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New Cuck Here

Discussion in 'Everywhere (the old thread)' started by MWMminister, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. MWMminister

    MWMminister Beloved Member :)

    Married retired christian minister wife discovered black cock through my computer pics

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  2. cuck husband nc

    cuck husband nc VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    congrats ,hope all is going well hit me up if you like to chat sometime
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  3. MWMminister

    MWMminister Beloved Member :)

  4. whitneycd4u

    whitneycd4u Beloved Member :)

    Very nice , she will get all she wants
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  5. cuck husband nc

    cuck husband nc VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    hello there hope all is well
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  6. Marcs82

    Marcs82 Beloved Member :)

    A quick search of this image on "tinyeye.com" shows that this post is BULLSHIT, as this image has been all over the Internet for years
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  7. IloveAsians

    IloveAsians Beloved Member :)

    Hello my name Is Kevin...I am from Australia...new here to site...Say hi If you like...Thanks Kev
  8. IloveAsians

    IloveAsians Beloved Member :)

    Very Pretty loving lady...Nice
  9. billy semen

    billy semen Beloved Member :)

    hi sir nice one this is us

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  10. Bullfuckmale

    Bullfuckmale Beloved Member :)

    Ohhhh like to fuck her hard and deep

    Foto 08-12-14 11 18 13.jpg
  11. Bullfuckmale

    Bullfuckmale Beloved Member :)

    Like to fuck your pretty wife hard and deep all her fuckholes
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  12. tinykimbal

    tinykimbal Beloved Member :)

    She is exquisite. And needs so much more than you.
  13. billy semen

    billy semen Beloved Member :)

    yes plz tell me how we can get her used
  14. hotasianslutwife

    hotasianslutwife Beloved Member :)

    she is beautiful. she likes black cock? my wife blows hot & cold on the idea.
  15. Steele@730

    Steele@730 W0at's up Beloved Member :)

    So what was her first reaction?
  16. bull stud

    bull stud deep breeding bull only! Beloved Member :)

    Share her out ! Inbox me