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Latest Issue

Discussion in 'Videochat feedback' started by dig420, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. dad nudist

    dad nudist New around here... Beloved Member :)

    hey Khristy we were chating and a blank screen come and from hours i cannot go in chat..always have white screen
    what can happen i desactivated abs but nothing gone
    or do you block me
  2. OlderBlackCpl

    OlderBlackCpl WE LIKE OUR SLAVES WHITE AND WEAK Beloved Member :)

    Unable to see rooms anymore when in chat is there a problem or have I got something set wrong please advise
  3. diddydog

    diddydog behindthefridge Beloved Member :)

    i have the same problem as olderblackcouple plus cannot even access the general chat room...this is getting beyond a joke
  4. Grn Eyz

    Grn Eyz VIP Beloved Member :)

    Try switching browsers. Most people who are still having this issue are using IE, which no longer works. Also make sure cookies from HTML5-chat and Slutwives are being accepted.
  5. indiana hubby

    indiana hubby Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    me to
  6. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    If you're having trouble when Others obviously are NOT... then it's almost certain you have issues on YOUR end... and it is NOT the site!!! Most likely it's your browser... so try other browsers... Try Chrome and Firefox and Edge and any others you might want to try... I suggest those three because I use all three of them daily with the site without any problems what so ever!! IE Internet Explorer is total crap and many issues we see with members are related to them using IE.

    Now... here are other issues that can add to your inadequate connection experience. The device you're using and your internet provider. The amount of ram you have on your device... are you using the most recent software, ie windows 10, instead of still using windows XP etc... do you have all of the current updates for your browser and all programs associated with your device... plus any security software you're using.... is it all current with the latest updates... and other issues could be the speed of your connection etc.

    All in all... if the site is working well for most people... then it's NOT the site that's causing you problems... it's YOUR equipment and internet provider and all other associated connecting and operating issues related to you.

    Lastly... if you wish to know the status of something on the site - you can inbox me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!!

    SLUTWIVES.com Staff :)
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  7. betamale

    betamale Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    OK, I was chatting happily this morning and got disconnected...no big deal, it happened twice and i logged back in and chatted again. this last time, i can get to the site but when i hit the videochat button it just takes me to a blank white page...any advice? are others having this problem too?
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  8. jonesrichard150

    jonesrichard150 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Im having the same trouble with the chat room today,blank window. same thing happened 3 days ago for me.,in between the room has worked fine. No changes in equipment on my part in between. when the chat shows blank for me its blank using my isp and computer with google chrome,all updates ,my iPhone 8 using the same isp, and ALSO using my iPhone using cell data only,not my wireless modem. Also tried using my MacBook using my neighbors wireless signal, different provider altogether.. If this is ALWAYS the users fault why is the room blank now, but later today or tomorrow the chat works fine? what is changing Day to day to make this room not work for me?? I have zero trouble using other social media and chats but for last few months I never kno if this room will work when I log in! Just because most users maybe have no issues, that doesn't mean a sizable minority isn't having trouble and that its always their fault! Also how many have quit coming to the chat room in frustration or have given up. I wasn't on for several weeks due to this. IF the room is fine and its always user error, why does this chat work for me some days just fine and not at all on other days, using 2 different providers,operating systems, a PC, MacBook and an iPhone??
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
  9. betamale

    betamale Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I have to agree...this is a new problem for me. Never had it before. I use chrome. I think you have a problem
  10. BM4ClassyWF

    BM4ClassyWF Black Professional Beloved Member :)

    Yep...same here.
  11. dad nudist

    dad nudist New around here... Beloved Member :)

    same betamale now ..early i chated now blank page
    too bad
  12. Grn Eyz

    Grn Eyz VIP Beloved Member :)

    Chat is down for everyone right now. They are working on getting it restored.
  13. oaklandm4rt

    oaklandm4rt New around here... VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for the update Grn!
  14. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    YES richard... I am sorry to say... it's your problem if you cannot access when many many many others can! I've tried to explain this but you don't seem to... no offense... understand! Actually the site works wonderfully well... what everyone has issues with is the chat. I personally test chat daily with a number of different browsers and devices... laptop, desktop, tablet, and phone just to check access and how things are working. There are a multitude of different issues that can hinder or completely mess up your interactive ability with chat and I've stated those in my earlier post. We're sorry you seem to have so much trouble... but if a majority of people aren't having issues and they are accessing chat fine and you're not... it's NOT the site it's something on your end. Remember issues on your end can arise at any time... and they can be a number of things all together not just one item. I do wish everyone everywhere could just operate whatever they use through any provider and everything work perfectly at all times... but unfortunately... that's not possible. We do the best we can to provide a FREE I might add service that everyone can enjoy... and trust me, we're not trying to make your use of the chat some difficult chore... we want everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun! *hug*


    SLUTWIVES.com Staff

  15. LongBlackFreak

    LongBlackFreak New around here... Beloved Member :)

    The chatroom is up on my end though it seems that the chat freezes! I will patiently wait though to see if anything changes!!
  16. dad nudist

    dad nudist New around here... Beloved Member :)

    today cannot charge and expose pics..its natural?
    ty for answer