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When Your Wife Cums Harder With Her Lover

Discussion in 'Ask Khristy Creams' started by Charlie Stag Vixen, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Charlie Stag Vixen

    Charlie Stag Vixen New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Hi Khristy, and fellow members.
    I have some intersting questions that I often wonder about.
    I'm an average white male 55 yrs, and Filipino wife 47 that we have been together 5 years, and married for about 6 months now. I had some past experience in swinging lifestyle, and it always excited me.
    I started hinting to my now wife about exploring this, and after a couple years she decided on her own to explore it with me. Last year we brought into our home 2 different men on 2 different occasions (Both white and average sized penis, actually both larger than I. She enjoyed both, but really enjoyed the one of course that was largest at a good 8" and thick. She played with him 3 times, but then he got into a relationship so no longer in picture.
    We then explored finding her first BBC which didn't really do it for her much. Average size 7" and only lasted may 10 min. Needless to say she was not all that impressed. Couple months later she mentioned a black guy from the gym that I happen to have seen around before as well. Long story short it evolved to us all hanging out at our place with the intent of him and her playing. It was quite erotic to watch especially when they started to play as I watched on and off. He's very fit with a huge cock I had never seen one like it in reality. She ask me later if he was an anomaly. ( A real BBC 9"-10" long and 2" thick.) The real deal.
    Anyway he did make her cum pretty hard that first time, and they have played together 5 times since we started
    this late last year. The most recent was 2 weeks ago, and I decided to leave them alone while I went out. I couldn't help leaving a small voice recorder under the bed so that I could listen to them later. 2 hours had passed til she text me they were done fucking. The next day I was free to listen to the recording that I took with me to work. The first 15 minutes was just them talking, then got heated and heard everything. They were going pretty non stop for about 35 minutes and heard her cum 3 times. I can always get her to cum, but only a couple time in our 5 years made her cum twice in a session. Just as I was listening and thought that was it, I heard kissing and muffled moaning again. They were at it again for probably another half hour and amazingly to me she came 2 more times. So getting to my question. I recently suggested for her to have an ongoing thing with him, and saw a text from them and him suggesting 2 or 3 times per month. She basically said she liked that idea, and it was do-able. Any similar experiences out there ? and your thoughts, concerns, suggestions. If a woman/wife finds herself being more fully and sexually satisfied by a lover would they run away with them? lol
    My wife and I do both agree that we like this new non monogamy thing even though I have not explored other women on my end yet. Anyone in a non monogamy relationship? Would love your thoughts.
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  2. mrs redback

    mrs redback New around here... Beloved Member :)

    My husband is an awesome lover. he can give me multi orgasms anytime he chooses. He knows my body and how to please it.
    My lover has an awesome penis. He is about 2" longer and at least an inch thicker. Where my husband has to work to make me cum with his penis, my lover only has to stick it in to make me cum but he doesnt last as long. At the end of the day tho my husband is the better lover. Yes I love my lovers cock but I love my husband. I would not leave him for any man and why should I, I can have any man with my husbands consent. I didnt marry my husband just for his cock or his prowess in bed, he has many other wonderful qualities as well. Sex is only a part of a marriage, not all of it.

    My husband also likes it when I tell him how good my lover is. he says it keeps him on his toes, stops him from taking me for granted. Another reason I love him. He also likes that my lover has a bigger penis, a little humiliation is good.

    You failed to inform us as to how you feel about your wife being more satisfied by another man. Does it bother you?
    Does it incite you to up your cockmanship? Are you afraid of losing her?
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  3. Charlie Stag Vixen

    Charlie Stag Vixen New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Great Response Mrs Redback :)..
    I think how I feel about her being more satisfied by another man is the whole taboo part that it's a very carnal desire for sexual pleasure which is such a hot turn on. It does push me to up my game for sure. I don't have a fear of her leaving for him and recognize that for her it's just about having sex and feeling good in ways that her body needs. I totally get where your husband is coming from and love when her and I are having sex
    and she says she wants her lovers big cock in her more and for me to fuck her like he does. The only challenge I have is I wish she would actually do it more often with him. How often do you have sex with your lover?
  4. mrs redback

    mrs redback New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Charlie, you put that quite well. The taboo part is a big thing in this lifestyle. Communication is also a big part and you and your wife seem to be communicating well.
    She says she wants you to fuck her like her lover does, well all I can say to that is "watch and learn". Personally I like the difference between how my husband and lover make love to me. Variety is the spice of life,lol. Their cocks feel different and the way they use them does different things to and for me. Not to mention the foreplay, they both have different styles. It would be a bit boring and pointless having 2 lovers that did the same thing.

    I have sex with my lover 2 or 3 times a month but that can vary on life commitments and opportunity. Usually its one on one with him but occasionally my husband joins in. Hell, my husband even taught my lover a few things on what I like and how to please me. Isnt he a darling man.

    Im curious, You didnt mention your size. You said her lover is 9"+, Im assuming he is quite a bit larger than you. My question, does your wife feel different after she has had that size inside her?
    Personally thats a little too large for me but if your wife likes it then good on her.
  5. 2wheel

    2wheel Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    Many times the taboo of a wife having sex with someone else is enough to heighten and intensify her orgasm.
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  6. Charlie Stag Vixen

    Charlie Stag Vixen New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I think you're right about cocks feeling different. In fact I believe even though some people will say it's the same. From my own experience and having been with maybe 30 different women in my life time, each and every one fucks different, feels tighter,looser, wetter, hotter, and move differently and since the real sex starts in the brain, everyone is completely different in every way. To answer your question about cock size. If I said I was 7" It may be a literal stretch lol. I would say a solid 6" by 1-1/2" thick (Average I suppose). My wife is asian and her x was asian and she has said the generally are smaller. Kind of like most black men are larger. At first she did say she thought her lover was a little too big, but after a few times fucking him and he suggested it would take some time for her to adjust to take it all in. The last few times now she takes it all with now flinch or complaints. She has said to me if there were ever a need to find a new lover, she would prefer him to be just as big and wouldn't want any longer than his 9", but thicker would be good. He's already 2" thick. I guess women prefer the bigger the girth the better, but length depends on the woman???? That's a good question on if she feels different. Being that these are the things that turn us men on about the lifestyle, I have asked her those questions. Sometimes she says she feels like she's still cumming even after few hours after they have finished and the difference she feels is that where as when she is fucking him, that she feels him much deeper than he's ever felt, and since she use to feel I was
    very deep, that now it's no longer such a deep feeling from my cock. She knows it turns me on, and basically says she's now use to the new depths and enjoys not only how his cock makes her cum very hard, but that the thoughts of it when even fucking me after with her loosened up pussy makes her cum as well. I really like the idea of the 2 or 3 times per month like you have with your lover. I'm hopeful that my wife will eventually get to where she would do it 2-3 times per month. I have been trying to think of ways to suggest it to her, and she would pursue that.
    I have told I like that idea, but she's been slow about actually making it a regular thing. Have you ever went with your lover and spent like a whole night together or like a weekend with him? I'm curious how that would go. The idea of them spending a weekend or even a whole day seems hot.
    I just imagine my seemingly conservative wife and him non-stop fucking the whole time, and wonder what that would be like.
  7. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress and Sexual Goddess Staff Member Super Mod! VERIFIED!

    It's not so much the taboo for we hotwife women any longer, but the taboo aspect is still a contributing stimulant in the multi part mixture of stimulants for sure, but... at the very heart and essence inside the seed, so to speak... it's the "Power" exchange she's exercising over her husband and everyone else, including society. This was the exclusive realm of males mostly , with the exception of very powerful women in the past, but today... any women can become a hotwife and realize and incorporate that "power" into her sexual being... and this is what fuels the hotwife and SlutWife lifestyle more than anything else! We have access to the "Power" now... and... fuck yes... we're using it!! Oh yeah.... you cucks... you fucking LOVE it too!!! *very-wicked-grin* ;) :D

    Khristy xxx

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  8. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    My wife would write in her journal the word "cockmaster" whenever she encountered a man that caused her to cum harder than normal, be very loud vocally and - her words- "use her up" to the point that she was exhausted. For me it just made my cock strain to be even harder than usual when I would see/hear her like that. So for me I was fine with her cumming harder with other men. GTR