Memphis Dom/exp BM's to use my sub/slutwife for sex

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Aug 24, 2004
Memphis, TN area 40's white couple Dom/husband with submissive slutwife. Love making her strip/submit to black males for total sexual use/abuse. No inhibitions and few limits. We're not very "politically correct and like our sexual activities more extreme, wild and intense than most in the lifestyle. Seeking local experienced black males that are somewhat Dominant and aggressive sexually to have her service/submit to singley, in small groups and/or large gangbangs if enough qualified men could be found. She is a 24/7 3-hole slut with years of experience most all forms/levels of sexual use by many,many different men.
She was broken in to sexual use. She is 24/7 slut hardwired for sexual use/abuse. Her overwelming favorite and most satisfying sex is any/all forms that involveing dicks using her mouth to cum. Being made suck dick, forced blowjobs, circle sucks, sucking off strangers, being facefucked, being restrained raped in mouth, strange dick in her mouth any way. (see pics.) Verbal abuse, spankings, rough sex, humiliatin/degradation, "mock force/rape" scenes are some of our favorite sexual fun.
Seek BM's, couples with slutwife and similar interests, Dom females, submissive sluts that also want this kind of sex. Married males preferred. Proof of heath or condom use required. She likes bareback so heath card preferred.


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Fucking NICe

Please see our entry in this forum, Tvlng Cple, Mem, Ltl Rock, etc......We travel to Mem from time to time, prob next time will be last week in Nov...let us know if there is an interest.....


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Most definately would enjoy meeting in Memphis

Looked back at your post and know exactly where you are coming from when you say there aren't many couples into the kind of sexual interests we share. Though, personally, I think it is really that so few can admit that they would like it. Even to each other. It is almost impossible to find compatible partners, couples or singles. Even qualified black males. They have to be Dominant and experienced in the lifestyle usually to be really good and we have found a lot that just can't deliver. Not a fraction of the number of white males of course but a lot. Have you also found this to be true? As for similier couples, frankly we have given up even looking. We would love to get together when you are in our area. We don't have any reliable BMs that we are meeting at the moment. The one regular guy we had been playing with is in National Guard and has been overseas for last several months.
BTW is husband Dom/sub/switch? Would enjoy comparing notes sometime.
Hope we can all get together soon. We can probably work our schedules to meet last of the month if you can give us a little advance notice on the dates you will be here.
R & k

Recently moved to Memphis area and looking to establish roots in the area in all aspects. Contact me at and lets discuss how to move forward from here.