I thought I was the only one left in the office when I had a very revealing call with the wife. I was wrong. My secretary had heard everything, as I was to find out. She waited a few days until our Friday night glass of wine in my office, once the rest of the staff had gone home. It had become our ritual at the end of the week for an hour.

"You know I heard the call you had with your wife the other night." she said, sipping her wine and smiling.

Panic must have shown on my face as she reassured me she wasn't about to tell anyone but did have a few questions. My mind was racing back to my chat and the realization that it had been a pretty graphic discussion.

"I will be fair, this can be quid pro quo. You can ask what you like to because before the kids came along myself and Jon used to swing!"

Jon was her husband. Like my wife, he was back in Manila while we were working in Dubai. She went on to tell me they had recently reminisced about some of the old days before the kids and that it kicked up a few memories for her.

"I'm going first." she said.

I still had not said a word to this point and wondered what she was going to ask and what I was going to say. I took a gulp of the wine in my hand and filled my glass back up. She laughed. "Whose idea for her to start meeting other guys?"

I explained that she kind of brought up the topic of missing sex while I'm away, and there was a hot guy at gym she would tease me about. She laughed and said "So she planted it probably knowing you would go for it."

"Yeah," I said. "Your turn."

I asked the same thing about the swinging she did with hubby did some years back. "I also planted the idea and I knew he loved the thought of it from the stories I caught him reading."

She went on to say she felt that although the sex was fine, it needed some excitement and that she also used to think about the two bigger men she had before the hubby, who were also more inventive in the bedroom as well as being larger.

"Did your wife want larger cocks?"

The whose idea question was a soft opening. This was more revealing but she had been open so I told her that the men the wife had met so far had mostly been bigger. She smiled.

"How were these guys more 'inventive' as you described it?" I asked.

She took a sip of wine and gave me a laundry list of things like role play and positions, outdoor sessions and being shared with their friends. I swallowed hard and could feel my cock getting hard as she smiled back at me.

"We also used to play dares." She said. "Don't go overthinking this but I was once dared to seduce my old boss. Now my turn. Has she got a boyfriend or does she like variety?"

I told her my wife liked the variety although she had some 'frequent flyers', as we called them. Guys who would fly into town on business once in a while. She liked that they would cum and go. We laughed.

"Did you just swing with hubby or...?" I didn't need to finish the question and she told me that she also had solo meets with guys as she couldn't be completely relaxed with Jon there. she told me she always felt like she was holding back.

"How many guys has she met?"

I told her around 12 in three years and she immediately said "Around"? I confessed that I didn't know , not for sure. The wife has her little secrets and she told me that she wouldn't always tell me every meeting as she wanted something for herself. My secretary smiled and said it sounds like we have a lot in common.

"Have you had any meetings since you came to Dubai?" I asked.

She smiled and said she had but that she had not told Jon. That it was a one night thing with a guy she met online. "Big boy, too!" she smiled.

Her phone went and she gulped the rest of her wine and picked up her bag saying "My ride is here but this isn't finished."

I got the feeling there would be more questions to come.
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