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I Wanna Turn My Wife Into Hotwife

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by Styx11, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Styx11

    Styx11 Beloved Member :)

    Please help me and tell me how i can turn my wife to be a hotwife,
    Im only man in her life and shenever met other man,
    She was birgin when i met her and then we married
  2. slinger137

    slinger137 Beloved Member :)

    its not that easy. she has to become ok with it and several things are important. trust and love as well as loyalty are for example key issues.
  3. Styx11

    Styx11 Beloved Member :)

    So i need help for seduce her
  4. Ben Steel

    Ben Steel The Cuck Coach Beloved Member :)

    I wouldn't take that approach. It's dishonest and disrespectful to try and seduce her or set her up without having a real conversation about it first.
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  5. hotwife70

    hotwife70 Beloved Member :)

    I spent 2 couple of years to get her to just that and finally she recently ready for it.Last week,when we stop by a fast food restaurant and she just for quick conversation with a guy right next to her while filling up her soda,she admitted that if the guy step forward to ask her to fuck him she would go along with as long as with me.Unfortunately,we were in a hurry to take off so she couldn't have chance to get his number so we didn't really get any further with but as for that she is ready to be a hotwife in no time...
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  6. WM2SeedurWife

    WM2SeedurWife Beloved Member :)

    I agree with Ben . Honest communication is the only way to go .
  7. sdsmwm

    sdsmwm Beloved Member :)

    Try slow...make her feel sexy.
    Buy her Victoria secrets lingers and fuck her hard.
    ...try to brake her in soft when you fuck her. Tell her how much you will want to watch her with other man.
    My wife will not do it...I try...but my gf I just turn her into a slut and she is at her second 3some fuck now
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  8. viethusband

    viethusband Beloved Member :)

    Go to vegas, buy her lots of drinks, and buy her a lap dance from a male stripper. After that experience, you may get your hotwife.
  9. joinus14

    joinus14 Beloved Member :)

    Yes. He is right. That's what I did .. first went to strip club and got her a female dancer and then next day got her the hottest male stripper for a private dance and the next day same guy and spoke about how I horny I got when I watch her with the guy and slowly dropped the idea of making her hot wife ... after some initial resistance she agreed and we are happy every since ... an happy ending
  10. viethusband

    viethusband Beloved Member :)

    Oh yea, she got a happy ending? :)