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Masturbation: How Much Is Too Much?

Discussion in 'Ask Khristy Creams' started by DreamKnight, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. DreamKnight

    DreamKnight New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I've been watching a LOT of porn lately and when I am bored, I want to see how many times I can cum. How many times, ladies and/or gents, can you cum? Is there a limit? How often do you masturbate and is it too much?
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  2. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    This is an excellent question! Of course everyone is quite different in the amount and frequency they masturbate... but I'm pretty sure we all masturbate or have masturbated... so, I'm curious myself to see what everyone has to say!

    For myself, I masturbate quite a bit even though I have a lot of physical sex with another person... but masturbation can also be a part of the physical activity you have with other partners as well. Men love watching women masturbate... that's a simple fact. We women, we also love to watch another woman masturbate... at least I do!! As for myself... I like masturbating in the mornings when I awake and in the morning shower or bath... but I usually do a shower in the mornings and baths in the evenings. I also masturbate MANY times before I go to sleep and many times it's because a special female I know has gotten me so freaking wet and fucking horny when we talk before we are both heading off to bed... and for how many times can I cum... well... as long as I can stay stimulated to a certain level, I can cum repeatedly more times that I can keep track of. I've always been multi-orgasmic and it is very easy for me to cum when I'm manipulating everything myself... because I know my own body obviously and I'm extremely vibrant in my thoughts about sex and... well... I'm just a nasty naughty girl who LOVES to have orgasms. They simply "cum" easily for me!! *wonderful-wicked-wanton-thoughts* :p:rolleyes:

    Khristy XoXo ;):)

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  3. Gliderider

    Gliderider New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I guess my wife is in full blown menopause so I masturbate a lot lately, lol. She has absolutely no interest in sex with me or anyone else. Usually 2, sometimes 3 times a day.
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  4. 2wheel

    2wheel Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    My wife used to masturbate a few times a day. She burnt out vibes. Then she kinda went on a sexual hiatus. Last fall I finally got her to hotwife. Her sex drive went up. In November she suffered a traumatic brain injury and is currently recovering but one of the byproducts is PGAD (Persistent genital arousal disorder). To get satisfaction she now masturbates numerous times during the day, can be as many as a dozen to get relief. How often can she orgasm? On her 40th birthday we stayed in bed and played ALL day until she had 40 orgasms, when we ended she was a quivering, sweaty, overly sensitive mess, she slept over 24 hours to recover.

    I used to masturbate every day up until a few weeks ago when I underwent a prostate medical procedure. I will start again when the MD gives me clearance. I keep a vibe hidden in a clothing drawer and would use it as I would dress for the day. When younger I could cum numerous times a day, now older I'm lucky for twice a day.
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  5. Hor

    Hor Hornyhubby Beloved Member :)

    If you are going to cum might as well be over my wife Kylie’s pics my friend
  6. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Let's try and keep comments focused on replying to the question of the thread... thank you!! ;)
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  7. MichaelMouse

    MichaelMouse Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Many, many years ago I actually jerked off ten times in one day. I've always been obsessed with it - to the point of doing it way more than actual sex. In a way, I think I prefer it - but that could also be because of size, performance and insecurity issues and the whole 'porn on the internet' thing. . I'm just so used to it, now.
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  8. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    You've wonderfully pointed out an aspect that all cuckboys could learn something from... discovering you can actually like masturbating and not worry that you may not get to actually fuck your wife much, or at all... and as long as you can masturbate... you'll still enjoy yourself and your own orgasms... and your wife will enjoy the men she selects to have sex with... so... win win. See how non-threatening and simple that turns out to be!! ;)

    Khristy :)

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  9. wants to be cuck

    wants to be cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Yes thats true Khristy :)

    I have allways been masturbating a lot, the last years my main fantasy for masturbation is cuckold porn. Even though i have never been an actual cuckold i still fantasise about it a lot. I masturbate almost every day, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day....Is that much you think Khristy?
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  10. MichaelMouse

    MichaelMouse Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Sigh.....I adore,( Khristy) I adore. x
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  11. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Is that much?? Absolutely not... not that you're an actual cuck... because if you were... your Hotwife or Cuckoldress would obviously decide on frequency for your masturbation... it wouldn't be up to you most likely then anyway... so... take advantage now and masturbate as much as you can!! ;)

    Khristy :) :p

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  12. wants to be cuck

    wants to be cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for your answer Khristy. Yes i will try and masturbate as much as i can :)
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  13. andy_mindi

    andy_mindi Young 30s Cuckold Couple Beloved Member :)

    That has been our attitude as a cuckold couple, generally no limits on my masturbation. But early on we discussed me going without for several days prior to any new meets. New adventures are always much more keyed up affairs for us, By refraining days before it is an unspoken tacid understanding that the focus from then on will be a successful sexual adventure for Mindi's pleasure foremost, her new partners pleasure then mine in order of importance.

    Just discussing this subject has aroused me to point I will soon be jerking.

    andy and Mindi
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  14. MichaelMouse

    MichaelMouse Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I love Khristy's subtle encouragement for us to jerk off. Hotter than a hundred porn clips. xx
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