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Wife And Best Friend

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by nerdyandwhite, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. nerdyandwhite

    nerdyandwhite New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I've been trying to get my wife to cuckold me for a while now but we haven't moved past the fantasy stage. One of the scenarios she fantasizes the most about is cucking me with my best friend. I know that my friend has a thing for my wife. He has since he met her 8 years ago. They have always had a bit of a flirtation thing going on and she even lets him sit in between us when we hangout. Any advice on how to approach him about sleeping with my wife.
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  2. BigdaddyToronto

    BigdaddyToronto Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    who is it that you need to work on, your wife or your friend?

    the friend is easy, unless hes married and very faithful. I would just mention in conversation that you and your wife have an open relationship and shes free to do what she likes. Maybe even tell a made up story of a recent sexual adventure she had to prove youre cool with it and shes up for action. he may find it weird or feel guilty about it unless you say whats good for the goose is also good for the gander. Then put them together a few times, maybe with some alcohol etc, disappear for a bit and see what happens.
    wives are trickier.
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  3. nerdyandwhite

    nerdyandwhite New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Thank you for the advice and my wife is definitely the person who needs more convincing.
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