My wife, Barb is an attractive brunette about 120 pounds, she's 5’7”. I truly love other men seeing her showing off her body and she would frequently dress in a sexy outfit. Barb always ignored my comments I would enjoy watching other men fucking her.

A club nearby often offered amateur erotic dance contests that invited people from the audience to dance and strip as far as they wanted or dared to on stage. We had been there several times and I frequently asked or begged Barb to compete but she always refused. We were sipping martinis one weekend and decided to go to watch the show. She was trying to get pregnant so to turn me on more wore a front-zippered mini skirt, button blouse, and thigh-high stockings. When I asked again her to compete she jokingly said if it would make me hornier she would, so I signed up immediately. When her name was called, she hesitantly went on stage, thinking I would stop her. When I did not she shrugged began to dance and unbuttoned a couple of blouse buttons which frequently exposed her braless 32-C breasts as she moved, then pulled the skirt zipper up unknowingly allowing the stage side audience to observe her pussy was also bare. The other contestants were just showing bras. Suddenly Barb seemed to be enjoying this and when the next tune began; she unzipped the mini skirt and dropped it on our stage side table then danced near several guys naked from the waist down. This dance ended and she took a couple of gulps of a martini.

Sensually striding back to the start position, she stopped to talk with some admirers and again by three black guys who said something that made her laugh, she crouched to talk a second and a black hand quickly snaked out to stroke her clit. The audience and I loved that and she giggled and made no objections.

During this set of the 3, the unbuttoned blouse was gone on the first note and her obvious delight in displaying her body and dancing the last one eliminated any chance the other three girls ever had. Her next completion would be the finals more than an hour away, but our drinks were free. She seemed to cheerfully abide by the club’s encouragement to slowly or delay dressing until the next set (the men’s) began, which did not displease me nor our table neighbors a bit.

The competition was arranged as women, men, women, men, etc., both being 4 rounds of 3 sets each, the men's before Barb’s turn, an amusing skinny white kid won. A good looking fit black man called Randy won the one following hers; my wife seemed mesmerized watching his large cock slowly harden to 8 or 10 inches. I told Barb, “Damn, I’d love to watch you coming all over that cock as he pounds a huge cum load into your sweet white pussy.” She turned to me and quietly whispered, “Damn, don’t make me any hornier than I already am. I never thought men seeing me naked would get me so excited and then seeing that cock growing to your size, then bigger, I am just about ready to come! I can almost imagine his chest on mine and feel him trying to get farther in me as his sperm is squirting deep in my cunt!" Then she turned those beautiful green eyes on me whispering, "How would you feel watching his black sperm drooling out of me while most of it is still in me swimming around my eggs? Would you like to see your white wife's belly and tits swelling because I let him blow his nuts inside me like those videos you like so much?" Then she sighed with a tiny shiver.

My cock was so hard it hurt as I replied “Those huge nuts certainly would more than fill that sweet tight cunt of yours, what a turn-on waiting to see if you to miss your next period and wonder if he or one of his black buddies knocked you up!” She glanced at them, noticing they were intently watching her, and questioned, “You would let, I mean want, all three to fuck me?” “Does the bear shit in the woods, homey?” She laughed and said, “No way, Babe!”

A short “intermission” allowed people and contestants to move about chatting, flirting, and trying to hook up. Barb, with her pussy and tits barely covered by her careless closed clothes, had a lot of attention then Randy came by expressing Barb was “fucking beautiful and very sexy” and wondered if we were staying for the private club. We needed to ask what the private club was. Randy explained “They close this “public” bar then quickly reopen as a private club; contestants and escorts get in free with some drink tokens and others buy a “membership”. The atmosphere is far more open, very few rules and sometimes there's a big event with a huge cash prize. Barb asked about that. The big event was usually offered to the contest champions first, they would dance together and if they wanted, “do it” on stage.

Shocked Barb said incredulously, “Do it?" Do you mean have sex? Like you fucking me, on stage?” Randy nodded saying he sure hoped so. Barb said, “I can’t – won’t fuck you or anyone else, I am so fucking fertile now! Jesus, what if you knocked me up, how would we explain an “interracial kid” (well perhaps somewhat less politically correct comment)? And I could never take that cock of yours, it'd rip me open!” From her language, I knew she was hammered and very interested. Before I could say anything Randy laughed and told her “Oh baby, you would be pleasantly surprised how easily your beautiful, sweet pussy would stretch to accept me.” Then I piped up with “Goddamn, I’d love to see you with that big black cock deep inside you! Maybe he would not come inside you!” And she asked him very softly, “Would you not come in me?" He laughed "You're so hot I would probably come just touching your pussy!" With a negative head shake she turned away to another conversation. Randy said to me, “Really? You wouldn’t object to me fucking your beautiful white wife? I’d even agree to come on her tits or face!” I answered “Man, No I wouldn’t, that has always been one of my fantasies. She's very turned on and I’ll work on her, but the chances of her agreeing are zero to none. I'd love for you to come in her, OK? Maybe if that happens, your two pals might want a turn in her also.” He left saying his buddies would surely love fucking her! Minutes later the three black guys were in a huddle, frequently glancing at us and Barb whispered, “Do you think they are talking about fucking and knocking me up?” I asked what if they were, do they stand a chance? She never answered, partly, I think because the contest began again.

As the contests continued, we quietly talked about that “special” club. She wondered how it would be to have another man in her and had heard at work that blacks fucked harder and came more than white men. "It would be kinda exciting to have dozens of eyes watch me fucking a black cock and having no way to prevent him knocking me up.” my white wife mussed. "Just curious of course, I certainly am not going to let him fuck me! I certainly don't to explain a nigger baby!" she added. I offered the comment, “I’m ready to come now just thinking of your tits and belly swelling, and not sure if it was mine or maybe one of those three black men. Let’s take them home with us?” She turned to look at them and they smiled and winked at her then, she said "Back off, Honey, I'm too close to agreeing and know we would regret it. OH God, I just had a tiny orgasm!”

My wife blew the others away in the Finals. Barb was both very turned on and determined to win, returning to our table naked and victorious. She seemed very pleased that Randy also won the men’s contests.

The private club

After the prize awards, the M/C announced the closure of the public bar to open as a private club while Barb and Randy talked as they dressed. The first event in the “private club” was the winner's victory waltz completion open to all the contest winners and their choice of partners with a prize of $100 for the winner. Randy and Barb chose each other and decided to just dance. The skinny white guy’s partner was a fine-looking blonde and he got her down to her panties. I think her C+ boobs and size 10 frame won the money for them.

Barbara was sitting with me when the M/C announced the special contests. If the “dance champions” wished to do this contest, the prize would be $1000 for each contestant, depending on how far they went. They would start, dressed as they were when arriving and dance, their choice, going from there to however far they wanted, even possibly the female winner (Barb in this case) could be “bred” on the stage by the winner of the men’s contests (Randy). 2nd choice would be all the contestants competing with the same rules, and the third would be any volunteer from the audience. Barb was considering the comment as the audience was making clear they wanted to see Randy and Barb only by their chanting of “DO IT, BARB!” or “GO FOR IT!” and “TAKE THAT BLACK COCK, BABY!” repeatedly. She came to me, “Are you serious about wanting me to fuck that black man publicly on stage? You know fucking well he will come in me and you want him to knock me up? I am not about to try to explain a black baby to anyone!”

"OH yes, you know I'd love watching another man, especially a black one, fucking and making you come. It would be so erotic watching your belly and tits swelling. We can worry later which load of nigger cum knocked you up. A couple of gulps of a fresh martini seemed to calm her and reactivate the past martinis and I sensed her wanting to agree. Taking advantage of her wavering conflict I whispered “Think of all these women watching that big cock stretching your tight pussy. All these men wishing it was their wife's cunt coaxing his semen suddenly filling and fighting each other for the honor of getting you pregnant? Besides I told him I would shoot him if he did not come in you!” My wife loves the feeling of sperm blasting inside her. Nodding indecisively as the audience continued cheering and chanting she looked at Randy and, with a tiny shiver, walked to him and they mounted the stage.

They started with a waltz, Randy unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it toward me, and she undid his shirt, then her skirt came and soon the only apparel either wore was Barb's black thigh-high stockings. Then Randy maneuvered his cock between her thighs, the tip was seen just under her ass cheeks and she slid back and forth on it. It became difficult to determine if the moisture was his precome or her pussy lube. Then he whispered something to her, she shook her head, he said something more and they stopped moving. Barb took his hands, spread her feet, and leaned back. Randy stepped between her spread feet, crouched down a little and I saw his throbbing cock poking at my wife's cunt lips. She laughed and said no way and you get only two tries, Randy glanced at his two black pals, grinned, and moved a tiny bit closer to my wife, which tilted her backward a little more. Then Randy gave a sharp, hard upwards thrust of his hips and Barb squealed. I saw at least 2 inches of black cock was now inside my wife and she exclaimed “My God, Honey, He is inside me!” Randy took another tiny step and another thrust put him inside my wife's cunt more. Then he grabbed her thighs and lifted her off the floor and pulled her close. Her legs came up and clamped around Randy's waist, then several more thursts and it looked like my wife had acquired a set of black balls, he was nearly completely inside her pussy and she loved it.

She was rocking on his cock as he carried her to a round “bed” on the stage and together they fell onto it. In the process, it looked like Randy had gotten his entire 10 inches inside my wife and was quickly pistoning in and out of her as she tried to duplicate his moves

Suddenly Randy stopped, saying he was going to come much too soon. He grinned at me and said, “Well, actually I did give her a squirt or two!” Barb loudly said she hoped he didn’t come in her, she was much too fertile and he would knock her up. The audience began to chant to Randy, COME IN HER! Or KNOCK HER WHITE CUNT UP!

He moved my wife to the center of that mattress, her spread legs revealed a tiny drool of sperm from her pussy. As Randy re-mounted her, she guided his throbbing black cock back into her. His black ass was thrusting hard as Barbara grabbed his ass pulling him inside her more. My wife's legs were straight up and spread apart, giving the black man free access to her slippery love chute and allowing the audience an unobstructed view of his ebony cock pistoning in and out of her thrusting white pussy. She was having orgasm after orgasm when Randy suddenly pushed her slender legs to her shoulders tipping her hips up more which gave us watchers a better view of his black cock slamming her white cunt. When he pulled back, her pussy lips followed like they were trying to suck him back in. Suddenly my wife began screaming for Randy to come in her, knock her up, and she was so fertile and with a hard thrust he slammed 10 or more inches of black cock deep into her and swamped her ovaries with billions of nigger sperm as she yelped with pain at the sudden deep intrusion but her yelp was followed by cries of a huge orgasm.

Barb's hips continued to twitch as her orgasms slowly subsided while they were resting. Then Randy pushed himself up and out of Barb’s pussy trailing a line of combined juices. A finger-sized stream of sperm drooled from my wife's stretched pussy lips, leaving no doubt Randy delivered a huge load of semen inside that fertile wife. She looked around the room as if surprised to see dozens of appreciative eyes on them and the raucous applause, then smiled saying,” Damn, that was one helluva fuck!” She rose on an elbow and asked how many women had been fucked by a black and only a few indicated they had and she told them they should do it at least once. With her legs still spread she asked Randy “again?”; he grinned and shook his head saying not for a while, baby. She turned to his two pals, pointed at the darker one, and asked “Want to try knocking me up, too?” his clothes were flying as he hurried to her reclining form.

Mounting Barbara, he told her that he was even more fertile than Randy and had much bigger loads. Smiling, she grasped his cock and raising her legs allowed that coal-black cock to slide smoothly and deep inside her. Again, we watchers had a terrific view of my wife eagerly accepting his cock slamming into her, and begging for his sperm. Her legs opened even wider when he shoved deep and quivering delivered his baby juice deep inside that housewife. When he stood, the third black was waiting and together they grabbed my wife’s ankles and hoisted her upside down, and shook her, laughingly explaining this was to settle the semen into her ovaries. A thunderous applause greeted this announcement and it seemed to work. Very little sperm drooled out of Barb as the third horny black man stuffed another big black cock into her waiting cunt. He came in her twice, leaving her pussy pouring out black juice.

My naked and very well fucked wife lay panting and spread wide as sperm drooled out of her cunt, watching the MC approach. He knelt beside her and learned this was both her first black fuck and her first gang bang. He assisted her to stand; freeing running his hands on her tits, then invited Randy back up to receive their prizes. Randy gave her half of his and still naked Barb took the mike and said, “Honey, it sure looked like you loved watching these men fucking me senseless, I sure did.” Then looking at Randy asked, “Are you guys interested in going to our place and continuing?” and their response was an enthusiastic yes.

The audience exploded in applause then the M/C invited Barb back next weekend and added “If somehow she was not pregnant would she like to come back next month, checking her fertility he would supply 5 or 6 black men, maybe even some volunteers from the audience to try breeding her again. She smiled and said if she wasn't knocked up, don't include these guys, then suggested they plan that anyway, regardless of her pregnancy state.

Leaving her discarded clothes with me, the three black men escorted her to their car. She later told me she rode the entire 5 or 6 miles in one of their laps, his cock firmly inside her the entire trip. At our apartment complex, she led them across the parking lot to our apartment as I followed with all her clothes. Inside she turned on the lights and opened the drapes on the sliding glass door wide then tossed a blanket on the floor in front of the now wide-open window. She had certainly gotten into exhibitionism and she fucked all three in the brightly lit apartment for the next hour. I went outside verifying she was completely visible from the ground, then two passing guys and a neighboring couple watched her from the parking lot. The very curious and interested girl knocked on our door the next day.

Later that week, Barb purchased a home pregnancy test and we were amazed it came back negative. A second one did the same and my wife called the club with the news. That will be another tale.

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