We pulled up to the address we were given. “Jesus look at this place, reminds me of that house at the end of LBI when we used to go walking.” I said to Ritika.

She said, “We’re here, you still sure you want to do this? This could be completely wild.” I looked over at her wearing the sexy little red riding hood outfit. We had laughed at how cliche our costumes were yet again when we were getting ready earlier in the evening. This was the 3rd time for Halloween she used this costume. Her cleavage was pushed up giving an illusion that her tits were massive.

“Any more wild than what we have already done?” I asked, alluding to our foray into the lifestyle over the past two years. We both got out of the car and put our wolf masks on.

“Let’s leave these on just in case we happen to see anyone we know.” she said.

We saw on the porch a black man who was every bit the stereotype of a bouncer, almost as wide as he was tall and bald.

“Who is your sponsor?” He asked us as we approached.

“JP”, I answered back.

“Im LJ, I'll be at the door most of the night, I need your keys in case I need to move cars or I don't think you're well enough to drive home. Its JP’s party rule, along with leaving your phones in the car.”

“Thanks, man.” I gave him the keys to the car. I said to Ritika “Wow, JP's going all out!”

We walked into a large open room with a loft balcony that overlooked it. We had arrived at 9:15 but it seemed we were one of the last to arrive as the room was relatively crowded with people in costumes, most of which were just as cliche as us, sexy nurse/doctor, a Cleopatra and Caesar, a sexy cop and her partner cop, my personal favorite was one woman was in camos and looked the GI joe Character Lady Jaye and her husband was Flint. Curious enough as I made my first observations no one was wearing costume masks. Thankfully we didn’t recognize anyone. JP saw us and waved for us to come over , we made our way through the crowd and greeted the man who been referred to us 10 months ago by a friend and had became our bull after we were vaccinated back in April. “I’m glad you guys came, your gonna have a great night”, he said to us embracing Ritika with a kiss on the cheek and me with a shake of the hand. “We have 13 couples here tonight including yourselves, and 14 bulls, some of the bulls have multiple couples that they have invited, for example 3 couples here are at my behest, two of my buddies have two each, 5 guys here are invited from the area in which I used to live but they dont have any couples that they are responsible for”. I looked around somewhat amazed at his ability to pull off a party like this, Ritika only answered “wow” to his telling of the numbers dynamic. “There is a bartender I hired for the night as well and you already met LJ, I know them but they are not bulls, so they dont count, there is also two other guys I hired to help out the party but they too aren’t bulls, you’ll know them when you see them, go and get yourselves some drinks and loosen up, meet some people, probably get started around 10:00”. The time from then until 10:00 was the time of two apple Martinis for my wife and one for myself and then the party events started.

JP was up in the loft overlooking the great room that the party was being held. “Thank you all for coming, I assume your sponsors have told you the rules for the party but I’m going to reiterate them anyway, first as all have come to expect there always needs to be some discretion for the fun that we have, we have asked that you leave your phones and cameras in your cars, this is for the safety and privacy of all our guests here tonight, also some here are using there real names, others are using an alias and some are just using initials, I and my counterparts ask that you respect this if it comes up in conversation. As ive been chatting with all of you over the last hour it seems that most of you are already going about it this way and I thank you for being so respectful to your own peers. Some other rules that we have established for the night, no means no, no one here has to do anything but we do ask that if you have decided that anything is too extreme that you say so and if need be you tell the door man LJ and he will escort you to your car. You may be pushed to limits you haven’t been pushed to before, I can honestly say I dont think anything tonight will be a problem for anyone but the lifestyle is supposed to be fun first and foremost. Bulls will need to be respected by all cucks but a cuck is not to serve another bull thats not his unless his own has given permission. A few bulls have brought multiple couples and a few invited bulls have not brought any. A few couples have not shown or at least have not shown on time and LJ will not be allowing entrance of anyone else. We have Set up a few events for all to enjoy and the first will be our caging ceremonies for the cucks.

I will go first since I’m here and call up my first cuck couple from Maryland who have joined us all the way from the Annapolis area tonight , please come up here Cynthia and Ty. The couple went up the stairs, Cynthia was a plump woman likely in her 50s with big breasts and her husband was around the same age maybe a tad older , they were dressed as Mork and Mindy (couldn’t believe I knew that).

“Ty are you a cuck” , the tall thin man said “yes sir”,
Are you prepared tonight to allow your wife to be carnally involved with her bull and other bulls at your bulls discretion? , the man answered again “yes sir”
Will you interfere no matter what you see?, “No sir”
And will you serve your bulls wishes for tonight, “Yes sir”

“Then I wish for you to undress your wife here and now in front of this party” Ty moved to his wife and he began to take off her shirt and then her pants, unclamping her bra, Cynthia wasn’t dressed sexy and didnt exude sex at all but the murmurs in the crowd really seemed to be into it , I think anticipating that this was going to go on for all of them. Ty finished with his wife, and her frumpy body was now exposed to the whole party, big breasts with pink nipples semi erect hanging out for crowd to notice. “Now undress yourself cuck”. Ty took off the stupid Mork outfit , dropping the red one piece suit off and exposing a thin man whose ribs one could see, I wondered to myself if he was a runner as that was the vibe his body gave off. I couldn’t help but notice his cock was small and soft and it was made clear why this particular couple got into the lifestyle. JP then handed Cynthia a chastity cage, “I wish for you to be caged cuck, I wish for your dick to be in a device and not to be considered while in the presence of this brotherhood of bulls, Do you accept this servitude for this night”, Ty responded “Yes sir I do”. Cynthia then placed the cage on her husband , clearly fiddling with the ring around her husbands balls and working around something that couldn’t be seen. Ultimately after about 60 seconds Ty was presented to the party in his caged glory.

JP then said I am now going to call up JT for his first cuck couple. Ultimately this played out 6 more times with 4 bulls with the real note being that 2 of the wives were stunning, one being a woman who must have been Middle Eastern or Israeli or something like that and the other was a late 30s tall blonde with obviously fake tits whose husband was in army fatigues. All of the cucks went through the same ritual as the first couple as if it was scripted by the bulls. JP then came back to the loft and talked down the crowd , which was now about ½ naked , “i now call up RC and her cuck C”, saying the initials that we had pre agreed to. The hearing of our time being called at first froze me, all of this was like being at a voyeur show before getting our time called. Ritika took my hand and led me to the stair case that led to the loft. It seemed like forever as we walked up.

JP then said “C are you a cuck” , “yes sir” I responded back almost involuntarily

Are you prepared tonight to allow your wife to be carnally involved with her bull and other bulls at your bulls discretion? , i answered again “yes sir”
Will you interfere no matter what you see?, “No sir”
And will you serve your bulls wishes for tonight, “Yes sir”

“Then I wish for you to undress your wife here and now in front of this party”. My wife nodded to me , she winked which almost made me bust out with a laugh. I turned her around to the crowd below and I took off the Cherry red cloak she was wearing, exposing only the red corset she was wearing along with the black stockings and the black skirt she had bought to make it look like it was part of the costume with a studded belt. I then undid each button on the corset until her brown breasts came free exposed to the crowd, I then pulled. I tossed it aside and then unzipped the skirt from the back and just let it drop to the floor, now her ass and bare pussy were exposed as she didnt bother to wear underwear , I lastly rolled the stockings down to her feet and she lifted her feet as I was kneeling all the way down while she did this. My wife was now completely naked , all 5’1 118 lbs of her exposed to an entire party. Then she did the thing that surprised me the most and handed me the wolf mask she was wearing. JP erupted with a clap behind her , “that what we are talking about fam!, breaking down barriers”.

“Now undress yourself cuck, JP said to me. I did as I was told and now I was naked with just a mask on, I was hoping to have a hard on from this incredibly surreal experience but I just couldn’t get it going due to likely stage fright and my dick probably looked as pitiful as the other cucks killing me inside as I knew i was so much bigger than them.

JP then handed Ritika our arranged chastity cage, “I wish for you to be caged cuck, I wish for your dick to be in a device and not to be considered while in the presence of this brotherhood of bulls, Do you accept this servitude for this night”, I responded quickly with a semi lump in my throat “Yes sir I do”. Ritika was much more coordinated with getting it on me and it took about 30 seconds for her to get the device on me handing JP the key , I noticed him putting the key in a jar that was out of sight from the lower crowd. I was sufficiently humiliated in front of this stranger crowd but my mind was ridiculously aroused , i could feel the juices going through my body and my dick now straining against the cage , working so much the opposite of what had happened only minutes before, Ritika naked led me down the stairs also naked and my full demeaned self now to the party. The cuckold ceremony continued but I was mind was too clouded to even know what went on for the next 10-15 min other than I remember getting Ritika and myself another martini each. The cuck ceremony lasted for about 45 minutes total which I thought was a bit extreme but the rest of the party seemed to really enjoy it , and Ritika started to talk with other wives sipping her martini seemingly so comfortable, i almost felt kind of ignored , and chatted with another cuck , a man who introduced himself as Liam , he was about my age , and said that he and his wife had been doing this for 10 years since they were 35 years old , starting in Austin Texas before he got a job in Long Island.

JP then like an MC at a major event called out to the party, and said I will be calling out some wives names, if your name is called in this first cycle you will report upstairs for your next instructions, I will then call out a second batch, you will go to the basement , Our 3rd batch will go to the living room , cucks you will go with your wives, please remember your vows for the night to your bull. I couldn’t tell you the names he called in the first batch other than Ritika was named 4th out of 4 and we went upstairs. JP walked behind us. Go to the master bedroom he said to us, we went to the last room on the right hand side and we saw a woman kneeling on an ottoman at the foot of the bed while a black gentlemen was applying what I would find out was temporary tattoos to her ass cheeks. To my excitement this woman was getting a spade on her ass cheek and the name Marcus on the other. JP walked in behind us, “these are temporary and come off with alcohol and some elbow grease” he said , JP then kissed my wife on the neck “your going to a whole new world tonight , your going to love it”, Ritika then took him on the lips. I knew then that she was definitely more than buzzed.

It was finally her turn after only a couple minutes, JP said to her “Ill see you two soon, duty calls, do as your told that will make me happy”. The applicator of the temporary tattoos said to me “turn around cuck, she will show you when its applied”. Ritika knelt down and flashed her ass high up in the air and I turned around. I heard him say to her “your the first indian we’ve ever had a party, your a trailblazer honey”. Ritika said “I wont be the last I’m sure”. “I hope not , he responded and then the time went silent other than i could hear some motions from behind me”. Only a minute went by and Ritika grabbed by hand and turned me around. She then turned herself around and even though I knew what I was going to see it was still like holy fuck I couldn’t believe it., there on her left ass cheek was in script letters “JP” and on her right ass cheek a dark spade (just a spade nothing else in it) about the size of 1-2 inches. “you like” she asked me, “uh huh” i muffled a half response.

“Cuck”, the applicator guy said to me , I looked over at him responding. “Now you”, he said
“I dont know what you mean”, back at him, “cucks get marked for the party as well, its how the bulls know who they are allowed to direct, the only question really is do you get one or two tattoos for the night, and since I know you belong to JP it means most likely two unless your real new”. He paused , “you take care of JP the way your wife does?”, I then knew what he meant, i could only mutter another “uh huh”. Ritika then smacked my ass and moved me towards the applicator guy clearly understanding the meaning.

She then kissed me on the lips and said “go for it babe”, I knelt over the ottoman and could feel him apply something to both my bare ass cheeks and then spray some perfume on the areas, saying that it helped with the application and it’s clinging to the skin. Ritika kissed me again and said “it’s beautiful honey I’m so excited for tonight” , I could practically taste the martinis she had been drinking. At this point it was clear that I was holding up the line and the applicator guy just gave me a nod to move on.

We then went back to the great room and began to mingle again with the crowd now seeing a few of the couples already equipped with their own temporary tattoos including a guy who came up to me named Pete who was with the aforementioned tall blonde with the fake tits and said “i see you guys are with JP as well, congrats man” he smiled at me and i noticed he also had the double tattoos. He “cheered” my wife with his drink and said “JP knows how to pick them”, he may have the best crop here”. I only responded to that with “definitely” and then we talked about the party and costumes , and what to expect for the rest of the night.

Then we heard JP’s voice from the living room area , “RC, and Michelle come back here”, Pete then looked at me and said “Looks like we are up”. The ladies moved quicker than we did and walked almost together but not quite , the cuck husbands arrived behind them only seconds later, witnessing JP on a couch, now completely naked and his arms outstretched motioning for the two to come to sit next to him. Each woman did as they were bid and cuddled at each side of him, as he wrapped is arms around them clasping a hand around the tit closest to his reach. “Cucks kneel down at the couch as if you were my guard” , Pete immediately moved into position and when i saw him do it , i moved also to do as bid. JP said , “enjoy” motioning for us to watch in front of him as we now were in full view of 2 black men that i had noted earlier in the party sitting back on a different couch each with two women clearly giving them head , i could hear the slurping sounds coming from only feet away. I knelt still , watching this action for what seemed like a long time but I couldn’t be sure about time at all anymore, everything felt surreal and like an out of body experience. I was caged kneeling watching others having sex while behind me my naked wife was cuddling and i think i could hear kissing behind me on a couch with another naked woman and a fit hung black men that we had accepted as our bull for the past near 6 months. I then heard one of the bulls say to two of the woman “you two go upstairs, Ill call for you later”. I noticed that they did not have any of the tattoos that had been applied to us and I now noticed their husbands who seemed to be in the shadows of the room leave with them, my eyes adjusting to see the other two husbands still present. “Will, I’d like a bottle of water”, said the second man who was getting serviced. “Go get that for me and one for your wife and then we will get a show for ourselves”. The first man who had dismissed the two couples got up and left the room, striding his naked body without a care across our pathway, his cock enormous and possibly not even all the way erect. I noted he was tattooed but only on his arms with his chiseled torso and chest completely clear of artwork. The remaining two woman continued to work on the remaining bull. I just sat still while listening to them continue to fellate him , the view being blocked by their actions but it was clear that they were pleasuring his balls and shaft and maybe even his ass. He then stood up and both women were before him , I then heard him say “thats it” in a pleasurable tone and then a groan came out of him and another , making it clear he was cumming on them. Most of my view was still blocked but I could see the brown haired woman rock her head back which gave a short vision of his cock letting the release out of him and onto her upper chest and tits ( I assumed). The blond girl then went for his shaft and continued to suck him with him grabbing a fistful of her hair and maintaining her presence on him. I could see both women then turn to each other and kiss each other as if they were sharing their master with each other, I could now also note their tattoos were the same as Ritikas but the bulls name on the left cheeks only had a scripted “Q” , which naturally made me think of the stupid conspiracy theory nonsense and I made effort to not laugh to myself for being so silly.

The two women then sat on the couch with Q, “ Cucks turn around and remain kneeling” i could hear JP say from behind me. Doing as told i now saw these two women, one of which was the mother of my 4 children touching JP , the blonde that was Michelle was kissing his stomach , moving slowly down towards his shaft that was not fully erect but getting there, my wife was nibbling lightly at JPs nipple. Michelle reached JPs dick and took it in her mouth while she extended her body across the couch , i could see JP tugging on one of the nipples of her fake tits and he was then kissing my wife , stopping periodically and moving her into position to put one of her tits in his mouth. She fed him her left tit as it was closest to his mouth and he used his other arm to push Michelles head down on his dick. “I heard him whisper to Ritika as he pulled off of her tit , “you like this dont you RC?”. She responded with an equally hearable whisper “Ritika, say Ritika” as she tried to kiss him some more. JP pulled Michelle off his cock, “Ritika then” he paused , “are you my slut Ritika? , my wife responded nearly simultaneously “yes, Ill do anything you want”, He then pushed my wife’s head towards his already worked up dick that Michelle had so aptly made ready. MIchelle got off the couch and knelt between JPs legs on the floor , only a couple feet in between me and her husband, Ritika took the top of his cock head into her mouth, glancing over at me her eyes darting first at me then I think at Peter and finally Michelle, swirling her tongue over the cock head letting some of her drool leak onto it taking her hand and mixing her saliva with the remnants of Michelles

With a perfect view of the show being presented, i saw MIchelle take JPs balls in her mouth swirling them with her tongue while Ritika started to work vigorously on his dick. I looked over at Peter who stole a glance at me , smiled and I think nodded at me. I didnt know if he was giving me an approval of my wife’s handiwork or just that he too thought we must be the luckiest two dudes ever. JP rocked his head back clearly approving the work being done by his two slut wives. I saw him pat my wife’s ass, first a light pat , then a more stern one, not putting her in any kind of pain or shock from the strike, he questioned again “You a slut Ritika?’ , she responded coming off his dick “Im a slut JP” , “Your going to do as your told tonight Ritika?” “Yes sir “ she responded immediately trying to lower her head back to his dick. He cupped her chin with his hand “No, youve had that enough, and you’ll get more, but first your gonna kiss Michelle and both of you will share with each other what’s been in your mouth”, Ritika paused and he patted her ass a little stronger now nudging her down towards Michelle , Michelle raised up and they met each other with open mouths kissing each other my wife now nearly full upside down with her ass nearly at JPs face and her legs resting against the headrest of the couch. This was the 1st time my wife had kissed a woman since college. “Cucks, now kiss your wives”, JP then said after my time skewed thinking of a minute passing by. Both Peter and I did as we were told , and i reached out to Ritika raising towards her as she flicked her tongue onto mine , her mouth soaking into mine. I could hear stirring behind us from “Q” , a whisper coming out “you two go find JT and Desmond , ive offered you to them”, but tell Marcus to come down here, his voice got louder and he added “JP i cant decide which one” . JP then pulled both women back to him and had them face Q , “then dont bro, I ain’t greedy”, JP said.

“Cucks , up on the couch” , JP motioned for me and Peter to sit on the top of the couch against the wall. I along with Peter got up and the 5 bodies maneuvered around each other , the pair of wives then sat back against their husbands. “ Hold their legs back” JP commanded us. I instinctively did exposing Ritika’s pussy to both bulls, Peter did likewise. JP looked over at Q and said “Ill keep the newbie, plus I know you like the blondes”. Q nodded and moved over towards Michelle , entering into her. JP smiled at Ritika , “this is what you really want isnt it?” , she smiled back “yes sir”, he moved towards her spread legs and open pussy , entering into her. She leaned her head back onto my chest, glancing at me and then looking down at the black cock that just entered her. “God damn girl, you are wet, you really wanted this”. I had seen this scene so many times since April but this was a whole different avenue we had taken. I watched both bulls thrusting into these married women, MIchelle played with her clit while Q paced off and on going from thrusting a pounding motion to slower movements designed to open her up. Q was easily an inch bigger than JP , probably closing in on 9 and half inches of power. JP was doing the same with my wife as her natural tits shook in rhythm to his own thrusts. This continued for what once again felt like an amount of time that was eternal, my concept of time was still skewed from the alcohol and the nature of the event, not to mention watching my beautiful wife getting pounded by this man we had taken into our lives as an alternate partner. JP then said “Ritika, are you ready now?, you ready to obey me ?, she looked up meeting his eyes and said “yes master”. JP pulled out of her , “Q you may try the newbie”. Q pulled out of Michelle and the bulls switched spots . Both women were turned over, now with their asses up in the air , I focused in on Ritika, who locked eyes with me as Q was entering her , she put her hand over her mouth as i could see that she was struggling to take all of him in, “Its so big “, she moaned out, “its really stretching me”. JP was buried in Michelle but said to Ritika “you can do it, your a good girl for me”. After a few minutes of watching Q work his cock into my wife he started to pick up his pace, and i watched the incredible action of my wife grunting and groaning taking this huge cock her tits swaying more rapidly with each thrust. then I was motioned to move off the couch and to be behind the action. My last glance of the two bulls was JP jerking Michelles air back and her giant tits raising up. Q said to us “ Go find Marcus please and when you have stay at the door not allowing anyone else in”.

Peter and I left the room while are wives were now getting fucked by the pair , my wife for the 1st time enjoying a different person and I was going to miss the action much to my chagrin. Peter said to me “ Do you know which one is Marcus?”, I retorted “Yeah I think so”. We went to another room that also had two couches set up in it , the room was packed and I noted 3 black men laying back getting sucked off by three women. Peter said to me “this is one of the interesting things about JP parties, this a blowjob contest but it’s not what you think, the 1st bull to blow has to leave and if he brought couples with him they may have to leave as well. They aren’t allowed to be sucked by any of the wives they brought with them, its a source of pride for the bulls to have one of the wives they brought eliminate a different bull from the party”. I accepted this with only a widening of the eyes. I followed Peter around but we couldn’t find anyone that we thought was Marcus returning to our original room where i saw a 3rd black man enjoying the two women we had left. I assumed this was Marcus and he was now fucking Michelle who had assumed a reverse cowgirl position on top of Marcus while Q was standing on the couch grinding his cock across her face and into her mouth. JP was back to fucking Ritika as she was riding him facing him, with his hands palming her tits and driving her down on his cock. Peter and I did as we were told and stayed at the doorway keeping others out. The grunts, moans, and slapping sounds in the background filled the air , and i kept glancing over to see what was going on but instinctively also trying to assure I was doing as told like some centurion guarding a kings bed chamber. I then could hear the definite sound of my wife cumming , she was whispering something that was inaudible to me , Peter looked over at me smiling “Enjoy it man, ive heard Michelle go off at least 3 times already, a husband knows his wife’s sounds”. Some rustling around was coming from the area where they were all fucking and then i could definitely hear the sound i had heard many times since April, i could hear JP cumming “thats it take it Ritika , i could hear him grunting at her but she only responded with a gargled return. I could now make out she had Q’s dick in her mouth while she was still riding JP. Q was pulling his dick in and out of her mouth and then abruptly erupted in her mouth and onto her face. The 3rd bull Marcus wasn’t far behind blowing his load into Michelles clearly lubed pussy.

JP lifted Ritikas petite body off of him, “Cucks, come in here” JP called out as he stood up and put a robe on and tossing one to Q. “Soothe your wives cucks”, he told us. I looked over at Ritika who had nestled herself into the couch, Michelle was doing the same. Michelle leaned back and spread the inflammed folds of her pink pussy , Peter just dove into her burying his face in her freshly used pussy. Ritika looked over at what they were doing and like an apprentice following her mentors guidance opened her legs and extended her brown folds open, where i could see her pushing JP’s load out of her, debris of Q cum on her cheeks and some slightly above her tits. I dropped my head down and entered her with my tongue , gently caressing her pleasure area. She pushed my head into her wet cunt like it was the first time i had ever done it. this continued for a few mintues until Ritika said , “im just so senstive, thank you love”

Ritika said to me “its cold, JP says there is some silk robes for the women hanging by the bar area, can you get me one of them please”, Michelle jumped in and said “can you get me one as well”, while Peter was still between her legs. I strode out of the room my wife acting spent for the time being with only her and the other JP couple remaining in this area that only a few minutes ago was being filled with the smacking of bodies, pleasure and servitude. the rest of the house had similar sounds, i could hear women howling with pleasure, some so loud I was wondering if that doorman LJ was going to have to ward off anyone who wanted to see what was going on at this rented house. I went to the kitchen/dining area to get the robes, the bartender said “back for another Martini?”, I smiled back at him “yeah man, make it two” , i looked up at the clock on the microwave 10:55 PM, I thought to myself it had only been less than an hour since we had gone up for the temporary tattoos, my internal clock was totally off as I would have guessed it was already after midnight”. A couple minutes later I came back with the robes delivering them to the two freshly fucked wives.

We all went back out to them great room, rejoining the collective, some women still naked and others in these clingy robes just like the ones I got for the wives a few minutes ago. I saw every female ass with the tattoos from upstairs. The overall party seemed to have come to a recess as most of the party was now congregated back in the great room , drinking and conversing as if so many if not all of these wives had cum leaking out of them and none of the debachery of the night had occurred.

to be continued
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