingMyDaughter

    TrainingMyDaughter Beloved Member :)

    Lol my name is Chris and my husband is mike as well
  9. BlackDad

    BlackDad Beloved Member :)

    Since posting this I have now noticed a ton of other threads similar to this one. This topic is popular and it seems moreso with the cucks than even the bulls
  10. kumarrao

    kumarrao Beloved Member :)

    Any women like young guy for cuckold relationship hear
  11. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand Beloved Member :)

    Hi Ms. TrainingMyDaughter,

    You have your cuckold on the right track — and, it sounds like you are doing a first-rate job training your daughter. I encourage you to keep up your good work!

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  12. mrcassidy73

    mrcassidy73 Beloved Member :)

    When my wife goes out with one of her boyfriends I have to give her cash, and if they end up getting a hotel room, I'm the one who books it and pays for it.
  13. ObedientPet

    ObedientPet Beloved Member :)

    Training ones daughter - wow light bulb moment! No better way to ensure my lttle princess gets what she wants in her future relationships. No douche bags for my girl!
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