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I Need Advice/opinions/thoughts

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by MyManACEmywifeLP, May 4, 2018.

  1. MyManACEmywifeLP

    MyManACEmywifeLP New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I have been gathering information on this type of fantasy and I noticed that everyone has their own rules that apply to them and their Partner. I Am somewhat interested/Turned On by this. Now we have talked a lot about Fantasies top one is 3some With FFM. In this Fantasy she starts it out with the other Female in a Twosome while i watch then 30 min's I join in. We talked bout swinging, orgy's, role-play, dominant/Submissive, Stranger fantasy. She at first wasn't keen on MMF Threesome, until she watched Savage's then she said she would like it like that. So I wanted her to feel comfortable so she would set the rules. She told me that the FFM threesome the only rule was I couldn't penetrate other Female. Weeks later we mentioned the MMF Threesome AND the rules were the other guy could only penetrate from doggy style. And I told her I'm okay with another guy because of me getting the FFM. Now she said the other guy is allowed doggy style, spooning and maybe she can be on top.
    Here is my question I want to see her with another man. And I would like to watch her get pleasures from another man besides Me. Let the guy have my wife for 30 minutes one on one and I can join in like a threesome or let him finish then I would come in. I don't want a bull but my wife said the guy must be at least 5" but no more than 6½" in length.
    Does this count as Cuckolding I want to see my wife get pleasures and I wanna watch my wife enjoy having another man inside her like being connected to another man while he fills her up and I watch masturbating slowly. Another reason I want to see if another man can please her like I do and she does too. We also talked about our favorite positions Being off limits. But I Wonder in the heat of the moment would she allowed the guy to do her any way especially if she's having an orgasm and he puts her in one of our favorite position would she say no or will she like it and continue to have another orgasm.
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  2. toolman2c

    toolman2c Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    hey guy if ur wife lets go to a good new cock in her, she will be anxious to get him to fuck her in that "favorite position" IMO U can count on that, however it may be surprizingly exciting for U to see just how much more excigted she gets letting him take her that way.;. hope u get to find out soon, let me know when she does that favorite position and how much more she gets into it with a new cock giving her one of the best fucks in her life.. she knows ur on board and she will fuck that new cock as soon as the chance comes ... i hope ur ready because im betting she sure is..
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  3. MyManACEmywifeLP

    MyManACEmywifeLP New around here... Beloved Member :)

  4. MyManACEmywifeLP

    MyManACEmywifeLP New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I'm ready. I know it has taken her some time to open up with the idea of MFM Threesome but she is on board and also she didn't know I wanted to watch her in a Twosome with another guy but willing if I really want her too. That's when she said about adding that the other guy was allowed more penetration not only doggy style but she would allow spooning and maybe her on top riding him
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  5. PussyFlavoredKisses

    PussyFlavoredKisses Big muscles, Tiny penis Beloved Member :)

    I suggest you agree to whatever rules she feels she needs to get her to slip out of her panties & spread her legs for a well hung stranger. Let her get comfortable giving up her pussy to other men & then you can start pushing the envelope on both her rules & your own. Pushing the boundaries is all part of the fun. : )
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