I was showering after a workout in my gym when I noticed these two guys who were twins, not identical, but they looked a lot alike, and they were both well hung. I had shared my wife with someone once before and wanted to do it again and I thought wouldn’t it be hot to see her suck both these guys.

When I got home I had dinner with Sherry and afterward got her to suck me off. While she was blowing me, I brought up the idea of me watching her suck another guy again, she was turned on by the idea. She said, she had been fantasizing about blowing other men and was wondering when I would ask. I told her about the two guys at the gym. She said, she would have to see them before she said yes.

The next day I took her to the gym with me, and she looked hot in her leotard. Her big tits practically spilled out over the top every time she bent over to pick up a barbell and everybody was trying not to stare at her. I introduced her to the twins and they hit it off right away. Afterward, Sherry said she would blow them if I wanted her to, but I had to promise not to be mad afterward or resent her for doing it. I told her I thought I would be fine with it.

The next time we went to the gym, they were there and I casually mentioned to them that Sherry gave massages, and was wondering if they would like to come over to the house and have one. At first, they were a little puzzled by my offer, but then they got it. Their names were Greg and Lou. Lou said, they would love to drop by anytime we wanted them to. Sherry jumped in and said, "How about tomorrow afternoon?" They agreed and we finished our workout, but I could tell Sherry was turned on with anticipation.

On the way home from the gym she gave me a blow job in the car and told me all the things she was going to do with Greg and Al.

The next afternoon we were ready for our guests. Sherry had spent all morning deciding what to wear and settled on a little pink tank top, a tiny thong that barely covered her cunt, and left her cheeks completely exposed, spike heels, and levis over the thong. There was already a damp spot where the thong pressed against her puss and I knew she was going to have a good time, one way or another.

Greg and Al arrived and gave Sherry's nipples a long look as they were erect and perfectly outlined beneath her tank top. We had set up our massage table in the living room and had the lights dimmed and soft music playing. Sherry was very efficient and told them to go into the bedroom and strip down to their shorts. While they were in the bedroom, Sherry slipped her levis off and when she heard them coming out of the bedroom she bent over to pick them up and gave them both a fabulous view of her ass with only that little thong covering her pussy. They both stopped dead in their tracks and stared. She straightened up and pretended to be surprised to see them standing there. She said she hoped they didn't mind if she got comfortable with their massages, they of course didn't mind at all.

They gave me a questioning look to see if it was okay and I just pretended this was the standard operating procedure. Anyway, Al went first, getting up on the table and Sherry held a sheet over him so he could take his shorts off. Greg couldn't take his eyes off Sherry's ass as she started giving his brother a massage while we watched a game on t.v. She played it straight, really giving him a good massage but I could see that damp spot on her thong getting bigger. After doing his back, etc., she had Al turn over and made a point of adjusting the sheet over his crotch, and I could see her hand slide softly over the bulge beneath the sheet. Greg could hardly keep his eyes on the television, my wife's ass kept beckoning to him. Sherry worked her way down to Al's legs and was massaging his thighs when she stopped and announced that it was getting really warm she pulled her tank top off and exposed her big firm tits with their thick, hard nipples.

Greg's eyes bulged out of his head and Al turned to give her a long look. Sherry smiled and said, "You guys don't mind, do you?" Both of them looked at me to see what I would say, I shrugged, no big deal. By then these guys had figured out that this was about more than a massage. Sherry worked on Al's thighs some more, we watched everything she did. Greg and I weren't even pretending to watch t.v. anymore, we watched Sherry's ass and tits and followed her hand as it slide under the sheet covering Al's crotch. It didn't take much imagination to guess what she was doing. Pretty soon she pulled the sheet off his crotch and showed us his thick, hard cock clenched in her fist. She was jacking him off in a slow cadence, her eyes fastened on Al's thick meat.

I was a little amazed and slightly jealous to see how big his cock was getting. She stood there, jacking him off, her eyes kind of glazed over so that I knew she was turned on. Al was up on his elbows so he could watch her as his cock got longer and thicker in my wife's grip. She looked over her shoulder at Greg and me and gave us a slutty smile that made my cock jump in my pants. She did a little teasing thing with her tongue, staring right at Greg, and said, "I wanna blow them, okay?"

I said sure and she had Al sit up on the table, his legs dangling over the edge, and then she called Greg over to sit beside him after he had taken his shorts off. While they got situated she pulled off her thong and kicked it away. Immediately we could all smell her pussy and it made the whole room hotter and more sex filled.

Sherry's cunt has a strong smell but it's not a nasty odor, it's more of a heavy female scent that makes my cock hard as a rock. She played with herself sometimes and then when I got home she would put her fingers under my nose so I could smell her puss and know what she had been doing.

She stood there, looking at their cocks, Al was hard as a rock and at least eleven inches long and thick. Greg was big, but he was still getting hard, so his cock kind of flopped over to one side. Sherry slid her fingers down between the lips of her pussy and got them all slick and wet before reaching to take both cocks in her hands. She slid her hands up and down them, getting both their dicks slick with her juices. I had by now taken my cock out of my pants and was jacking off at a slow pace. I watched as she started jacking both men off, their cocks so big now that she could have used both hands on either one. We were all waiting for her to suck them off and it didn't take long for her to bend over at the waist and extend her tongue so that it touched the head of Greg's cock. She twirled it around and around on his cockhead until he was hard as a rock and then he put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her down so that his cock plunged into her mouth. She moaned low in her throat and started sucking him off, bobbing her head up and down, running her lips and tongue all over the head of his cock, licking the shaft for him, and then sucking his balls into her mouth. He was enjoying it of course and so was I. She sucked Greg for about four or five minutes and brought him to the brink before she let him go and turned her attention to Al. His cock was seeping lots of early cum and she didn't hesitate, letting her tongue lap it up, smearing it around on her lips, etc. Al got into it and I thought he would cum right away, but she knew when to stop and start with him and kept him going. I watched her lovely mouth sliding up and down on their cocks and had to be very careful.

I didn't spurt my load right away. She would suck one, then let it slide from her mouth and look over at me with that slutty smile and jack them off while she ran the cockhead around on the side of her face. She knew she was turning me on and loved it. Finally, when she had them both ready to pop, she stopped and let go of their cocks while she took a step back and rubbed her cunt hard, giving herself an orgasm I was afraid the neighbors would hear! After she had cum, Sherry dropped to her knees and told them to jack off on her. "Do it right in my face," she told them. They slid down off the table and stood there in front of her, jacking off their big dicks and she watched them, waiting for her reward and it didn't take long. Greg spurted first, a big, long, ropey stream of cum that splattered all over Sherry's mouth and chin. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer so he could shoot more cum on her and she opened her mouth to take it there, but it spurted up onto her forehead and into her hair. Then Al began cumming in her face. He would give his big pole a few quick strokes and shoot a stream of cum into Sherry's face, then give himself a few more strokes and shoot another big glob of it on her. He must have done that six or seven times and each time he got a big spurt out of his cock that splattered my wife's face. She had so much cum on her, it was running in rivulets off her jaw, hanging in big thick strings off her chin. She reached up and took their cocks in her hands and started rubbing them all around her face, smearing their cum all over the place. She was in heaven and I was ready to cum myself so I walked over to her and turned her head toward me and told her to open her mouth. She opened wide and let me jack off in her mouth. I shot a good load for her, too and she let me fill her up before she spits it back out onto my cock and then licked it up again before swallowing it.

Greg and Al thought that was amazing. So then I helped Sherry clean up and afterward we all relaxed and had something to drink and then Sherry asked me if it would be okay to let them fuck her. I knew she wanted to know what it was like to have guys fucking her with cocks as big as theirs, so I said it would be all right.

She sat between them on the couch and played with their cocks again, leaning over to suck one, then the other, getting them good and hard. When she thought they were ready, she got up on the coffee table, on all fours, and stuck her gorgeous ass out at them and told them if they wanted to fuck her they would have to eat her first. These guys didn't even hesitate, Greg was first, he buried his face between the cheeks of my wife's ass and licked everything he could find. He was licking her ass, her pussy, her little butt hole, and everything, she loved it.

Then Al had his turn, he was a little more restrained than Greg and used his tongue to tease my wife's clit until she had two good orgasms. When she had enough of that she told them to take turns fucking her doggy style.

I loved watching her on all fours on that coffee table with these two guys taking turns slamming their cocks into her. She was yelping like a little dog, too. Her little cunt had never had anything quite as big as these two guys and she was loving every second of it. Greg was the first one to cum, he grabbed onto her hips and fucked her hard while he was shooting his load. When he pulled out there was a lot of cum oozing out of my wife's pussy. Al didn't like the idea of putting his cock into Sherry's pussy after Greg had cum in her, so he asked if he could fuck her in the ass and cum there. Sherry didn't think she could take one that big in her butt but she wanted to try so we got some lubricant and got his cock all slicked up.

he settled in behind her and she asked him to tongue her ass for him to help her relax. I could tell he wasn't too keen on the idea of actually putting his tongue in her ass, he had licked her there before, but this was a little different. But he did it, he got on his knees and licked her a little then pushed his tongue into Sherry's ass. You should have heard Sherry groan when that happened. She liked it a lot! He tongue fucked her butt for a while and then Sherry said he could try fucking her. He took his time and slowly squeezed the head of his cock into her ass. I didn't think he'd ever get anything that big into her but he did. He took a good five minutes to ease it in there and then fucked her slowly so that his cock would sink into her ass just a little at a time. Finally, he was up her butt and Sherry could hardly breathe. I was worried she would pass out, her breathing was so ragged, but when I asked her if she was okay she nodded her head, "yes." Greg fucked her ass very gently up until he was ready to shoot and then he started moving a little faster and a little harder and Sherry was helpless. She closed her eyes and let him do it. When she felt his cum spurting up her ass she let out this high-pitched wail and I was sure someone would call the police. She was almost senseless by the time he finished shooting his load into her. When he slid his big cock out of her she collapsed onto the coffee table and lay there groaning.

I was hard as a rock by then and wanted to fuck her, but she wasn't in any shape for it. We gave her a nice hot bath and the three of us sponged her off and helped her relax so that in about an hour she was okay again. Greg and Al were grateful for being able to share Sherry and wanted to know if they could come over again sometime. Sherry told them she would like to suck them both off at the gym sometime and have me take pictures of it. They got a little paranoid about the pictures, but the idea of having Sherry give them blow jobs at the gym turned them on. We figured she could do them in the jacuzzi area late at night just before the gym closes because no one ever goes in there at that time, at least that's what the manager of the club told us. I'm going to take the camera along, and hope they go along with me taking pictures because you have to see Sherry sucking these guys off to believe it.
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