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Why is it always about Reparations or Make Whitey Pay?

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by Elizabeth T, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Elizabeth T

    Elizabeth T Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Everytime you read a thread, somewheres on the responses someone will always say time to make whitey pay or talk about reparations.
    I have sex with black men cause it is fun and wild not cause I owe anyone. The sex it always hot and that is why I go with black men. Never have I ever had one be disrespectful or make a stupid comment about I owe them for the years of slavery or as many put it reparations. It is about the sex for me.
    While on reparations, why is I never hear of the people speaking of it talk about getting reparations from the tribal kings or leaders of Africa who gave up many for trinkets or someother bullshit. It is always the white man owes us. Well I think this is shit....It is for the sex and should be for the sex and nothing more.
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  2. Blackyoung

    Blackyoung Guest

    I agree, but we're talking about reparations here. Not Africa, so Africans that have been through colonialism should seek reparations if they are still under it, but they won't.

    But, My view on this whole reparation sex thing is that, I don't see the reason for it. It definitely isn't a turn on and it reminds me of what we are trying to overcome, not set back.

    My whole view on reparations is, You not the slave, you don't get the money. They are dead, and that's that. If you have no immediate ties to slavery, why should you be served? You didn't go through it. We are not nearly extinct fortunately, like the native Americans. They were almost wiped off the western hemisphere

    What I'm trying to sex is, this whole reparation sex, and reparations in general is Bull. It's just people who are fantasizing who make such posts. I doubt some of these people are in or even trying to get in the lifestyle at all.It is their fantasy, so..;P
  3. bobbimcgee

    bobbimcgee Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)


    My pretty wife felt so bad about what happened to black people that she couldn't say no to a black man when he hit on her. She so didn't want to offend a black man or appear to be racist that she would allow the big black man to take her home to his place and fuck her senseless all night. Even at the supermarket she would sometimes be picked up by a big black man and taken to his car or home and be made to suck BBC or/and fucked hard. We had many arguments about her "guilt" but she just couldn't say no. Then after a while I'm sure it changed to something else. She had gotten hooked on BBC and couldn't orgasm unless it was with a black man. Sometimes I would come home from work and hear the moans from our bedroom and know that she was paying back a black man. I would stand there and hear him talking nasty and disrespectful to her telling her how great her cunt felt and calling her names and her moaning and wimpering on his BBC an then her explosive orgasms and screams. It turned me on so I gave her more and more freedom and encouragement to say she was sorry. Sometimes at a bar or even a restaurant when we were out together a Big black man would see her and make eye conact and she'd return his gaze and before the end of the night she'd be leaving with him to go back to his place to be fucked all night. It made me so hard to see my beautiful wife leaving with a big black man and his arm around her and his big hand on her sexy butt taking her off to be fucked and used all night, knowing that she couldn't say not to him or whatever he wanted to do. She would come hom in the morning and tell me how nice he was and what an incredible fucking she got. And how it had made her feel good to be so nice to a black man. She would then tell me about his big cock and how she had sucked him off to taste his cum and then let him use her how he liked. Most of them were very forceful with her and sensing that she was so submissive to them and wanted to be sorry they would give her such nasty fucks, always using her sexy butt. She finally fell in love with a big black man and left me for him. W still speak and she tells me he hands her around to his friends to use while he watches. I'm glad she has found joy in her life and she adores being used by BBCs. She still phones me and tells me about the wondefful black men she is saying sorry to. I really think more white women should be like her and my next wife I will encourage to be nice to black men too.
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  4. kingdarr

    kingdarr Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    People, don't forget 2 things here.

    1. all lot of this shit is about fantasy and that paying back shit is a role pay on both sides of the coin. I'm a black man and I like fucking all women...I don't care if she's blue. I'm not one who has the pay back fantasy, but I understand it.

    2. Please be aware the 80% of people on this site are more than likely gay men pretending to be women.
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  5. susan

    susan Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Not saying slavery was right, but it is recorded thruout history. It existed 89 years in the USA.. My smartass answer is if it werent for slavery, where would most blacks be living now, and would they prefer living there? Blacks had a rough row to hoe, but things are fianlly getting straightened out.=p
  6. Will & Eve

    Will & Eve SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Not only that, but the origins of black slavery are traceable directly to rival tribes in Africa selling captives taken from their enemy (black) tribes to Muslim traders.

    If this had never been done the Europeans may well have never presumed to capitalize on that trade.

    There's plenty of guilt to go around.

    Much better to look ahead.
  7. rhino

    rhino Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    All this liberal guilt bullshit is just that. Bullshit that guys like me use to fuck stupid white liberal women. I got the idea from older guys who used to pull the same mind game on liberal white college girls back in the civil rights days. They said they got a LOT of white pussy that way. Sounds good enuff for me.
  8. whthub

    whthub Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)



    You hit the nail on thje head!!

    Hell, even Oprah found the truth on her show!! This is a "Fantasy", but yet a hidden part of History!!!! ALL tribes in Africa kidnapped others to sell for their OWN tribe's benefit!

    Wht's where there with the boat's!!

    Not proud of it, but we got M J!!
  9. whthub

    whthub Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)


    Where did that "j" come from??
  10. metalore

    metalore Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I think he meant Michael Jackson. Right?
  11. chantalita1612

    chantalita1612 New around here... Beloved Member :)


    I agree with Bobby's story. White women must be kind to blacks as his wife was. If a black shows interest in a white woman she must be nice and smile back, let him court her in public, and flirt openly. Showing him she's not a racist and white don't agree the old slavery times. Also, she must show happiness for his interest and offer her body to him.

    Is important to make him feel confortable and confident from the beggining, first nice words to him and a long french kiss would be a good way to accept his friendship and start a nice relationship with him. After the welcome he would take her where he wants and seduce her the times he wants, no matter if she is married or single. :)
  12. Easylooker

    Easylooker Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    There were many black slave owners as well as white, only the richest of people owned slaves. One of the biggest slave owners was a black man in Louisana. Many white people were brought over to the new world as slaves also by the Jewish owned Dutch East Indies Trading Company. Homeless and children of the street were brought over here by the ship loads. Many thousands died just like the Africans.
  13. lizzi5555

    lizzi5555 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    as we all know, all right mined people should be against slavery in all its forms and as bad as afro/american slaves had it, and god knows it was bad, the irish had 800 yrs of oppression under the english, so i wonder if bobbiemcgees wife would be so understanding to irish men????????

    and 1 more thing, i imagine the worst thing to called a black person is a nigger, which i want you to know i would nevr do, but yet blk people seem to call it to each other which i just dont understand, can anyone enlighten me please

  14. anna-mwf

    anna-mwf Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    LOL you're such an asshole!
  15. Smv4020

    Smv4020 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    If you have to ask, then the answer wouldn't make sense to you, would it?
  16. lizzi5555

    lizzi5555 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    that makes no sense at all, i asked because i genuinely want to know. i hope i have not offended or disrespected anyone, just looking for an honest answer to an honest question, thats all.
  17. janet

    janet Guest

    Thats a good point about slavery being color connected. and as a white person I certainly think its horrendous to enslave anybody. But i dont see why white women today have to pay for the misdeeds of white men in another era. My body is offered to a BM out of love and not as payment.
  18. supreme_black_man

    supreme_black_man Ban Hammered BAN HAMMERED!

    As a black man, even I have to admit that the Turkish-ran Ottaman Empire took many thousands of slaves from the south of England and the south of Ireland several centuries ago.

    People have been enslaving each other for literally thousands of years and sadly Africa was actually where slavery began.

    Rival tribes used to pillage and enslave other tribes.

    Then the Arabs and the whites came along and bought slaves from them.
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  19. supreme_black_man

    supreme_black_man Ban Hammered BAN HAMMERED!

    That is a very surprising post considering that you are a White man.

    Would you let your lady betray you?
  20. supreme_black_man

    supreme_black_man Ban Hammered BAN HAMMERED!

    Excellent post!
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