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Saving Souls at the Prison Ministry

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by SandyWho, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. SandyWho

    SandyWho Not quite a lurker VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    yes, i had some pun fun

  2. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    HI there. I really do like the play on words. I hope I am taking it the right way. I am a Christian involved in a couple of prison ministry through my church and another through the community here.
    I am also a shemale who dates mostly black Men. I have lived more of my life as a woman than as a boy or man. I also volunteer at a ahlf way house during their most critical times. Giving comfort to men who are trying to make their lives right. Most of THESE men are truly NOT criminals. Regardless of what people THINK the bible says about different forms of sex. it is a fact that the Holy Bible says "When I was in prison, you visited Me!"
    LUV, MsGary
  3. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    I wanted to follow up and tell where that verse is. Matthew 25 verse 35/36. I did not want to claim I knew this from memory. I am 46 now and will be 47 next month. Black Men are very attracted to me and not just when they have recently been released form prison. I am 5'9 175 lb. So A little chushion for the pushin. 38A-30-40. light brown hair nearly to shoulders. sexy brown eyes, that look like they care--and they Do! I sing alto in the choirs and choruses. That is how I give the spiritual message. I leave the Talking about Jesus to the trained clergy and laymen. Please know that these men are aware that i am a boi before they try to kiss me. But i also meet all of their Earthly needs along the way. I sound like I am bragging now. The point is that if I am sinning by providing some of this comfort, - i KNOW that serving them is meeting a greater purpose and I am forgiven anyway, not through my deeds but through my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    LOve to All, Miss Gary
  4. SandyWho

    SandyWho Not quite a lurker VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Hi MsGary,

    I know that prison ministry must be one of the hardest things you can do and I admire your openness.

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  5. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Tears came to my eyes when I actually got a direct response from you. Someone famous and so popular addressing my post specifically. And SO nice and encouraging ! Explaining a little further.
    HI, I wil go back earlier. The fact is that psychologists consider me transgender-TG. It is still in the current DSM as a disorder. This no longer offends me BUT just the fact that I identify gender wise as other than my birth sex. The advantage is that I totally aced my Abnormal Psyche class at college and even thought about minoring in it. The other advantage was that if if you are in fact a TG--you can get hormone treatments as soon as the doctor thinks your body is ready. Below a certain age it also requires parent/guardian permission. I cannot name a number here but if you know the age of consent for "boys" in NY state at the time I was that age. That is when I got female hormones. mild oral-but starting young was the best part. And my male puberty had not really started yet anyway. that was very late and also minimized fortunately. I got the hormones kind of as a birthday present due to the timing.
    I was the only "girl" at the party. I was in a VERY fun party dress with super sexy lingerie under. 4 of the men became long term lovers for me with varying degrees of a faithful relationship.
    One of the black boys (who I considered my BF) led the way in this party/orgy. FEEDing me his BBC as others took advantage of my cock hungriness and cumsluttiness. I still do not know if he let others go first in my back door cuz he liked my oral skills so much--OR he wanted me opened up for him.
    He took me doggy style as blk menn think a white boi should be taken. I always just let big John stretch my insides to his needs. There was no stopping him anyway and my whole purpose in life is to please MEN.
    Even though big John had already given me a huge load in my mouth which was now in my tummy, He put an equal of bigger load deep inside my body which was now kind of recognized as female!
    love, Miss Gary (Heather)
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  6. SandyWho

    SandyWho Not quite a lurker VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Hi Heather-

    I have to admit that I really have only know one TG person and know how difficult it was to overcome the turmoil of emotions and dealing with the family. I always thought he- Tom/she- Tommi was very brave but also very susceptible. Tommi moved away several years ago mainly to escape family and a terrible relationship but helped start a TG support group in Seattle. Having support group and helping others changed everything for her and actually helped her reconcile with her family. I think that giving back to help others through ministry or support groups is a way we all help adjust to problems we have--and sometimes problems we have created. I first started posting when I was in an extramarital affair with a black man looking for advice but also as a way of secretly confessing all of my "sins" but also how exciting I found it. I helped me from going crazy and since then I have encouraged others to be open through forums like this.

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  7. bethmwf4blackmen

    bethmwf4blackmen Bethmwf4blackmen Beloved Member :)

    MWF who would like this for herself.

    This could be me. I am a Christian woman who if you met me you would see a pillar of the church, a suburban mom you would meet at the PTA meeting. I sing in the church choir and teach Sunday school. I have been attracted to strong black men since I was a teen, but had not told anyone or acted on this at all. I only confessed this to my husband recently.

    Anyways this picture and post is something I have thought about for myself. I would befriend black male long term prisoners, correspond, eventually meet up leading to regular conjugal visits.

    I would be interested in hearing from other women like myself and ideas on how I could make this happen.
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  8. kimber

    kimber New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Beth. Hi, i'm a church going lady too, and I can relate. My church isn't involved in prison ministry, but I'd love to help out with that too.
  9. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    I do not know it you would care but we had our meeting today for our real prison ministry and have planned twice as many visits for this year. All the people said that must really excite you (Heather). That is wha tI am called although male.
    That was a lead in for a couple of people there to tell me to not be so obvious. Tha tis If I want to know about conjugal visits, look up the requirements-don't ask the men who are there, not even the guards.
    Your picture of that stud just stays in my mind. Son many great experiences with rough blk MEN. They were my first.
    love, "miss" Gary 'heather'
  10. JediCowboy

    JediCowboy Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    You always have some of the most imaginative and thoughtfully artistic pictures, Sandy
  11. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    HI Jedi,
    Your name always catches my eye. I really am involved in prison ministry and I do ALL I can for them.
    I am near Rochester, NYand actually hoping to find a way to retire early and do more service.
    love, MissGary (Heather)
  12. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Jedi, so true. Are you a big fan of star Wars?
  13. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    I read back a little. i AM semi-retired now and am doing more with church. I would like to get back into serving the Boy scout too but they kind of worry about relations with males like me. I wold start over AS a girl but that might be considered deceptive
  14. 18mDresdF4prom

    18mDresdF4prom Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Hi, I just happened to find out that OUR church had a major prison ministry up until about ten years ago when i was not paying attention to the church outreach. I joined a black church when 16 but still go to services at my former church, ironically farther away and I have to share a car. Anyway, I am going to find out as much as possible about it and also wha tit would take to get that outreach prison ministry going again. I ALAO am going to find out about providing conjugal visits fir the neediest Black Men there. I know that it sounds contradictory to my Christian Faith but I am rationalizing that too. I have even talked to both ministers about tit.
    Love, Mary -->>my real and legal name for near 3 years.
  15. MsGary

    MsGary SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Hard to believe how long ago I posted on this thread. I have gotten more involved in Prison Ministry cuz it WORKS. They started calling me Heather and I grew my light brown hair out and I die it a couple shades blonder. The guards (Corrctions Officers) already know all about be but the Horny inmates do not. I explain to them that I am actually a Boi and they understand. They are hopeful that I am about to offer what they need. I know it is a VERY Temporary solution but I ope it gets them through the next few days and with some memories of the best blow job they ever had.
    I went to weight waters over the last years and a half and took off 17 lb. Actaully the inches are what did the most for my looks. 5'9 158 lb "blonde" now 52 y o. I have had the oral skills for a LONG time and I fell I am putting them to GOOD use. Most of the ministers and priests involved in this tots agree with that!!
    I would like to give more to these men who have made mistakes. Bu tin NY state you have to marry them to have actual conjugal visits.
    I am allowed a little more privacy with them now than a regular non-family member. On the down side, I only see any ONE of them every two weeks. But I am regular "special " visitor for 24 MEN. And these are manly men , which I really like. I also like how horny they are and how hard they get for me right away. I will talk about their cock size another time. For now, llet me say there are many who could be porn stars, even as black men. btw I am so happy that black men are moving into that business. It used to be very limited for them.
    I know I do not sound very Chriatian here but….
    ANd YOu have guessed that I LOVE giving blow jobs.
    lemme know of your questions or comments. LUV, Heather now 50+ 5'9 158lb 'blond' in Rochester, NY
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