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She Is Finally Satisfied

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Littlequick, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Littlequick

    Littlequick New around here... Beloved Member :)

    She looked at me, her face contorted, he loomed behind my wife as his penis entered her for the first time. She gave me a look of pity, as if to say sorry, I'm so very sorry but this has changed everything. She was on all fours in front of him on our marital bed, he slowly pulled his huge, black, veiney member all the way out of my wife as her stretched vagina clung on. He was solid and his cock remained at her enterance, nudging my wife's glistening pussy. She could feel it there and slowly moved herself back allowing her cunt to push onto his cock. He stood still, a triumphant look on his face as my wanten wife showed her desire for his cock in front of her emasculated husband. She let out a guttural moan which told me in no uncertain terms that she was receiving more pleasure in 60 seconds of fucking him than she had in 10 years being married to me.

    How did we get here. Maybe my discribing the last time my wife and i made love would be a good place to start.

    She looked incredible. Bonde bob, hourglass figure. Her name is Eve, she has it all but what really stood out for me was her bum, she has the most exquisite heart shaped bum in the world and it was all mine. Sex for her had been a disappointment, i have not been able to control myself and cum far too soon. I have lost count how many times she has told me it's ok and not to worry. Tonight would be different, it had to be. Then it happened, she came into the room from the shower wearing a towel. I was stood naked, my five inch penis rock hard and dripping precum in anticipation. She walked past me, dropping the towel and climbing onto the very bed she would come to cuckold me in. Not now I told myself, please not now. Eve rolled over presenting her perfect bottom to me. I joined her on the bed, knowing that it was already too late. She looked at me "fuck me Mike" she said. As i looked upon her, waiting for me, I felt it coming, there was nothing i could do, my small penis twitched and shot it's load uncontrollably all over the bed sheets. As i groaned Eve gave me a look of distain, she was clearly disappointed but not suprised. There was no 'it'll be ok' this time. She stood off the bed and looked at me for a second before walking to the bathroom, as she went i heard her say "we cannot go on like this" before shuting and locking the door...

    More to follow if people interested. Feedback appreciated as first time i have divulged in writing.
  2. 2wheel

    2wheel Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    I have such empathy for you, this actually brought a tear to my eye.
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  3. Littlequick

    Littlequick New around here... Beloved Member :)


    It had been almost three weeks since I had been a complete sexual failure in front of my wife and nothing had been said about it by either of us. There had also been a noticeable lack of sex. I had made assertions a number of times but was met with an excuse. On one occasion I came home early from work, went upstairs where I found Eve masterbating on the bed. I watched for a while as she lay on her back, legs wide apart and two fingers slowly rubbing her clit. This was perfect I thought to myself, she can't suggest that she's not in the mood! I stood in the hallway and striped, my cock immediately standing to attention. The noise of my opening the door roused Eve. She stopped what she was doing immediatly and put on her panties. "What are you doing?" I said, "I thought we could have a little fun, it's been a while". Eve was quick with a retort "what's the point, I was enjoying myself and now you've disurbed me", she made for the door. Her words hurt, I felt totally demoralised and rejected. She had never been so blunt with me, something had changed, the woman I love more than anything in the world had made a decision.

    The following morning I sat in our kitchen contemplating recent events. Eve had always been so understanding. I guess I knew she was not satisfied but hoped that our forplay and use of toys was enough. "We cannot go on like this", what did that mean? I did not have to wait long to find out.

    Eve came bouding into the kitchen, seemingly without a care in the world. She looked delectibe, wearing a short thin white silk dresing gown that was loosely done up allowing me a teasing glimps of her perfectly pert breasts, my ever attentive penis began to stir in my underwear. I had to confront this issue.

    Before Eve had poured herself a cup of coffee I asked her "what did you mean the other day when you said we cannot go on like this?"

    "Good morning" she said mockingly.

    "Sorry, good morning and sorry for blurting that out first thing but I've been so worried about all this, I'm paranoid you'll leave me or have an affair"

    "It's ok I'm glad you mentioned it" she sat down next to me, her gown riding up her leg to just below her bum cheek. She continued "I just need to be honest with you, I've thought about this alot recently and, well, the truth is I'm not exactly having fun in the bedroom. You always get overexcited, I knew your penis was on the small side when we married but you could at least last a while back then"

    "What did you say? I know I can be a bit quick off the draw but there's nothing wrong with the size of my penis, are you being purposely mean?"

    "I don't want to be mean" she said. "It's got to the point where I must be honest, so yes I have always thought you were on the small side. Let's not dwell on that, the main problem is that your performance leaves me so despratly frustrated and, well, I need more".

    My heart sank. "What do you mean, do you want someone else? I couldn't handle that, I love you, you're my wife for fucks sake".

    Eve took a breath and looked at me sympathetically. "Look, the truth is that it has crossed my mind but I love you and would not cheat on you. We have to spice things up though". Eve paused, shuffled closer to me and said "let's invite someone else into our bedroom, I need this Mike, I need more. We can find someone online, noone would know". She let her words sit there for a while before playfully adding "Maybe we could all learn and thing or two".

    My mind raced, what should I say. The idea of seeing my wife with another man made me worrried, what if he was better, able to last longer or had a bigger penis, let's face it all of those things are possible. Despite these concerns, I found that the idea had made me rock hard. Something that did not go unnoticed. A smile spread across my wife's face as she placed her hand on my penis for the first time in weeks. "I think the idea intrests you". She pulled my penis out and started to give me a slow handjob. "Well?" She said, "what do you think?"

    I was weak and lost in the pleasure her hand was giving me. Despite all my fears and reservations I said "ok, I want you to be happy, let's explore this". In my naivety I thought I'd just agreed to look into the possibility of a threesome, in reality I had conceeded to so much more.

    As soon as I'd agreed, Eve took her hand from my cock. "We don't want a mess do we. Come on let's go to the computer, there's no time like the present".

    With that she walked out of the room, provocatively wiggling her painfully beautiful bottom as she went. I quickly followed.

    Eve logged on and took control. She said, "I want this to work for all of us, so let's see what you're into. What? You didn't think I knew about your little porn habbit. You're not too smart and forgot to clear history the other day, I know you have a porn hub account, so come on, log in".

    Fuck, I thought as I typed in my details to the account. Part of me wanted to make an excuse not to do this. But I was caught in the moment, I thought maybe this is a good thing, we are being so open at last. An act I regret to this day.

    Eve clicked on the tab marked 'my favourites' and the screen was populated with the videos I tagged. All, without exception featuring well hung black man fucking a white women. Eve's eyes widened, she looked at me agasp, her shocked face quickly morphed into a smile, as if to say, I've got you now. She regained some composre "ok" she said, "let's take a look".

    What followed was at least an hour watching clip after clip, she was transfixed. I was humiliated.

    "This is clearly what you're into so let's make it happen, let's invite a black man into our bedroom, I'm game" Eve said, by this point giddy with excitment.

    "I can't handle seeing you with someone like this, someone bigger than me, better in bed" I pleaded.

    Eve quicky dismised my concern. "Come on, you can't deny it turns you on, the wet patch on your pants tells me that. I'm going to place an add".

    And with that she did, deftly findng a site she placed the following:

    'White married woman looking for some interracial fun'

    My fate had been sealed...

    Story is close to truth. Much more to tell. Comments would be very welcome and encouraging.
  4. kraftty3

    kraftty3 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I am also a small quick cummer! please do continue
  5. Littlequick

    Littlequick New around here... Beloved Member :)


    We left it a couple of days for people to reply, during which Eve once again denied my advances. On one occasion she was showering in the morning, our glass cubical silhouetting her soapy curves. It was more than enough to get me hard. I thought I'd join her, we'd had qickies in the shower before. As I stepped into the shower Eve's eyes met mine and instantly told me she was not interested. "Don't be silly, I'll go and make a coffee, don't be long" she said with a wry smile, clearly aware that her body, her denial would leave me having to masterbate in the shower on my own. As she left the cubicle I was in a total state of desire, I'd have done anythung just to touch her body, to caress her bottom or slip my hand between her legs. lost in this thought I started to masterbate, after about ten strokes I came, groaning as I did. Just then I heard what sounded like sigh before the door opened and shut. In my stupor I had not realised that my wife had left the cubicle but not the room, witnessing my all to quick release and as I would find out from later discussions cermenting her resolve to go though with our plan. My actions had unwittingly pushed my wife further away.

    It was a midweek evening and Eve had suggested we take a look and see if there were any replys to her add. I had no doubt that there would be and considering the ill advised wording I was concerned as to the type. Upon loggin in we were notified of a load of repies, I can't recall how many but at the time I was shocked. Eve was silent, calmly scrolling through, reading each carefully. She said "let's be practical and get rid of those who are not local", this whittled it down a fair bit. She said "why don't you go downstairs for a while whist I do this". Still harbouring the notion that this was a proposed threesome I said "surely this is a joint thing, if someone is going to join our lovemaking then I want to choose who".
    "Of course honey, there are just so many, let me make a short list, I'll call you in a bit". I didn't argue.

    Around an hour later Eve called me up and said "I know I surggested I'd get us a few options but I think I've found the one, take a look", she swiveled the screen to show me the respone to her advert, it was from a man calling himself James, he said that he would be happy to oblige and that he was sure he could give her what she was looking for (No mention of me whatsoever). He was local and ran a small business that related to personal fitness (to be honest I never did get to the bottom of what he did for a living). He posted a picture, it was a shot of him near a pool with shorts and no top on, and it was devistating. This was the man our wife wanted to join us, he was everything I am not, he was tall, broad, large but very fit man, a football player's physique. He was also black, which I undoubtatly am not. He said that before he could consider the matter he wanted a photo of my wife. No request for a picture of both of us I noted, I also thought the fact that he was going to 'consider' my wife showed his arrogence.

    "Let's send a pic" said my wife as she opened the photos application and scrolled quickly to pictures of her on holiday with just her bikini bottoms on. This gave me a moment to gather my thoughts, "I'm not sure about this, about him, I'd hoped we'd choose together" I said, thinking how intimidating I'd found James's photo. "Nonsense" my wife said dismissively "he's perfect, as is this photo", she'd picked a photo of heself on a beach, stood looking back at the camera. It was an icredible photo, she was wearing a g-string bikini showing off her ample white bottom in all its glory, you could also make out the side of her breast and perky wet nipples (she had just come from the sea). Any straight man in his right mind would love this photo and I could not object. She posted it and as she did asked for him to send a further photo of himself showing his penis, becouse as she brazenly put it 'we have to check out the merchendise'. We waited hoping he was online at that moment, he was and replied. 'Wow' he wrote 'you're stunning', he went on to explain that he had done this kind of thing before and never sent photos of his penis, preferring to wait untill he met in person. He asked for details about me, what I was like, was I happy about all this and why my wife was frustrated sexually. I immediatly raised concern about this, "why should he know all this detail, if he wants to meet, let's just meet", my wife thought differently "we're doing this now, so let's do it honestly, he's probably worried you're a threat'. Unlikelly I thought and any notion of that was dispelled by my wife's comments in response to James, she wrote; 'I have been frustrated as long as I can remember, my husband has a small penis (though he thinks not!) and when we we have tried sex he cums too soon, I have not cum from his cock for years', she sent it, no conferring, no discussion, she just sent it. "What's he going to think of me now?, how can you write those things and not think that they will hurt my feelings" I said. She gave me a cursory look and said "we've been through this, I must be truthful and open, it's the only way". I was about to leave in a huff when he responded, he said that I sounded like 'cuckold material' and that he could give her everything she needed, he said that he wanted to meet me first and that if that went well he would meet with my wife, he provided details of a local bar and a date and time to meet. My wife immediatly replied saying that I'd be there.

    My mind was in state, this was the first time the word 'cuckold' had been used and it was something I was determined not to become. My wife on the other hand made no mention of it, which in my most worrisome moments led me to beleive that she knew what it meant and had no objection...

    More to follow when I can.