Hey everyone, husband (52M) here of an extremely sexy and sexual wife (48F). To get right to the point, we have been married for 10-plus years and it is like we are high school kids again. It helped that our children are grown and gone to be able to share these "Hot past" things. She is a 5'4" blonde that weighs 118 lbs and is simply stunning. Her perfect breasts are 34d with thicker and longer nipples than most. I would say her nipples are the most erotic thing to me, but it also helps when you have perfect breasts from a boob job. She dresses well and her clothes show her figure off well. Her ass is shaped extremely well and those tight-fitting leggings draw a ton of male attention. I find myself not jealous in the least bit because I know her and she enjoys the attention as well. If they only knew that she has a perfect bikini waxing and that she has a patch of strawberry blonde hair that is hardly contained with her skimpy thong underwear.

I have a hot past fetish and enjoy seeking out content on the internet. We have a very healthy sex life and often find pleasure when we are away from one another during the day via text. I find myself often masturbating at my office while she is often in our bed at home with her vibrator and taking pictures/videos of herself masturbating. She knows about my fetish and will engage me often. She had many sex partners from her teen years up until her meeting me and especially went wild after divorcing her previous husband. Not to the point where she was looking for dick, but rather always had many men pursuing her that she would go on dates with if asked. She is a beautiful woman that looks like fun.

Often, while being intimate, I ask her to share a story to get me hard and she knows what I am looking for. Her stories range from being a young girl and fucking in the back of cars to her college days and having many partners to her pre-marriage days and constantly breaking up with her fiancé before later marrying him to her post-divorce days where she let go because of the lack of dick in her marriage. Her number is 40-50, which I am ok with, as my number is similar. So once you have been married for a while, it usually gets routine and slows down, but not for us. I am blessed to have a willing woman who puts work into keeping her sexual health by looking at porn and reading erotica, etc to keep herself wet and to want.

I often wonder if I am the only one out here who truly enjoys the following acts...? Imagining her being a young woman (pre-breast augmentation) being sexual with her boyfriends in the back of their cars. I think about her having small breasts with extremely large nipples. Her college days, where she was fairly easy and she would suck a lot of dick and fuck quite a few guys as well. She mentioned that once she fucked two guys in one day and explained that she had an on-again/off-again boyfriend that would always have sex, but she later in the day would have sex with another guy she liked as well. So hot to think of her getting multiple loads on the same day for whatever reason.

In her late college/post-college days where she worked as a bartender and was intimate with her manager and quite a few co-workers. Not to mention the offers she got from customers at the bar. Her young professional adult years were when she and her hot-ass friends would go out to clubs and dress to kill. An older man comes on to her and she enjoys the attention. Her years where she was on/off again with her fiancé and constantly questioning her next steps by fucking her girlfriend's guy friends casually. To her post-divorce years and just finally being a single woman and circling back and making herself available to some of the men that had shown interest in her during her unhappy married years. The story she shared recently where she was in her early 30s before her first marriage and her having a young guy in his early 20s show up at her home late at night and just walk in and fucking her wife gets me extremely hard. She said he would come over after the bars shut down and not say a word and she would answer the door naked and he would come in and sex her up. This went on for a couple of months, but the fact that she wanted that turns me on. She tells me that condoms were hardly ever worn by her partners and that she allowed them to fill her with their seed is super arousing as well. I understand that, as mostly all of my lovers allowed that to happen as well, but it is so hot to think of her that way with cum dripping out of her.

Recently I was cleaning out our storage unit and found a picture of her when she was younger fixing her hair in a bra and panties with black stockings only. She had an amazing body back then. I have jacked off and fucked her thinking about that picture quite a bit recently. If women only knew how sexy they are and what it does to us! A few more things... while having oral sex with her, I always think about all the dick that has been in her pleasuring her and then cumming in her tight little pussy. While having doggy-style sex, just watching it go in and out of her and imagining all the cock she had drives me nuts. I stay hard for her constantly and often think about what is in her mind.

Does she think about the guy who recently approached her in a restaurant and asked if she was alone?

Does she wonder how fun it would be to fuck some of my friends?

If she knew how much hotwifing turns me on, although she would never do it. She did a boudoir photo shoot and created a book for my birthday. A huge turn-on thinking that she got naked for the photographer to take those shots. She is so hot. Would love your thoughts from both males and females. Am I the only one this deep in this hot past fetish?
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