I’ve always enjoyed having my wife suck me off in front of a mirror so that I could watch her from the side as well as from the top. She enjoyed taking a peek at herself in the mirror, with my cock in her mouth, and I could tell she liked what she looked like on her knees with her big tits exposed, or on all fours with her tits hanging down and her tight ass perked up as if waiting to be fucked.

Watching her suck me off hundreds of times, or even thousands of times, (I haven’t done the math) finally led me to wonder what it would be like to watch her suck someone else’s cock. The more I thought about it, the more the idea turned me on. Seeing my lovely, sweet, prim, and proper wife on her knees, tits out, with some other guy’s big thick cockmeat in her mouth was something I wanted to happen.

The first time I asked her, she was sucking me off while we watched some porn. She isn’t crazy about porn, but when I get her turned on, and her pussy is sloppy wet, she gets into it. The porn we were watching consisted of a big breasted porn star sucking off two guys, both of whom were well hung. I asked my wife if she had ever sucked off two guys at once, and of course, she said no. So I asked her if something like that turned her on and she said it was hot to watch. “They have such big cocks,” she said. So I asked her if she would like to suck a really big one like the ones we were watching, and she said, “Umm, yeah. I’d like to blow someone like that.” I told her I’d like to watch her do it, and she said, “That would be sexy,” I asked her to tell me how she would do it?"

She said, "I’d get on my knees in front of him, and unzip his pants, and reach in and take his big dick out, and I’d play with, jack him off and rub it around on my tits, and then I’d kiss it and lick it, and maybe I’d suck his balls, and then when he couldn’t stand it anymore, I’d suck it and make him cum in my mouth.” Hearing this made me shoot my load in her mouth and she held it until I finished cumming, then spit it out on her tits. Then I ate her pussy while she watched the porn vid, and it took about thirty seconds to make her cum.

Afterward, I asked her if she wanted to blow someone, hoping she would say yes, but she said no. She said it was just a fantasy and it turned her on to talk about it, but she would never do anything like that.

A couple of days later she was blowing me again, in front of a mirror, and I had her look over at our reflection and told her how hot she looked with a cock in her mouth she watched herself sucking cock and after a while, she said, “Do I look as sexy as those porn stars?” I told her she looked even better because she looked so innocent, and that the male porn stars would love to fuck her. She said, “Really? Wow. You think so?” I said I was positive. I told her I would rather watch her suck cock than any porn star and that turned her on. After I came in her mouth, I asked her if she would at least think about doing it for another guy, and she said she would, but she was sure she wouldn’t change her mind.

Long story short, I kept nagging her about blowing someone while I watched, and finally, after about two years, she said, “Oh, God, you’re never going to stop with this, are you? You want me to suck another man’s cock?” I said, yes, I did. She said, “Fine. I’ll do it, but just once, and then you can never ask me again.” I got hard as a rock and had her get on her knees and suck me off while I told her how sexy she was, and what a great cocksucker she was, and she got turned on enough to finger herself while she blew me, and made herself cum.

So, I told her I would start looking for the right guy for her and she gave me some rules to follow. She said, “He has to be young, and good looking, and he has to be a nice guy, not some low-life who just wants to get his rocks off. And he has to be big. If I’m going to do this, I want to do it for someone who has a really big cock like in the porno stuff we watch.” I said all that was fine, and was there anything else?” She said, “You have to promise not to be mad at me after I do it, and you have to promise never to tell any of your friends that I did it. I know how guys are, and I don’t want you bragging about this to your friends. Also, whoever you get has to live at least 50 miles away so I don’t run into him on the street or in a grocery store somewhere.” I said that was all fine; all her rules would be followed. Then she just sort of rolled her eyes and said, “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

So, for three weeks I trolled the internet and found a website called Adultfriendfinders.com. I found five guys who were young and hung and had done this sort of thing before. Three of them lived the required distance away, so I contacted them by email and told them what I wanted. They were all very receptive to the idea, of course, and we traded pictures. I sent them pics of my wife’s tits and ass, and they sent me cock pics and face pics. I showed Sherry the face pics and she was a little shocked. “Oh, my goodness, we’re doing this,” she said. I told her to pick one and she picked this blonde guy who was 26 years old and had a big, thick cock. He told me he had been with two other couples, and fucked the wives while the husband watched. He said he liked having no-strings sex with older women because they appreciated him more, and they knew how to fuck and suck better than girls his age.

I debated whether or not to show Sherry pics of the guy’s cock because I was afraid it might make it too “real” for her and she would chicken out. But the day after she chose this guy she asked me how big he was and I told her he was eleven inches and thick. And she just shook her head and said, “What have I gotten myself into?"

I met with the guy to verify cock size, and we sat in my car in a parking garage I showed him pics of my wife and he took his cock out and started jacking off. When he was fully erect I knew he wasn’t lying about how big he was. He had the biggest cock I’d ever seen in person. So we made arrangements to meet in a motel. I told him I would get the room and call him on his cell and tell him the room number and he would drop in.

So, the big day was Saturday. Sherry and I were having an early dinner and she was too nervous to eat anything, so I took advantage of that and got her to drink a glass and a half of wine so she was slightly tipsy when we got in the car and drove to the motel. I went in and got the room, and we drove over and parked in front of it, and went inside. I had another bottle of wine with me, and I told her to strip down to her bra and panties, and her high heels. She said she needed another glass of wine, so I opened the bottle and she drank about six ounces. While she was drinking, I called the guy, whose name is Jason, by the way, and told him what room we were in. He said he would be there in ten minutes.

Sherry stripped down to her bra and panties, and then told me she couldn’t do it. I was like, Oh shit! I told her the guy had driven over 50 miles for this and we couldn’t just tell him we changed our minds, so she said, “What if I just jack him off and make him cum with my hand? Can we do that?” I told her the guy was expecting a blowjob, and would probably be very disappointed. She said, “Well, I just can’t do it. I’m sorry. I just can’t.” So, rather than end up with nothing, I said okay, she could just jack him off. That seemed to relax her a little and after just a few minutes more, Jason was knocking on the door. I went over and opened the door, and invited him in, and when I turned around Sherry was gone. She had run to the bathroom. So I had to spend ten minutes talking her into coming out. When she came out in her bra and panties, and her high heels, Jason was impressed. He looked her over and said, “Wow! She’s beautiful!” I could tell that made Sherry feel better about it all, so we sat down, and talked for a few minutes, and Sherry drank a little more wine, and Jason and I had about half a glass each, and then I stood up and walked behind Sherry and reached down to cup her big jugs in my hands and lifted them so that one of them spilled over her bra. She covered it with her hand so I just unsnapped her bra and pulled it down off her shoulders. She tried to cover her tits with her hands, but I pushed her hands down so Jason could get a close-up look at her beautiful tits. He told her she had the best set of tits he’d ever seen and he asked me if he could touch them. I said of course. So he steps up behind Sherry while I step aside, and he reaches over and cups her tits in his hands and starts playing with them. Sherry just sat there with her eyes closed, and I stood there watching Jason handle my wife’s breasts while I got hard as a rock. After a couple of minutes, Jason unzipped, and took his cock out, and rubbed it around on the side of Sherry’s face. She still had her eyes closed and wouldn’t open them. He rubbed his big cock around on her for a while and I remember thinking I would give anything to have a cock that big. I took mine out and started stroking very slowly, so I wouldn’t cum immediately. Jason walked around to stand in front of Sherry and she opened her eyes. His cock was right in front of her face and I almost laughed when I saw her eyes pop wide open. She looked his cock over and then looked at me with this amazed expression and said, “It’s so big!” The way she said it made both Jason and I laugh, and then she laughed too. She said, “I’m sorry, but it’s just …so big!” I told her to touch it, so she reached up and put her hand around it and she took this deep breath and she said, “Oh, my goodness …” I asked her if she liked it, and she said, “Well …it’s amazing.” I told her to stroke it, and she started jacking him off. She looked like a kid in a candy store, she was just amazed by this guy’s cock. She kept looking over at me to see how I was taking it. She asked me if I was okay and I said I was fine. Jason just stood there, watching her jack his cock, and then he reached down and cupped one of her tits and started squeezing it and thumbing her nipple He asked her if it felt good, and she said yes.

I said, “Suck it, Sherry, you know you want to.” And she just looked at me and shook her head “no,” but I could tell she was turned on. Jason put his hand on top of her head and gently pulled her in close so that his cock was an inch from her face. He pushed his hips forward the head of his cock pressed against her chin. She tried to lean back but he held her so she couldn’t and then he pushed her hand off his cock and took it in his hand and started wiping it around on her face, and her mouth. She told him to stop, but he kept rubbing his cock around and around on her face, and then he held it up to her mouth and wiped it around on her lips. I told her to suck it, and she looked over at me and said, “Promise you won’t be mad?” I said I wouldn’t be mad and she looked up at Jason and said, “Don’t cum in my mouth.” And then she did it. Oh man, she did it! She opened her mouth and started tonguing the head of his cock and I had to take my hand off my cock to keep from cumming. I watched her lick his cock head and then lick the shaft, cup his balls in her hand and squeeze them. Jason put both hands on her head and told her to suck it, and she slid her mouth down over it and started to suck. Oh, man! I couldn’t believe it! My wife was sucking cock for another guy while I stood there watching. And she was enjoying it! She would move her mouth up and down on it, then slide her lips off and lick all around the head, then rub it back and forth across her lips, then start sucking again. Jason looked over at me and said, “Man, your wife is a great cocksucker.”

I wanted to see how far I could get Sherry to go, so I said, “Suck his balls, babe.” She didn’t even hesitate. She licked her way down his shaft and tongued his ball sack for a few seconds before taking it in her mouth. She looked obscene sitting there with his balls in her mouth, and that huge cock sticking straight up over her face. I could see her rolling his ball sack around in her mouth and then she let it drop and licked her way back up to the head of his cock. By now he was oozing some early cum and she didn’t hesitate at all, she just licked it off and moaned as though it were delicious. She has always liked having my precum smeared over her lips, so this was great. She licked and sucked him for about ten minutes and then he told her he was going to cum. So I stepped in close and I said “Cum on her tits.”

She backed off his cock and jacked him off on her tits until he started spurting all this hot thick jizz on her. That made me cum and I spurted my load on the side of her face. She kept saying “Oh, oh, oh,” every time he shot a wad at her. He gave her a really heavy load, long, thick strings of cum all over her tits, and mine was this splatter on the side of her face, so she was pretty well spermed. We both rubbed our cocks around on her, smearing our cum all over her and she just sat there, watching us do it. She said, “Wow, that was a lot of cum.” I asked her if she liked it, and she said, “Yes. Did you?” I told her it was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced. Jason told her it was probably the best blowjob he’d ever received. She said, “I’m glad you liked it.” Then she excused herself and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. Jason couldn’t thank me enough. He said if I ever wanted to do this again, be sure and call him. I said I would. Then Sherry came out of the bathroom, and walked over to me, and whispered, “Will you make me cum?” I said sure. I asked her if she would like us to eat her pussy, and she sort of hid her face against my chest and said, “Yes.” So I had her lie on the bed, and I stripped her panties off and held them up in front of Jason so he could see the big wet spot on the front of them. “Nice,” he said.

We sat on the bed on either side of Sherry and took turns playing with her tits and finger fucking her, and then I told Jason to eat her. He slid off the bed and got on his knees, and spread her legs so that he could put his mouth on Sherry’s cunt, and he started eating her. She would look down at him, then look up at me and moan, “Feels so good.” She came twice with Jason eating her, and then I took a turn. Her cunt was wet and sloppy, so I used the sheet to wipe her off a bit and then licked her pussy for her while Jason sucked her tits. Took her about thirty seconds to cum again. She can usually get five or six small orgasms before she’s exhausted, but this time we gave her eight or nine. She would spasm and groan and then go slack, then do it all over again each time she came. By the time she was exhausted and told us to stop Jason was semi-hard again. I asked Sherry if she would let him fuck her, and she said, “No, but I’ll blow him again if he wants me to.” So he got up on the bed, and knelt by her face, and fed her his cock. She sucked him until he was hard then let him fuck her mouth. Watching them got me hard again, and I got between her legs and shoved my cock into her wet pussy. I fucked the shit out of her while she sucked Jason’s cock. It took Jason and me a lot longer to cum the second time. He came in her mouth, and she didn’t try to pull away. I pulled out of her cunt and knee walked up to her face so she could take my load, too. I didn’t quite make it and started spurting cum on her face. She just closed her eyes and let it happen. Then she turned her head to the side and let his cum ooze out of her mouth onto the sheets. “I couldn’t swallow …it’s too thick,” she said. That got me. So fucking hot! I wiped my cum off her face, and we let her take a shower while we talked some more. Jason said he would like to take us to dinner, and I asked Sherry, but she wanted to go home. We watched her get dressed and Jason said if we wait a little while he could go again. Sherry laughed and said no thank you, she had had enough.

We left the motel and on the way home I asked Sherry if she was okay, and she said, “Just a little amazed that I did that.” I asked her if she liked sucking his cock, and she said yes. I asked her if she would consider doing it again and she thought about it for a while then said, “I have to think about it.” Then she asked me if I thought less of her because she had sucked off another guy, and I told her no. I told her I thought she was the sexiest woman on the planet and she liked hearing that. Then I asked her if when she was blowing Jason if she considered fucking him, and she said she had thought about it and was wondering what a cock that big would feel like up her pussy, and I said there was only one way to ever find out. And she said, “I’ll think about it.”
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