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Stories Of My Wife's Well Fucked Asshole

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Virtual, Jul 27, 2015.

which story of this thread do you like best?

  1. my wife sodomization by her old boy friend

    12 vote(s)
  2. my wife sodomized by her young collegue at the office

    14 vote(s)
  3. my wife's impregnation by her younger lover (the photographer)

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    I and my Wife have spent a 10 day relaxing holiday in a tropical island in SE Asia, as far as possible from civilization. No tourists, no internet, no daily newspaper, no tv. And, well, and it was simply GREAT! We have recharged our batteries as we really needed it.
    Now we are back at work, with some recalls we wanna share with our friends of slutwives.com. ;)

    bf2. cummm. offfck.
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  2. GorgeousLeon

    GorgeousLeon I love beautiful women Beloved Member :)

    I love the pictures of your sexy body
  3. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    the Lady replies: thanks! :rolleyes:
  4. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    sweet memories of a moment of relaxation in public days ago...

  5. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    look at this picture and you have the answer to the question: why all men in here wanna assfuck my wife?

  6. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    My wife, the Lady, has given me green light to tell you all a so far private very hot story. Stay tuned folks!
  7. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    Another story of my Wife is starting.
    Please let me know if you guys wanna know the whole story (or if it bores you) and I'll post the second part.

    You guys can choose the word that you like as a Title of this story of my Wife: ingravidated, knocked up, impregnated, bred, and so on. Last year my wife has been … (you choose the word) by one member of this site Slutwives.

    How did this happen? At that time she was new around here, she just had discovered this site entering accidentally from my page. Soon she became very much actracted by posts, pics, comments, etc… and started to post pics, reply to some posts, add her own comments and notes.

    After a few weeks of practice, she started to enjoy some hot chats with some members of this site, having a loto of fun with them, if you know what I mean with “fun”… yes I mean orgasms. Then one day, among all the others who were “virtual lovers”, she started to correspond with one man who was living in the same town where we lived at that time and, yes, one day they met. I said one day they met, but actually I must say that they mett many times since that first day.

    She didn’t tell me that she was dating this man who is a professional photographer about 10 years younger than her, and I came to know it when he sent me some pictures of them both, of course fucking. At that point she admitted the affair which continued for about three months. They were having hot sessions of wild sex as he seemed to satisfy her in all senses and… all holes.

    Regurarly I received pictures of their meetings from him, who had become every day bolder with me, adding notes, candids, and comments to those already hot pics. As for me I was feeling more and more aroused by the situation specially because I could not be part of that game. My wife and I had had a few 3some already but this was the first time that I was out of the game. And this was extremely hot for me.

    She was definitely his geisha allowing her younger lover to penetrate her in all holes, all places, all ways, unable to say even one only NO to that man. And all the pics that I received from him could only confirm it. Well it wasn’t only the pics that could confirm me his words, just by seeing her ass and pussy, her gaping holes when she returned home after their encounters, I could say how much of his cock had entered her and drilled her body.

    So, organsm after orgasm, one night she came back home esausted and really spent. I was in the bed about to sleep and she came in too without taking another shower. Her story about what had happened that evening with him once again made me feel su fucking horny that I started caressing her body, willing to fuck her as soon as possible as I was feeling such an hardon I couldn’t bare. Her breasts, her legs, her thighs, her round ass… till I reached her pussy. Her pussy was wet as usual when she returned from those meetings but this time seemed to me even more and more swollen, used up and wet. Well, actually she wasn’t wet, she was soaking, dripping, leaking cum! OMG! He had come in her without wearing any condom!

    And this is the conversation that followed between her and me:

    (to be posted in the second part)

    (attached a picture sent me from Mr. the "photographer" of one of their hot sex session, the one when he supposedly knocked her up)

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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  8. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    Second part of the story:
    Last year my wife has been knocked up by one member of this site Slutwives.
    soon to come...
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  9. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    They had had a wild unprotected sex session! She said to me that the young man, the photographer, was sick of precautions and that day had decided to cum in her pussy, period. Can you understand? He said “period” and she didn’t object, she didn’t say one word, just let him cum in her pussy, in her married wombs… I was feeling at the sane time scared and excited and that night fucked her furiously as there was no tomorrow. The problem was that also the man kept fucking her furiously and kept cumming in her pussy for one month or so.
    As a result of all that cum in her pussy after some weeks she was pregnant! The question was: who is the father? And that question seemed to have no answer…
    During those weeks the man sent me some pics of my wife fucked and cummed in pussy and I in response continued to give her the same kind of service and treatment. At the second month of her pregnancy the body of my very cummed wife started to show some evidences, she was starting to become more… curvy, soft, round, gorgeous. And this was the time for me to start taking pics of hers.
    I am not allowed by my wife to tell you how the whole story ended up, just let me say that the man left to his country and I kept in one folder some pics of those months, pics that I’ll share with you here.
    The first two pics, sent me by the photographer, show her pussy filled with his cum. Was that the cream that knocked her up?

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  10. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    as promised some pics of my wife's knocked up belly (two months)

    be3. be4. be5. bed. bedd. prg. round.
  11. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    pics taken in the days of her impregnation, daily pussy and butt fucked / cummed by that guy, the photographer.

    3. 4.
  12. Virtual

    Virtual Mr. Virtual and the Lady Beloved Member :)

    fucked in B&W as well... when she couldn't say NO to him

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