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Here's How To Do It - The Only Way

Discussion in 'Get Verified HERE!' started by dig420, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member

    This forum is for wives and guys with realllly big cocks to post their pics to get verified. Guys, write slutwives.com on your erect cock and post it up. Women, you can hold up a sign if you want, but we prefer that you write it somewhere plainly visible on your body. If you're going to hold up a sign, please try to make it crazy hot like the ones below. Guys, don't open up photoshop and try to write it in. We'll know. Usually.

    Verified members get extra benefits. Single guys with small or average cocks, you can get those memberships in the usual way, but opening up your wallet and upgrading your membership. Don't hate, that's the way of the world everywhere you go. You know it, I know it, you can complain but you can't change it. Next time be born with a bigger dick ;)

    963_0381.jpg nipple.jpg party.jpg
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  2. Geglu

    Geglu Beloved Member :)

    Very nice place for party, the best one.!
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  3. hotwifecouple05

    hotwifecouple05 VERIFIED!

    Please verify us. Thanks.

    Slutwives 05 White Bikini 01.jpg
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  4. bubba1957

    bubba1957 Beloved Member :)

  5. midnightfapper

    midnightfapper Beloved Member :)

    Oh damn! Who's that girl in the middle???
  6. coik

    coik Beloved Member :)

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  7. midnightfapper

    midnightfapper Beloved Member :)

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  8. Could you verify us please, Thanks.

    IMG_8428.JPG IMG_8429.JPG
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  9. R3ap3r1988

    R3ap3r1988 Beloved Member :)

    Wish I had a sharpie haha

  10. Rahul Khanna

    Rahul Khanna VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Get us verified....

  11. desperado2009

    desperado2009 Strong bull want REAL hotwifes and cuckold couples VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Yes photoshopped and I hate this kind of losers find a place in our forum!!
  12. murat341

    murat341 A KIND GUY FOR COUPLES. Beloved Member :)

    Hi, Get me verified please.

  13. AWellEndowedLad

    AWellEndowedLad Bull VERIFIED!

    20170515_194028700_iOS.jpg 20170515_194127296_iOS.jpg

    Verification request.

    Thank you.