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Flirty Wife

Discussion in 'Ask Khristy Creams' started by littledee, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. littledee

    littledee New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Hi Khristy,

    I think you are amazing! Thanks for all the advice on here. :)

    I was just wondering if I could get some advice. My wife is very flirty with other guys, even when we are out together; she often makes strong eye contact, naughty smiles and touching arms, chests etc. I find it extremely hot! Often times she will also leave her FB messenger up while she goes away from the computer, to shower etc, and I see messages between her and guys, mostly from her work I think. They are also very flirty and occasionally suggestive.

    I'm not sure if she has been with anyone else, but I am pretty sure she has since we've been together. I know she kissed some guy once at a work party. I have told her how I find it a real turn on when she flirts with other guys, and that I would be happy if she occasionally wants to take it further with them. However, she gets quite uninterested or a bit stand-offish. I am just worried that she is worried that if she did something it would hurt me or us, or that I would think badly of her. I don't want her to feel sad or change who she is, just that if she does things with others I would be fully happy and supportive for her.

    I am sorry if this doesn't make sense, I can be a bit of a rambler!

    Many thanks :)
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  2. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED!

    Thank you for the compliment and you’re very welcome! Now… it sounds like your wife is and has been acting upon your statements to her that you find her flirting a big turn on. What do you do when this is happening? Are you staying silent? What type of praise, and continuing encouragements are you providing her when she’s doing her flirting?

    OK your statement “I’m not sure if she has been with anyone else, but I am pretty sure she has since we’ve been together” …makes absolutely no sense?? If you are not sure she’s ever been with anyone, but you are “pretty” sure she has since you’ve been together… one of those statements has to be incorrect. Why all the guessing anyway… you’re married… you don’t know her past sexual history?? …and for now… you should simply... ask her.

    Being sneaky and untruthful is the most damaging thing to any relationship and especially one inside of any type of open sexual lifestyle like the one this website focuses on! Cheating is cheating and being untrustworthy only shuts down sexual desire and honest open feelings. Yes, it’s true, there are people that cannot handle the true openness a sexual oriented lifestyle demands, and we all need to be aware of and understanding of that, but you cannot progress into and establish any meaningful happy sexual lifestyle without a complete open honest sharing… it simply will not work!

    So, with that said… my suggestion to you is this... you need to sit down with your wife… take her to her favorite romantic place for dinner, and lay everything out in the open. Your desires and feelings and do it in a kind supportive and honest way. Tell her how much you do love her and that these desires and feelings you have are complimentary to a positive sexuality you possess and you would like to know what she thinks and feels and then “listen” to what she has to say. What she says will be the key foundation to whatever happens next. This will be the basis for everything going forward in any type of foundation building if you do transition into whatever type of sexual lifestyle you might end up practicing together. It will be a beginning… and not an “OH we’ve arrived now” sort of place either. Always remember… this is a mutual endeavor and it takes lots of work and lots of time. You don’t participate in this lifestyle independently if you’re a couple and expect to have a rewarding outcome. It’s a sharing mutual team effort! Good luck and let us know how you progress! :)


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  3. BIGCalifas

    BIGCalifas New around here... Beloved Member :)

    You got some great advice. My wife is a beautiful woman and she draws attention from both men and women and I know that she has hooked up with some women, before we got married and after we got married. I love it when she flirts with other guys and girls and she knows it. I've been lucky to be their when some she bring some of these women and one couple home with her. Due to my work, I have had to travel and spend months away from work....have I questioned her about hooking up with women or men, while I was gone? Of course, but I trust her and she loves to make me a part of those night when other girls or couples join us in the bedroom.
  4. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED!

    Thank you for the compliment. It sounds like you have a very trusting and happy marriage and sexual relationship... congratulations to both you and your wife!! ((((hug))))


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