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Men Backs Out

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by Azhar-Slutwife, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Azhar-Slutwife

    Azhar-Slutwife Arabic Slutwife from Turkey Beloved Member :)

    My husband and me are playing the cuckold game, where he watch me fuck other men in front of him, we both love it.
    However, several men, have when they see a chance to fuck me, agreed that my husband could watch, but when we need start, they want my husband leaving the room, as they are shy.

    In start, husband left the room, letting me have the fun, however we spoke about this, and i told him, that it was not fun for me, the game is that he watches, and when the guy or guys are gone, then he fuck me hard as he got exited watching, this part is not there when he dont watch.

    Lates we told a guy, who wanted one time with me alone for fucking me in front of husband, that we called it off.

    Have others had the same problem, and have you found a way around this.

    Second i have to admit, i got new pride in and respect for my old man, we arranged for 4 guys, half his age, but they turned out to be softies, and could not perform as they have promised, when they left, husband took me hard, and within 5 min, he had made me more satisfied than all the 4 guys had in the 3 hour they played with me.
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  2. Vitall

    Vitall Beloved Member :)

    it's strange that men want to fuck you in front of your husband and when it comes to the game they want your husband to leave the room. I'm in this for over 6 years now and have met alot of cuckold couples and never saw this happen. What purpose does it have if hubby can't watch? I think you need to expand your contacts with other people in stead of local guys. I dont know where you are from but izmir is a perfect place for swingers and cuckold couples. Pm me if you want advice where you can go.
  3. Azhar-Slutwife

    Azhar-Slutwife Arabic Slutwife from Turkey Beloved Member :)

    We will for our next vacation. We where acturaly talking about Izmir for next vacation. Unfortantly we only have a 4 days left of this vacation, then its back to work, and not vacation before may.
  4. Vitall

    Vitall Beloved Member :)

    Izmir is the best place to visit in june or july. I go often for bussiness to izmir and i preffer these two months. Let me now if you want advice. If you can travel to europe i would go to cap d agde. Are you a turkish couple?
  5. Azhar-Slutwife

    Azhar-Slutwife Arabic Slutwife from Turkey Beloved Member :)

    Nope Danish / Arabic
  6. Vitall

    Vitall Beloved Member :)

    Oh great, i have a weaknes for arabic women. They are so hot and horny.
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