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I have a question.
After a few years of being married I and my wife decided to have a little spice in our lives. Well I convinced her to try black cock. She was not totally unexperienced with being with a black man. When in college she had a black boyfriend for a very brief time, they only had sex twice she said. Only today after 5 years of her swnging with black men did she tell me about what really happened on one of her fisrt encounters since she started seeing black men while married to me.
Well she found a black man on the internet and arranged to meet him at a resturant in a community not to far from our home. Well the visited and got acquainted and he seemed nice. They then went to a motel. Once there and in the room she said he suddenly changed. He immediately locked the door, and began to slap her around some although not hurting her alot, removed her clothes, nearly ripping them off, pushes her onto the bed and very aggressively and roughly fucks her off and on most of the night. At the time, when she came home from that encounter, she said he was very rough and aggressive. But only now, 5 years later does she say it was more like rape in a way.
Well what I wonder about is this: She has craved black men ever since , and has had many, even though this experience was not very good. Why after being treated that way does she seek out black men and does like it somewhat rough but not abusive ? I am curious about the pschology with a white women who was basically raped by a black man, but seems to love black cock non the less.

Thanks, Merlyn
Black Abused

My wife's experience is similar, allthough at the moment she has a Black boyfriend/lover who is a very nice easy going guy who treats her well, she still tells me she graves her first Black boyfriend . He was a sixfooter and was realy nasty to her for the 2 years they were together ,often the sex was accompanied by verbal abuse and physical violence ,face slapping and even a belt over her backside ,often she would come home acovered in bruises and having been on hindsight raped.
I eventually persuaed her to give him up. Yet still she tells me she longs for him .
This aspect of my wife I can never understand.
It is what it is. White girls want a real man to show them who is boss. That is what makes them submissives. Womens libbers can talk all the shit they want about how women never want to be raped or never enjoy being raped but all it is is a bunch of shit. Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver and others told the truth about white girls a long time ago. Have any of you folks been listening?
Rough Sex


I think a lot of white women with Black Lovers are hugely submissive and have a liking for masochistic practices. If the Black Master whips them, pulls their hair, shoots his Black seed all over their face, verbally abuses them etc they somehow feel "wanted"

I first will explain that Malcolm X and Farakan and all the other 'HATERS' are no different than David Duke. So their bullshit is just that bullshit.
Second, for the black men who all but raped your wives there is an easy explanation:
The word "nigger" is defined as a 'sorry' or 'no count' person. The word has nothing to do with color. There are black people, there are white people, then there are "niggers" in both races; like the ones who tried to rape your wives. Sex between a WF and BM can be beautiful, hot and erotic but rape is rape. Understand?