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REVIEW: not only is the above female the same female in all photos that I have posted, but it is also important to note that, at the time of the above photo, she was a multi-graduate degree department head of laboratory services at Purdue University. She ran 4 large laboratories within the Lily Hall of Life Sciences on the main campus.

For her sexual satisfaction/gratification, she wanted to try more than a few sex careers. With the newfound freedoms and rebellion of the time, she wanted to push the so-called envelope. Besides, she had read about other Ph.D. or MD girls who went into the sex trade...some "supposedly" to get material for their studies and books. Such dedication to research!!!😜😃✨

Well, this wife was not worried about tech studies that were to promote her laboratory duties. The facts that she was interested in gathering were more personal. She enjoyed the attention, the intention, the penetration, and someone poking around inside her. Her attitude, from the start, was very accepting. I have always thought that she would pick fucking over the common a way to quickly get to know the other person.

As a hippy sex freedom statement, we had an established agreement, that she did not need to report any sexual contact. She could fuck anyone who she wanted to, at any time, anywhere, and not mention it, or maybe save the info for another time... like late at night, days, weeks, months after the encounter. That agreement, that kink, affected the story of the above photo.

On this site, there are a few other photos of when she started at Lorraine's Lounge (an old-fashioned bar based upon pure macho values). But, the above photo is, perhaps, one of the first to show my wife in that environment. She is inside the then-just-opened backroom... converted from a storage area. The posters and art are not yet hung and she has that sweet happy look that she took into stripping.

It was 1970, and she had already done Ladies Night tests during the previous year, but, now she wanted to see what all the real duties were, and signed on with the bar manager. Even while running Purdue Labs, she agreed to 3 nights per week, which quickly turned into 5 nights per week, she thought that she was signing up to strip.

Since we had our agreement about telling not being necessary, well she did not tell me about the extra duties during those first few weeks at the bar. But, later, I learned that the bar manager and his nephew had been fucking her every evening when she came to work as a stripper. They said it was mandatory, and that it helped decide her order in dancing (early with the little crowd, vs later with the large crowd).

More importantly, since they did provide girls for their trusted clients, the manager, and his nephew wanted to TEST THE MEAT. That is so when they were able to get the girl to start tricking, they could tell the customer how good the girl was, how she felt inside, and what all she could do. Oh, the pre-show fucking also immediately got the girl pink/moist and a little open, which made for attractive moist injected labia when the girl came out of the chute and downstage into a squat position with her legs spread wide.


Well fucked, tested, dancing nude was relaxing, and gaping open, she would join the other girls in the lineup. The nephew even started fucking her mid-shift to keep her pussy looking the correct way.

Not all the 9 girls on staff fucked customers. Though all had been fucking the owner and nephew, only 3 of the 9 Lorraine dancers did full tricking with customers. Those three did the backroom at various times during the night. There they did it all, including fucking. (remember bareback in this era). Those same girls were given other assignments... including massage parlor work across town and private parties...all activities owned and directed by the same bar owner... LORRAINE.

After her initiation by the manager and nephew and the already complete stripping that she was doing, she was offered full-service opportunities. The boss would take 33 to 50 percent according to the assignments. My wife accepted this iinitialentry into the business. Of the then 4 full-service workers, she was the only married sex worker. 👠💍

And that is how my wife became a..."STABLE MATE"... truly one of Lorraine's herd of mares.
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