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Please make her pregnant (not a joke, this *%$&@ real)

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by troubled_cuck, May 9, 2015.

  1. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Alright, first of all this is NOT a fantasy story.
    Yes I know you are thinking that, and believe me my mind is racing too.
    Everything I write here is what it is, and its all even harder for me to fathom than for any of you..

    OK, so I am a white male, 45, my wife is African, 34.
    We have been trying to have children for the last five years, but its not happening.
    Its painfull. And my sperm, well its possible, but they dont swim well.
    Artifical insemination hasnt helped. Our first attempt at in vitro failed last April.
    No jokes please, it ^is^ painfull.

    We have been playing with hotwiving since 2011. She has had two boyfriends.
    Her current bull Carl has been her 'boyfriend' for over 2.5 years.
    Well, she calls him 'boyfriend', but they only met once every few months, because she is too busy.
    O yeah, they text often, which makes me hate his guts. And in two months she will have plenty of free time.

    Worse, he knows were trying to get pregnant. He has been rubbing it in my face. Fucking bastard.
    When they talk about meeting he keeps telling her het wants "to make babies with her"
    Yeah, he is joking, but fuck he is serious too.

    But I need to add that she adamant on him wearing comdoms.
    She wants my babies, not his. And she is really scared about the posibility of disease.
    I and her have made that agreement from the start: condoms always. She strongly agrees.
    For the record, I may be a cuck, but she loves me and wont jeopardize our relationship for anything in the world.

    OK, so you can guess a thought has been slowly growing in my mind.
    Soon our options will be pretty much over. My options, not necessarily hers.

    So Wednesday night I was rolling in my bed. I woke up with a sinking feeling in my stomach.
    A weird determination to do something completely wrong, and utterly fucked up. A volcano about to erupt.

    I haven't talked to him in five months, but I got up and opened his name on Whatsapp.
    He answered, and some chit chat happened. Him telling me he plans to meet my wife agains soon.
    Yeah, right. This guy loves teasing me, making me nervous. Its all a big mindfuck to him.
    The cucky in me loves it. He knows when I call it is what I need to hear.

    So I take a bold step and ask Carl if he is serious about making babies with my wife.
    He tells me flat out he would do that, if she wanted it. "As a donor". But he says me and my wife have to try first. Maybe later.
    I sense my wife and him kinda chatted about the subject. He knows how to sexchat, and for sure he let her know.

    Like I said its all a big mindfuck to him. Its a cuck-bull dynamic. He knows how to fuck with my head.
    In the past I been fishing for their plans often, and he loves making me nervous.
    My wife and him both love making me guess, then surprising me out of the blue.
    Meeting when I am at work, then sending me photos after the fact. Sending me off, so they can fuck in the marital bedroom.

    So I start taking his bate, I ask him if that is what he wants: put his sperm in her womb, get her pregant.
    He starts messing with me, replying he wants to flood my wife's pussy with his semen, have them swim up her womb, into her ovaries.
    Throwing more insult to the situation, he adds, "Maybe later, if she want me too."

    Right. That sinking feeling in my stomach got so much worse.
    That deep sense of almost panic, when the unavoidable is coming close?
    If I said "stop" I knew you could put a halt to it, but I didnt.

    That cuck feeling.

    I ask Carl he is going to mention our chat to my wife.
    I tell him she seems to know soo fast if I talk to him.
    That I dont want her to know we talked about such things.

    Carl tells me he understands, and promises this chat will stay between us.
    I needed to hear that, because I knew I was about to do the stupidest thing ever.

    Everything seemed to freeze, and I realized I was on the edge of a cliff.
    But I knew I cam here to jump, I had woken up with this thought in my head, and I had no control over it.
    My whole body was screeming "Stop!". But I wouldnt, couldnt.

    I typed my next message, my heart racing, my stomach sinking through the floor: "I want you to make her pregnant"

    One moment I hesitated, but I already knew I wont stop. My heart sinking I pressed "enter"...
    Well, that was it. Done. No fucking undoing this stupidity anymore.

    He just answered: "Okay"

    Then added "If she wants me too"

    No dude, I am serious...
    Fucking unload yourself in her pussy, flood her womb so your sperm and her egg can meet. Okay?

    "OK", he says, "I can do that"

    The rest of the chat was a blur to me now. He realized it was serious. We both knew.
    And he jumped at the opportunity, with both hands. Told me he is going to make her pregnant.
    I told him I will regret this chat serious later. But that I dont want him to backout, not even if I try to back tread later.

    Then I begged him not to try it too fast, because I am not ready for this.
    My wife is very busy right now anyway, so for the next two months I dont think there will be trouble.
    Carl answered that he intends to take it slow, because he still wants to enjoy the idea himself too.

    Finally we had some discussion about the use of condoms. He is going to have to convince her to do away with them.
    He asked me is I want him to 'force it'. Or let her take the initiative.
    By forcing he means get her super hot and horny, than tease her with his dick untill it drives her crazy and she gives in.
    Well, that would be too much. No, dont do that. I want her to want it.

    He broke something new to me, telling me he feels my wife is already at the point of allowing him in.
    That he thinks he just needs to tease a little harder, and she will let him.

    "Fine", I told him. It needds to happen, but I want her to to ask for it herself.

    He asked me if I want proof. A photo of her pussy full of cum maybe.
    Instead I asked for a video, because I want to hear her beg him to fill her womb with his cum.
    He just noted: "O, you get of on her actually wanting this, dont you?"

    Yeah. I do.

    Well, the days since have been hot and horny, but also fucking scary as hell.
    Carl and me now have a secret. In time he will do what I have asked. Not just yet, but he will.

    Its become unavoidable. There is not point in begging him to change his mind.
    I have put the idea in his head, and he already knows it can be done.

    Fuck, what have I done?

    Guys, I this is not a joke, please dont start assuming this is just a story.
    I fucking did exactly what I wrote above. I have done exactly what you guys just read.

    Problem is I am not like hooked on the subject.
    Its like I need a fix. I need to talk about this.
    My whole cuckold mind is in turmoil.

    I know you guys like to give comments to all the stories is here.
    I desperately need to discuss about what I have done. And I desperately crave to be told the unavoidable.

    So please comment and give your opinion, and ask questions. I will try to be back soon, and answers.
    I have been charting with Carl for three days, and have saved the last chat logs.
    So yeah, there is also a lot more to tell.

    Well ... there you guys have it. My head is on the chopping block. I am fucked.
    Last edited: May 9, 2015
  2. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    I don't see a problem here. Let him fuck her bareback and get her pregnant Everyone will be happy. Tell your wife about your chat and how much you want him to impregnate her so that you both cane raise a child. Think of this as artificial insemination with out the middle man. If it were me I would want to be there to watch the blessed event.
  3. Saraha

    Saraha SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    It sounds like you have low sperm counts, and your wife has trouble with her ovaries if she needed to try artifical insemination.

    If your wife agrees to get pregnant to her lover, then she needs lots of time to be alone with him - including during the pregnancy and thereafter. Breeding several children from one father is probably the way to go.
    Last edited: May 12, 2015
  4. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Zippless, Sahara, thank you for your comments.

    For me it is still a bit of a shock that I have taken this step.
    I am getting used to it, and I am not sure if I will be able to tell my wife yet.
    But I have made steps to let her know I will be OK if she gets pregnant from him, in more general words.

    Unfortunately I dont think she is ready for it yet, she seems to have thought about it, but isnt ready so I dont want to bring it up yet.
    I will have to do more thinking, and maybe find a way to bring her together with her lover for things to hopefully progress naturally.
    Now he knows, that should make things lots easier. He knows how to play the seduction game with her.

    But, we will see.

  5. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    (double post)
  6. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Good for you... and, good for your wife.

    Before concluding your wife should pursue becoming pregnant by her lover (per the rest of your post), I suggest determining, via visits to an ob-gyn medical doctor, whether her inability to get pregnant might lie with her rather than with you.

    For example: if your wife picked up a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) at some point prior to meeting you, she may have recovered from it without knowing she had it (say, if it were chlamydia or gonorrhea). However, a lasting effect may have been to leave her Fallopian Tubes blocked, rendering her unable to become pregnant. That problem, if she has it, can be "repaired" with a relatively simple surgery.
  7. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    OK, time for an update.

    It never happened, even though my wife and him met three times since.
    She was and is still scared of not using condoms, because of the risk of diseases.
    Because of this she still hasnt gone bareback with him, despite him thinking she was close.

    In the last few months, she still hasnt gotten pregnant, despite the fact that we tried very hard.
    We have tried insemination at the hospital with my sperm several times now. It just hasnt happened.

    My wife wants (and me) a child really bad, and we have since talked about the idea of him making her pregnant.
    We finally made an uneasy agreement, that we should try it. I am feeling spiked and nervous.
    She doesnt not want him to know that she wants to get pregnant. She will just let him go bareback, and that will be all.
    Its is hard t explain how I feel, I am feeling unsure.

    Our hospital monitors her fertility, to check when her eggs are nearly ripe.
    Yesterday we got the go ahead for another insemination, which will happen tomorrow morning.
    She had to take another injection yesterday evening, to make sure her ovulation occurs exactly on time.

    She is horny as hell today. She always is when ovulating, but this time she is really raging horny.
    I know she is thinking about him. Thinking about him cumming inside of her.
    Its like now that she has made up her mind, she cant wait for it to happen.

    Well, she has invited her lover over for tonight. It is going to happen, today.

    What she does not know is that I messaged him, and told him she is ovulating.
    I did not tell him she wants to go bareback, but he says this time he is going to make her give in.
    He too is dying to do it. I told him yesterday and he has been teasing me since.
    He keeps telling how he wants to put his sperm deep in my wife's womb.

    Kinda crazy, she want sit, he wants it, but she doesnt know he knows, and he doesnt know her plan.
    I guess he will find out tonight she is ready to go bareback, and he is dying to get in there and get her pregnant.


    The thing is, its to late for me to back out now.

    Tonight it happens, and she is right at the point of ovulating.
    If she does get pregnant in theory it may still be mine, but obviously it wont be.
    I do want children, but I feel like going insane.

    He is going to put his sperm into her tonight, and she is ovulating....

    I am scared, and its embarrassing.
    But I am also hoping this time maybe she will finally get pregnant.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2015
  8. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    Can hardly wait to hear what happens. Having your wife with another mans baby in her belly is a huge turn on. Your cock will be constantly hard and that's the only embarrassment I can see.
  9. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member

    I hope you get video, and I hope you post it here :clap:
  10. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    We just got home from the hospital where we did the insemination.
    They took my sperm in the morning, improved it, then around midday they injected into my wife.

    This morning has been absolutely crazy.
    I went tot hospital alone, early this morning to deliver my sperm.
    My wife was exhausted and wanted to rest, so I had to go alone.

    Driving to the hospital I only kept calculating the odds.
    It takes about five hours for sperm to swim up into the womb and impregnate an egg.
    Even if his sperm is taking the slow touristic route, it will have had 12-14 hours before mine even begins swimming.
    And my sperm have proven not to be very good at swimming at all, the last few years.

    In the hospital I went into a toilet, so I could quietly produce my sperm sample.
    As I am jerking of into that cup, I could only think how she should already be pregnant for sure. Kept thinking of him and her.
    His sperm will be in every nook and cranny of her womb by now. If her egg is there, his sperm will be there too.
    The whole insemination seems pointless. My odds are less than zero, which ever way you look at it.

    A couple of hours later we went to hospital together, for the actual insemination.
    The doctor took my semen sample, checked the date and my and her name.
    Then a large needle is used to suck up the sperm, and it is injected into her.
    Does he have any clue? Does he even notice she is covered in sperm already?

    After the insemination she had to lie still for up to ten minutes, hoping my sperm will hold this time.
    Right. Not going to happen, her egg should already be fertilized longtime. So pointless.

    Only one good bit of news: my sperm was a little better this time, it has improved a little.

    Anyway, I do want her to be pregnant.
    If she is pregnant this time, then I guess that is just the way it is going to be.

    Sorry for my rant, I am still a little in disbelieve.
  11. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    I take it he fucked her bareback. The point of injecting your sperm into her is so that she can pretend that it's yours and so she is not the ultimate slut that she is. My girl got me to fuck her after someone else creamed in her. She got pregnant twice that way. Unfortunately she lost both but always said it was our baby. Like you, we were trying for a year and the first time with another man she gets knocked up.Not hard to read the tea leaves.
  12. Saraha

    Saraha SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    A hot way to increase the chances of having a family when you wanting one so badly. :bowdown:
  13. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    OK, I think I owe it to everyone to share what actually happened Saturday evening.

    My wife and me have talked about this thing in the last few months/weeks.
    Then last month we tried for another insemination, and unfortunately the doctors told us my sperm had gotten worse again.
    I dont know why but my sperm count goes up an down. I have tried everything, vitamins, sports, etc.
    We had actually expected my sperm to get better, but there seems no logic to it.

    My wife then suggested maybe we could try using a donor sperm.
    We have discussed that before, however only as a future option.
    She suggested we should talk to a doctor about it.
    That made it become very real, very suddenly.

    Well, lets just say it started us talking with one another, albeit uncomfortably.
    It still feels uncomfortable. I dont like the idea of using a donor sperm.

    Anyway, it quickly also became the main subject of my fantasies. Intensely.
    My fantasies can be wild, and she knows that.

    So a few days later she decided to give me a blowjob, and this time she really forced me to spill my beans.
    Blowjobs are incredibly dangerous for me, it puts her in a very very powerfull position.
    When I am on my back, with my dick in her mouth, she has absolute control, and I will do anything she asks.

    She knows it very well, and she uses it sometimes for me to tell her my weirdest, wildest fantasies.
    Sometimes she does it purposely, if there is something she wants from me.
    When she has me on my back, flying high, close to orgasm, I will agree to anything.

    This was a few days after she suggested we use donor sperm. Like I said, I wasnt thrilled about that idea.
    So as she started sucking my dick, I got horny quickly, and I start fantasizing.
    Suddenly I just blurted out I wanted Carl to knock her up.
    It was a stupid moment and I instantly regretted saying it aloud.

    I dont think it surprised her, really.

    And I dont know if it was all fantasy or not, but it did get real, very very quickly.
    To be clear she was also horny as hell right then. I felt her body shaking next to me.
    She can easily orgasm giving head, just from talking about our fantasies alone. No idea if other women have this too.
    We were both high on sex, so she took the idea of Carl knocking her up, and ran with it.

    She warned me this was dangerous, but told me that she had also been thinking about it.
    And she warned me that if I wasnt carefull what I was saying, maybe she might actually do it.
    Hearing her say that took my breath away. I had no idea she felt that way.

    But unfortunately she had my dick in her mouth, and what she had just told me, instantly made me rock hard.
    As I got hornier, I started spilling my guts like crazy. We talked about them going bareback, about the feeling of skin on skin.
    She told me how amazing she feels, that moment someone squirts into her pussy. She really loves that sensation. Its her sweetest moment. And she said she does want it with Carl, but she is too scared for her (and our) health.

    What happened next is hard to explain. She definitely began using the blowjob to take control of the discussion.
    And she simply would not allow me to cum unless I first told her all my craziest fantasies. She loves being in control like that!
    It was a crazy evening. She made me freaking horny to the point of me loosing complete control.

    Now, if she had let me have an orgasm, my fantasy would disappeared right then, and I would have weasled out instantly.
    Believe me I would have told her it was all just stupid fantasy and no freaking way I would want her to do something like that for real.

    But she did not allow me to cum.
    As I warned her I was close, she stopped sucking my dick, and instead started squeezing my dick, killing my on-cumming orgasm. She kept me raging horny, and I really needed to cum. At this point I went beyond crazy, and my fantasies completely took over.

    Not sure if that is what she wanted, or if she was just playing a game with me. I just lost it, and she believe me she knew.

    Next thing I remember I actually began asking her to stop using condoms with Carl.
    She just looked at me and asked me if I was sure...

    It was freaking insane. I lost all self control, and getting closer to orgasm, I actually begged her. No shit, I begged her.

    She kept squeezing my dick, my erection was subsiding a little, but mentally I was still far out of my mind.
    At this point I remember her looking directly at me, her eyes shimmering, as she asked me "Are you sure you want this?"

    "Do it!"



    "OK, I will..."

    !!!!!!! Fuck !!!!!!!!

    After that conversation she started giving me head again, but every now and then she took my dick out of her mouth to ask me questions.
    I dont remember the entire conversation now. Just that we were both really high, and so horny we were out of our minds.

    She was completely fucking my mind, and having great fun with it. I really dont know how serious she actually was.
    We were actually discussing Carl getting her pregnant. And she was running with the fantasy as if it was completely real.
    As for me, I was far to horny to stop her, I would have consented to everything said and everything she asked.

    She took my dick out of her mought and asked me what if she got pregnant? Would I not get angry if she did?
    Would our marriage be OK if that happened? Would we raise her child together? Fucking yes, yes, yes!

    She asked me if I was sure? If 'I could really take it?' Yes, yes!!
    Did I want to be there when it happened? Did I want to know in advance or after the fact?
    She said Carl prefers to be with her alone, but she asked me if preferred I wanted to watch instead.

    I know it all sounds crazy, but we were both in a horny frenzy.
    My dick was raging hard again, getting hornier by the second, so I simply gave in to every freaking question.
    Wasnt long before I got close to orgasm again. And again I started begging her.
    Begging her to do it with him for real.

    Here is one part of the conversation which I do remember:

    Her: "Yes... I want to do it..."

    Me: "Promise me you will do it!"
    Her: "Are you sure you want me to?"
    Me: "Yes, do it!!"

    Her: "Promise you will not be angry?"
    Me: "Yes, I promise! I promise! Just do it..."

    Her: "I will... Are you sure?"
    Me: "Please, just do it!"
    Her: "OK, I will do it."

    Me: "Promise me you will!"
    Her: "I promise I will do it. Deal?"
    Me: "Yes, deal!"

    It went on for a bit longer, but it is impossible to recall every detail.
    When she finally made me cum, it was like an explosion. My balls were hurting for days.

    Of course after my orgasm I immediately told her it was a merely crazy fantasy.
    And I told her I did not actually want her to go thourgh with it. It was just a wild mind trip.

    My wife was also calming down a bit, and we actually agreed it was a hot fantasy, and that that is how it should stay.
    I think we finally agreed that we might do it in the future, but not yet. If all fails, it would be an option.
    She told me she was mostly scared of disease, because for sure Carl will have other girlfriends too. We cant be certain.

    The whole thing was extremly wild, but in the end I was sure it was just that, a wild crazy horny fantasy.
    We still have options like IVF, so maybe in a year or so, if all fails, maybe we can discuss if we actually want to take this road.

    Then about two weeks later she got her period. Another failed insemination...

    NB: I was planning to write about Saturday night, but recalling that one night has sidetracked me completely.
    Once I start writing, I tend to go to long, and in to too many details.
    I will try to tell the rest of it as soon as I find the time.

    And, yes he did bareback her, and he creamed her with his sperm like it was his last day on planet earth.
    And no, I dont have video, the thought never even occured to me, honestly.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
  14. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Ok, time for an update I guess.

    Two weeks ago we did a pregnancy test: it was positive.
    However a few days later she started bleeding, so it seemed like the pregnancy had failed.

    In the hospital they could not do anything, but wait.
    Today we went in for another echo, and the doctors told us they do see a possible embryo.

    It is too soon to tell if its ok. A heartbeat wont show until week six. So we have to wait. They also tested her hormone levels, these are low but going up. Which means she may still be pregnant, possibly.

    Rollercoaster.... she has gone from hopefull to panic to still hoping. We will know in two weeks, if/when they find a heartbeat.
  15. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    My compliments to your wife. Obviously, she knows exactly how to get you to agree to whatever she wants... in this case, being impregnated by her lover Carl.

    You can answer this question for yourself by recalling a fundamental law of nature, derived from observations of phenomena ranging from cockroaches and mosquitos to stars in the universe:

    "If you see one, you can be sure you ain't seen them all."
  16. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    So who do you suspect is the father? Hopefully it's Carl. When I knew in my heart of harts the baby belonged to another man I was hard 24 7 no matter how many times my balls were drained and I was blowing dust. I would get rock hard again in a few seconds. Dam it hurt but it hurt so good.
  17. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Well, I would like to think it is mine, but the odds are almost impossible.
    I have tried knocking her up for years now, and it hasnt worked.

    Instead, for him it was his very first attempt with her.

    It doesnt take a skilled mathematician to know who knocked her up, really.
    Seems he managed in one attempt what I couldnt manage in years.
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  18. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Sounds like your wife's pregnancy is confirmed. If so, congratulations to both of you!
  19. troubled_cuck

    troubled_cuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    The pregnancy is definitely confirmed.

    She is estatic we are finally going to have a child.
    Also she is adamant the child is mine.
    Personally I am sure that is not the case, but it is OK.
    I am happy we are finally going to have a family now.
  20. SquirmingSub

    SquirmingSub Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Sounds positive.