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My Wife Shows Her Pretty Holes

Discussion in 'Wife Pix' started by Supergirlfucker, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Supergirlfucker

    Supergirlfucker Beloved Member :)

    Just very limited people think that agressive and hyper persevering maner of chatting would help them to fuck someones wife ;)
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  2. jdunn

    jdunn Beloved Member :)

    luv to fuck her. incredible body, terrific tits and cunt
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  3. midnightfapper

    midnightfapper Beloved Member :)

    Just ignore him, he says the same dumb thing in nearly every wife thread.
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  4. jps18

    jps18 Beloved Member :)

    Stunning young lady ! Any man would give his left nut to have a chance to be with her . Every where you go , there are bound to be assholes , here is no different . So many other great members her that appreciate true beauty , concentrate on pleasing those people and try not to let someone else bother you . Please keep posting that stunning wife of yours !
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  5. Supergirlfucker

    Supergirlfucker Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for attention, guys )))

    xxx (422).jpg xxx (527).jpg xxx (585).jpg xxx (597).jpg
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  6. zippless

    zippless Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for sharing.
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  7. tinykimbal

    tinykimbal Beloved Member :)

    Love to watch you watching her being ravaged.
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  8. Geglu

    Geglu Beloved Member :)

    I LOve that Lady, need to keep hard on all the time when I see Her naked amazing curves and holes, I hope the Hubby enjoy of Her sluttyness a lot of and ask Her more and more to fuck men
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  9. Supergirlfucker

    Supergirlfucker Beloved Member :)

    Nostalgia for summer and outdoor butt's views

    20160829_142027.jpg 20160829_142404.jpg 20160829_142506.jpg 20160829_142522.jpg
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  10. Papalu

    Papalu Beloved Member :)

    Thank you - gave me the chance to cum on a cold dark winterday
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  11. Black1980

    Black1980 Beloved Member :)

  12. Supergirlfucker

    Supergirlfucker Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for all our virtual lovers from my slutwife, she really likes reading your comments..:rolleyes:. We have been discussing recently, and couldn't make a decision - what way we should load her holes with cum in our next mmf. I don't want our lover to cum inside vagina (because I think it's only mine prerogative), but this bitch is begging for it every time. How do you think, is it ok that lover fill in her pussy? Usually he did it inside her as or mouth...

    xxx (194).jpg xxx (481).jpg xxx (535).jpg
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  13. zippless

    zippless Beloved Member :)

    Of course its ok for her lover to fill her pussy. When her lover explodes inside her your heart will be filled with so much love for her. Don't forget to fuck her straight after as his sperm will have just lubricated her vagina and will be running down your cock and over your balls. Believe me you won't last long.
  14. Supergirlfucker

    Supergirlfucker Beloved Member :)

    Waiting for deep penetration ...

    xxx (717).jpg xxx (638).jpg xxx (694).jpg
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  15. 2wheel

    2wheel Beloved Member :)

    Yes it's OK if you both agree. But as a reward for agreement cleanup may be an offering.
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  16. ACintheD

    ACintheD Beloved Member :)

    I'm in love she is perfect, I almost came in my pants just looking at the delicious pussy. Your a lucky man. If you need a new lover with BBC let me know.
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  17. Papalu

    Papalu Beloved Member :)

    Heaven in the backseat of my cadillac - would place my fat old cock in her wet hole and shoot a heavy load of sticky semen in her fuck hole
  18. Nazareth

    Nazareth Beloved Member :)

    If you think watching her lover fill her pussy with his cum, just wait 'til you clean her up afterward!