In Skimpy Bra and Panties, Wife Asks Husband’s Friend to Give Her a Hug
by Gustav Jorgenson

Eve and Jason have been married for over twelve years and their life has settled into a comfortable routine. They have good jobs, live in a decent suburb, and have good friends. They have noticed that they don’t make love as much as they used to and have discussed ways to spice things up. Eve tried getting sexy lingerie, but she never got around to wearing it. Then one day while using her husband’s laptop, she made a disturbing discovery and decided to talk it over with her best friend, Samantha.

“So, what’s up?” asked Sam as she and Eve settled down at their favorite coffee shop with their coffees and muffins.

“Well you know how Jason and I have been trying to spark our love life?” asked Eve nervously, looking around to ensure that no one could overhear her.

“Sure,” replied Sam leaning forward and lowering her voice.

“It hasn’t worked. I don’t know if our hormones are flagging or we are just bored with each other…” said Eve sadly, looking out the window at the busy street.

“Well, sure, after all these years, I guess you just have to work harder,” said Samantha sympathetically.

“Sure,” snorted Eve, looking at her friend significantly. “But then I was using Jason’s laptop the other day and I found that he was looking at certain porn sites.”

“That’s annoying, but it’s understandable. Are you mad about that?” asked Samantha taking a thoughtful bite of muffin.

“I’m not mad, I’m freaked out. He was looking at… uh, wife sharing porn…” whispered Eve glancing at the nearest table to make sure the two older ladies sitting there weren’t eavesdropping.

“Wife sharing?” asked Samantha with a furrowed brow.

“Yes, like pictures of a husband watching another guy have sex with his wife,” said Eve, blushing slightly.

“Whoa…” said Sam trying to keep from laughing. “So… uh, that’s different.”

“I’ll say. So I looked it up and I guess it’s a whole thing where some guys get off on watching their wives…” said Eve with exasperation.

“Well, it’s a little weird, but it’s just a harmless fantasy,” said Sam soothingly. “As least he’s not into bestiality or something.”

“I know, but what if it’s not just a fantasy…” said Eve with concern. “What if he is trying to work up the nerve to get me to try it?”

“Try what? Bonking some other guy while he watches?” asked Sam with a laugh. She raised her voice by accident and several people in the coffee shop looked over at them briefly before carrying on.

“Keep your voice down,” whispered Eve with a scandalized smile. “This is embarrassing!”

“But you aren’t seriously considering this?” asked Sam with delight.

“No...well… I don’t know…” said Eve with confusion. “What if that worked? What if that was what we needed to get our love life fired up again?”

“You are unbelievable,” laughs Samantha. “I never knew you were so wild.”

“I haven’t been wild since I got married,” says Eve blushing a deeper shade of red. “But I was in a threesome with two guys once, back in college.”

“Really?” says Samantha, wriggling in her seat in excitement. “That’s kinky. Which of your husband’s friends do you want to try out?”

“Oh my goodness, Sam! Are you encouraging me?” laughed Eve awkwardly. “I don’t know. Steve Winthrop is nice.”

“Steve is not bad looking, but one has to wonder why he’s been a bachelor all these years,” says Sam thoughtfully. “Does he like women?”

“Oh yes, he has dated on and off over the years. I think he’s just very nerdy and sort of eccentric,” says Eve. She pauses for a moment thinking it over. “I would do him,” she says finally with a devilish little smile.

“Eve, you are terrible!” exclaims Samantha with a laugh. “How are you going to do it?”

“Well, I figured we could just invite Steve over for dinner with just Jason and me. We could have a few drinks. Once we are all loosened up, I will go change into a sexy bra and panties and just come out as though it were perfectly natural,” says Eve, warming up to the conversation. She can’t believe she is planning this, but the idea is exciting her now.

“That’s a good idea. Not too subtle, but not something crazy like grabbing Steve and kissing him or something,” says Sam thoughtfully. “Are you going to go through with it?”

“I think so,” says Eve bravely. “My love life with Jason might depend on me getting a little bit creative.”

Eve and Sam sit quietly for a moment and then break out giggling like schoolgirls as the other coffee shop denizens eye them strangely.


Eve invited Steve over for dinner the following week. She wore a short, revealing dress and Jason took note of it but didn’t make a comment. She was very nervous at first, but the three of them had an enjoyable dinner. She noticed that Steve was glancing at her breasts throughout dinner and also at her stocking legs whenever she got up from the table, which she took as a promising signal. After dinner, the threesome moved into the living room to have some drinks. By her second martini, Eve started to feel more relaxed and decided to start dropping some subtle hints.

“So, Steve, do you like this dress?” she asked innocently. “I noticed you looking at it all night.”

Steve blushed immediately and looked at Jason guiltily but Jason just smiled in response.

“Don’t tease him, dear,” chuckled Jason, leaning back in his favorite chair. “You know Steve is shy around women. I was surprised when you wore that outfit tonight. It’s a bit risque, isn’t it?”

“Oh I don’t know, is it?” responded Eve, flipping her hair casually. “Does it bother you to have other men appreciating your wife’s body?”

It was Jason’s turn to blush and he avoided his wife’s intense gaze as she sat, examining his reaction.

“Uh, no,” he muttered uncomfortably. “You have an outstanding figure… You can show it off a bit if you like…”

“Uh, huh,” responded Eve, staring at her mate knowingly. She could tell that he was getting excited by this turn in the conversation.

“I didn’t mean to…” stammered Steve finally. “That is, I didn’t mean to stare. I guess I am not used to seeing you dressed like that.”

“I wore this, especially for you, Steve,” said Eve, turning toward him and hiking the hem of her dress a bit higher up her thigh. She leaned forward a bit to give him a better view of her generous cleavage as well.

“For me?” squeaked Steve, his voice cracking awkwardly. He realized after a moment that he was staring at Eve’s boobs again and he forced himself to look her in the eyes. His penis was painfully erect, as it had been all evening and he held his drink in his lap hoping that she wouldn’t notice the lump there. “What do you mean?” he said, struggling to maintain a normal tone to his voice.

“Yeah, what is that supposed to mean?” laughed Jason nervously, mustering the nerve to look his wife in the eye.

“Well Steve probably needs a bit of thrill now and then,” she says reasonably, putting her hands on her knees primly and sitting up straight. “He hasn’t had a girlfriend in… How long has it been, Steve?”

“Oh, what?” he asks, taken aback. “Since I dated a woman? Uh, there was that lab technician, Martha from work a couple of years ago.”

“Don’t you get lonely?” asked Eve, tilting her head sympathetically. “For a woman’s attention, I mean,” she adds, shooting her husband an impish smile.

“What? No, I’m ok,” responded Steve, rubbing his face distractedly. “I am comfortable being alone. It’s simpler that way.”

“That’s true!” laughed Jason. “Women are complicated creatures. It’s hard to figure out what they are thinking sometimes,” he said giving his wife a look of mild exasperation.

“My goodness,” responded Eve putting her hand to her mouth in mock surprise. “I had no idea my little dress would cause such a stir. Shall I go take it off?”

“Oh, no, dear, it’s fine,” said Jason with chagrin, glancing down to admire his wife’s shapely legs. “You do look nice.”

“No, no,” said Eve, standing up resolutely. “I don’t want to make our guest feel uncomfortable. I will go take this off right now.” She walked purposefully out of the room with a little smile on her face.

Jason and Steve watch her go, each of them confused. Jason notices Steve looking at her ass as she departs and feels his member stiffen at the sight of another man checking out his wife.

Steve noticed that Jason is watching him and blushes anew. “I’m sorry about that, Jason,” he says. “I had no idea I was staring. I guess I don’t know how to play it cool,” he gave a rueful laugh and takes a sip of his drink.

“Don’t worry, my friend,” said Jason. “Eve does have a great body. I don’t blame her for wanting to show it off a bit now and then. And I don’t blame you for looking. She’s feeling devilish tonight, I can tell. That’s why she’s teasing you like that.”

“Devilish!” laughs Steve. “See, that is why I can’t understand women. It almost seemed like she was flirting with me,” he says after a brief pause, giving Jason a furtive glance.

“Well I was of course, silly,” said Eve, striding bolding back into the living room wearing her pink lace bra and panties, her black, thigh-high stockings, and nothing else. The bra barely contained her large breasts and the tops of her nipples peaked out. The panties were very brief, and the top edge of her public hair was visible too. Eve laughed as Jason and Steve’s jaws dropped in amazement. Eve was turned on by the way her husband and his friend were devouring her exposed body with their eyes, looking her up and down hungrily. She could feel her crotch getting hot.

“Gah, Eve, what are you doing?” blurted out Jason once he caught his breath. He couldn’t believe this was happening. This had been a fantasy of his for some time, but now that it was happening in real life, his blood was running cold in shock.

“Well you two told me to go take my dress off, so I did,” responded Eve coyly.

“Wait, what?” stammered Jason in response. “We did no such thing!”

“Well I don’t know what you want then,” said Eve furrowing her brow in mock confusion. “Do you want me to take these off too?” she asks, tugging at her panties and suggestively.

“My God, no!” exclaimed Jason, struggling to catch his breath. His heart was pounding in his ears and his palms were slick with sweat.

“Steve, you did want me to take my dress off, didn’t you?” asked Eve cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Wha… I… No, I didn’t mean to say that,” said Steve. He fingered his boner through his pants unconsciously as he gazed at Eve’s voluptuous figure.

“Steve, why are you touching yourself like that?” asked Eve quizzically.

Steve gave a start and withdrew his hand from his crotch guiltily. His face was burning bright red.

“Honey, you have to go put some clothes on,” said Jason, trying to regain his composure.

“You don’t want me to do that, do you dear?” asked Eve seriously. “You are just saying that to maintain an illusion of propriety.” She stared at her husband frankly.

Jason realized that she must have discovered his secret fantasy and he bowed his head in resignation. He understood why she would try this. She was trying to reignite their love life. But the stress of the situation was practically giving him a heart attack.

When Jason said nothing in response, Eve nodded her head. “Alrighty then. Let’s proceed, shall we? Steve, will you please come to hug me?” she asked sweetly.

“A hug?” gasped Steve, his own heart was racing and his stomach was flipping from arousal. “I really couldn’t,” he said looking at Jason helplessly.

Jason looked at Steve in dismay but said nothing.

“My gosh, I just want a friendly hug,” begged Eve plaintively. “I came out here in my underwear and created a terrible scene. Now I feel terrible. I want you to show me that you aren’t mad at me and that there are no hard feelings between us.”

“Of course, I’m not mad at you,” stammered Steve looking at Jason in desperation. Jason just shrugged his shoulders in response.

“Well then, give me a hug and comfort me,” purred Eve, holding her arms open as she stood before him, wearing practically nothing.

Steve gazed at her erect nipples, pushing through the thin fabric of her bra, and gulped. He rant his eyes down her gorgeous, pale torso to her generous hips and shapely thighs and he felt that he would burst with excitement. He got up shakily and approached her. His erect penis pitched a tent in his trousers as he did so.

Eve looked at the bulge in Steve’s pants but said nothing. She glanced at Jason significantly and he just returned her gaze with a wan smile. The blood had drained from his face and he was feeling faint.

Steve approached Eve hesitantly and then reached out to give her a loose embrace. The smell of her body filled his nostrils. She smelled clean and fresh with no cloying perfume. He put his hands on her bare back chastely and the feel of her soft, smooth skin made his cock quiver in response. Eve wrapped her arms around Steve and pulled him close. His erection pushed up against her crotch and aroused her. Steve tried to withdraw but she gripped his buttocks and pulled him toward. She ground her groin against his stiff member eagerly.

“Is that a billy club in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” she breathed breathily. “Steve’s pushing his cock up against my pussy, Jason,” she told her husband matter-of-factly. “He’s hard as a rock.”

“Ok, that’s…” Jason tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come.

Steve stopped trying to withdraw and started dry-humping Jason’s wife shamelessly. It felt so good to grind his dick into her waiting crotch. He could feel her heat right through his pants.

“There you go,” gasped Eve lustily, “You just needed some encouragement. But I still feel that I might have been too forward. Can you give me a little kiss to assure me that we are still friends?”

“Ugh,” said Jason.

Eve looked over at her husband out of the corner of her eye as she and Steve locked lips. She darted her tongue into his and soon they were french kissing madly. Jason sat staring in fascination, mouth dry and hanging open. She reached back and pulled one of Steve’s arms from around her back and placed his hand firmly onto her breast. He didn’t need much encouragement and began enthusiastically kneading the large soft orb, pinching her nipple for good measure.

Eve was satisfied to see Jason grunt desperately and unzip his fly. He started stroking his cock as he watched his wife making out with his good friend. Emboldened by Jason’s masturbation, Eve reached down and unzipped Jason’s fly. His dick erupted from his pants and she gripped the smooth hard shaft fiercely.

“Oh, Eve,” he panted.

“Yes, Steve?” she asked innocently, looking him in the eyes, their noses practically touching as she stroked his stiff erection. “Were you going to ask me to blow you? Because I will, you know. You just need to ask.”

Steve looked over at Jason in confusion.

“My husband’s jerking off over there, Steve. I don’t think he’s going to object,” said Eve softly, yanking Steve’s rod insistently. It was a good hard cock and she was anxious to get her lips around it.

“I see. Yes, I want you to suck my penis now,” said Steve awkwardly.

“Uh, huh,” said Eve absently as she smoothly descended to her knees before him. She looked over at Jason, breathlessly beating off. “Watch this, dear,” she told her husband with a conspiratorial air. She put her hands on Steve’s thighs and looked up at him submissively with his straining cock just an inch from her waiting lips. “Are you sure you want me to, Steve?” she asked coquettishly.

“Yes! Suck it!” he exclaimed pushing his thing into her mouth.

“Oh Steve, you are so forceful,” she said, pulling his cock from her mouth briefly. Then she popped it back into her mouth and began sucking fitfully. She looked over at her husband, to make sure he had a good view of her with another man’s dick in her mouth. She wagged her eyebrows at Jason and he groaned in pleasure as he fapped off. Then Eve unsnapped her bra and wriggled out of her panties. Jason almost blew his wad right then when he realized that his wife was preparing herself to get fucked by his friend Steve.

Once she was fully naked, Eve, withdrew Steve’s penis from her mouth and lay back on the oriental rug with her legs spread, looking up at Steve suggestively. “What do you want to do with me now, Steve?” she asked innocently.

Steve said nothing. He gazed down at Eve’s lovely pale body spread before him and pulled his pants down unceremoniously. He paused just a moment admiring her large breasts and was struck by how attractive the dark patch of her public hair looked in contrast to her white belly and thighs. Then he climbed on top of her and plunged his cock directly into her waiting snatch. Steve gasped with pleasure at how hot, wet, and tight Eve’s cunt felt. It had been a long time since he had his penis inside a woman and he had to fight to restrain himself from ejaculating right away.

Eve moaned as well as her vagina gripped Steve’s stiff rod. “God you are hard,” she said distractedly as Steve started pumping his thing in and out of her deliberately.

Steve pinned Eve’s wrists down to the floor and finally felt comfortable taking control of her. She writhed with pleasure beneath him as he jammed his rock-hard phallus into her over and over. Meanwhile, her husband sat in his favorite chair and watched, pulling his pud the whole time. The way Eve ground her pelvis against his greed to receive his dick pushed Steve over the edge quickly. “I’m going to cum!” he shouted, forgetting himself in his passion.

“Cum inside me, Steve,” she urged, reaching down to finger her clitoris frantically. Steve sank himself deep inside Jason’s wife and discharged load after load of sperm within her. Jason sat watching in amazement. He couldn’t believe this was happening. As Steve rolled off of Eve, Jason jumped up and rushed over to stick his cock into her face. She sucked him hungrily as she fingered herself and the urgency with which her husband forced his member into her mouth triggered her climax. While Eve shuddered from the effects of her orgasm, Jason pulled his thing out of her mouth and jerked it until he started shooting cum all over her face. She licked his spurting head receptively as he did so until he fell back with a grunt of satisfaction.

All three lay on the floor in a daze for several minutes, saying nothing.

Finally, Steve stood up shakily and put his pants on. “I, uh, hope it was ok that I did that to your wife, Jason,” he said, looking at this old friend with concern.
“Yeah, it’s ok,” said Jason. “She wanted to do it.”

“You wanted me to do it too, dear,” said Eve, stretching luxuriously. Both men stopped to look at her body as she did so.

“Yes,” admitted Jason tightly, gazing at the way his wife’s breasts jiggled. “I did.” It was embarrassing to admit, but he felt a weight removed from his shoulders as he did so.

“Will you come back and fuck me again next week, Steve?” asked Eve, batting her eyelashes at Steve flirtatiously.

“Um, yes?” he said, pulling his gaze away from Eve’s naked body and looking at Jason for confirmation.

“Well if you want to, I guess that’s ok,” said Jason, blushing.

“Ok, it’s settled then. We have a little menage a trois,” said Eve happily. “Give me a kiss before you go,” she demanded of Steve.

“But your face is covered in, uh, jism,” said Steve with a crooked smile.

“Well, kiss my belly then,” said Eve playfully, gesturing to her smooth, flat belly.

Steve complied and got down awkwardly on his knees to give Eve a smooch on her soft white stomach. Jason’s gut twisted with jealousy at this intimate gesture, but he said nothing. Steve climbed back to his feet and departed with a wave.

“That was awesome. I can’t believe how horny I got with you watching Steve put his hard cock into me. I never knew that I could get off on being so perverted,” said Eve excitedly.

“Yeah, that was pretty surreal,” agreed Jason uncomfortably. It felt weird to hear his wife talk about another man’s dick inside her. He was excited and freaked out by her flippant attitude to the whole thing.

“So, which of your other friends should I fuck next?” asked Eve pleasantly.

“Oh God,” said Jason, staring at his wife in amazement.

“Or should I bring home a stranger?” she asked with a devilish smile as the blood drained from Jason’s face.
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