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What Is Better Cuckold Videos Or Comics?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by sluttywife85, Jul 12, 2017.

Videos of comics?

  1. Videos

    6 vote(s)
  2. Comics

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  1. sluttywife85

    sluttywife85 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I do love videos, but I got to say that lately comics began to get me horny more and more. I think it's all because the quality of comics jumped up so high in the last few years. I mean what you get to read in cuckold comics you rarely get to see in videos. And since my fantasy is feeling well, I get totally satisfied with comics.
    How about you? What rocks your boat more? Videos or comics?

    Here are few links where you can find cuckold comics that I visit every now and then.
    Free cuckold porn comics
    Cuckold Comics | C4CUCKOLD
  2. redback

    redback Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Personally I find comics to be too over the top. The women all have massive breasts and Im not a big tit lover. All the cucks have tiny cocks and are submissive and feminine. All the bulls are black with enormous cocks and finally all the story lines are identical, humiliation of the hubby.
    Basically, seen 1 comic, seen them all. They are not sexy or erotic. If this rocks your boat then knock yourself out but I need more out of my porn.
    True, you can find all the above in videos but videos have much more variety and the characters are real, story lines are varied, ranging from outrageous to erotic, soft to hard. Videos get my vote.
  3. WhiteboyCuck

    WhiteboyCuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    It'd be cool if there were some celebrity themed interracial cuckold comics. Maybe Katy Perry cuckolding Russel Brand or Miley Cyrus and whatever Hemsworth she was cuckolding
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  4. WhiteboyCuck

    WhiteboyCuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

  5. class of 70

    class of 70 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    the artwork is amazing!
  6. jdunn

    jdunn Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    those are two nice pics, especally the top one