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Women Cheat As Much As Men, But Get Away With It More - Nymag

Discussion in 'Cuckolding in the News' started by dig420, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member

    “The gender gap in adultery is closing, and it’s not just about opportunity and possibility,” says Helen Fisher, PhD, author of Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray. “But it is about choice. Women now are more aware of the alternatives to monogamy and more inclined to demand to have all their needs met. That’s because happiness is such an important part of marriage. Fewer women are marrying out of need; instead, they’re marrying to please themselves. But that also means when they’re dissatisfied with something they feel justified to go elsewhere.”

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  2. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    I think that what's new in all of this is that more women are inclined to, and feel empowered to, initiate an extramarital affair than before. Women are becoming more "Ballsy". This is as a result of the fact that women are in a position of power and authority.
    I never believed that more married men were cheating than married women. Perhaps slightly more but I never believed that the figures were skewed like 60% of all married men and 10% of married women. That was a feministic viewpoint.
    I think that women were better at not getting caught and lied through their teeth and when confronted with their infidelity gullible men wanting to project the image of I'm super mocha noting to see here, accepted the explanation and moved on.
    You have to question the old statistics and ask your self who were these 60%-er's cheating with? I don't think it was with 18 year old single women or prostitutes.? Where the Beach Boys right? Two girls for every Boy? I know for a fact it was with their married co-worker.
    Women are tired of lying about their wants and desires and what they are willing to do to get their needs met. They are becoming more honest about what they are doing sexually instead of keeping it secret. I support that initiative.
    As my wife says sit down. shut up. while I ride this guys cock
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  3. Enigma632

    Enigma632 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Women have always had as many extra marital affairs as men, as Zipless has said it's straight forward logic - each man having an affair needs a woman to have the affair with.

    However I suspect that there is more suspicion over men's fidelity than women's so men get caught more often, most men don't believe their wives will ever cheat.

    Also (and at the risk of being flamed for sexism) I wonder if women's lifestyles make it easier for them to covertly have an affair?
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  4. scuck7

    scuck7 Pale goths on black rods Beloved Member :)

    Good, all women should be encouraged to cheat and sexually explore whatever they want.
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  5. milfchaser

    milfchaser Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    In the past, women would have been less apt to admit to cheating -- even to a poll -- where as today, they probably feel they have more freedom to admit it to a poll without thinking they'd be thought of negatively.
  6. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I also think that women today are more open about what they want from men. I think that it is one of the reasons that the divorce rate went up when they had more freedom to choose, if the current husband wasn't able to "keep it up" to their needs. Hell, for me personally my young wife (18) went back to the older (30)divorced neighbor that had been fucking her all along a week after we were married. We were married in June and she told me about him the following February. So like others in this post I agree that I believe that the women have affairs every bit as often as the men do. GTR.