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i cant remember the name of the movie... but i think is was called 'Blindness'... someone can correct me, if i am thinking of the wrong flick. there's a scene that is almost more like a cuckqueen... and epidemic occurs and causing people to go blind... a woman who i unaffected follows her husband into quarantine... at some point in the movie she argues with her husband... and he thinks she left in anger because everyone in quaratine is blind... needless to see he starts playing with another woman while he has no clue that his wife is watching. was a hot scene to see in my teens.
I love this thread.
I saw one a long time ago def a b movie. Kinda early American. Young guy falls in love peeping on dancing girl. She keeps hooking up with richer and richer men while he pines for her. The hottest part is a plantation owner she is with, has black cage fighter , she goes into his hut and fucks him while the husband waits outside. I think the young guy finally gets her. Damn I love seeing her go into that hut and get fucked. But I can not remember that movie.
Between that and the original Emmanuel made me want my girl to be a prize fighter’s reward. We got to do that with a regional MMA stud.
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cscguy said:
Has anyone seen or remember Husbands and Lovers 1991- Joanna Pacula and Julian Sands. I'm not sure why but the movie never made it to DVD conversion from VHS. It is like the Holy Grail of Cuckold movies. Great story-line, really gets to the heart of the issue. Lots of sex and nudity from Joanna who, at that time was an absolute 10. One of my alltime favorite movies ever.
I have the DVD but never yet watched it
There is a movie called Territorio (2020). It has one of the bet cuckold scenes I have ever seen in a mainstream movie ever. The synopsis is that a husband is infertile, and he asks his friend at work to use his sperm to impregnate his wife. He initially uses IVF, but the attempt fails. So the husband than lets the guy do natural insemination as he watches his co-worker nut inside his wife raw. You can watch the breakdown of when the sex scene is in the movie at this website (Territorio (2020) -
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So exciting in the mainstream, great movies by the way... I also enjoythose scence where they slip and dont cut.... just finishes it for me
Try Funland it was a BBC series, a young prudish couple move to Blackpool, on the first night the young husband loses at poker in a club. The young wife is forced to become a stripper, the first time she strips she is totally humiliated and the husband is forced to watch. As the series progresses the club owner offers the young wife £1000 to fuck her, the husband encourages her to do it to pay off the debt, but really he just wants to watch.
Check it out, every cucks fucking dream.

It is the kind of thing I want to do to my favourite slut wife on this site while her hubby sits and watches. Check out her thread she is hot AF with awesome tits.

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Watched a film years ago. Can't remember the name.
Scene I remember is a couple on a sofa sitting across from another man. The husband says the guy doesn't have the guts to fuck his wife.
He ends up making out with her in front of him
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Was in a rush in the last post.
Just to add that the couple were rich, the scene was set in a large room (like a library) in a huge house/mansion type. Would have been in late 80s, early 90s.
the movies is were we got started a guy was feeling my wife up and i knew it and she knew i knew and i just watched amd the guy knew and he event kissed nancy a few times and made shure i seen he was finger fucking her
Absolute Power, where in the opening scene an old billionaire has a one-way mirror so he can look into the bedroom where his younger trophy wife takes guys to fuck.

Unfaithful, with a very hot mature Diane Lane plays a cheating wife to Richard Gere's husband. The husband is not a happy cuck, however.