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Girl Friend Agreed To Cuckold While Having Sex

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by Sesmic, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Sesmic

    Sesmic Any exposer for 26yo gf?Dice game or other ideas. Beloved Member :)

    My girlfriend agreed to fuck strangers while I asked her while having sex. What should be my next step to start her to cuckolding?
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    Be patient! Find her the best bull available to you. Not all bulls are created equal. There is an art to fucking a woman with a BBC. Ensure she receives nothing but the absolute best!
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  3. Enigma250

    Enigma250 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Take her to a nice hotel out of town, then send her to the hotel bar by herself. And you watch from a distance
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  4. Julie0778

    Julie0778 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I assume she is white and she and you both want for her to experience sex with a black man or black men. Would this be her first black man? Is she really nervous about it (most women would be)? I think you should talk through all the details and yes, I agree picking the right man is so important. Great sex is not just as simple as putting any black penis into her and watching the orgasms begin. It's a process and if you love her you need to be patient and be part of the process. Give her support and let her know absolutely that you love her and this other man won't make you stop loving her. Watch some good IR movies with her and see what kind of situations she reacts to and both of you can discover what she is most likely going to respond to when the real black man is on top of her. See if she likes the idea of him forcing her, humiliating her, talking racist during sex (N word, etc.), being dominant to her, risking pregnancy, etc. Does she like men with very dark skin? Does she really like for him to have a very large penis (not all women truly want it to be that big)? Does she want him to wear a condom or is she really set on him ejaculating inside her? Should she find a lover that is already in a relationship (so he's not looking for romance and true love and everyone is aware of what this is about)? There are so many things to talk about and consider, so please have this conversation with her. I think you will both enjoy it and it will provide clarity and confidence for both of you as you go forward....Best of luck!
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  5. toolman2c

    toolman2c Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    GOOD advice " i sure love the way U think " as for as fantasy and in real life goes, 'bareback' is the ultimate thrill by far..IMO . julie U r so sexy, do U get extra cock ? and how often, id love to read anyting u write, and pictures of U would b best way to a mans hard....
  6. Knk069

    Knk069 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Start going to some bars where there are men on the prowl. Take a seat and watch guyes approach as she goes about the room. See where that leads. But first, you might want to ask her in the cold light of day if she was serious.
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  7. hotwife70

    hotwife70 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    My wife too recently told me she wished to have another cock to fuck her pussy when I sucked her nipples & fingers her pussy the sametime.She is a Asian slim body 120 lbs with small tight cunt normally only handle 5.5'' cock but could stretch up to have 4 of my fingers ravaging her pussy roughly like in the porn movie and surprising me instead of asking me to stop but she rather show she enjoyed it madly.So you never know what the woman can do.
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  8. Lamont

    Lamont Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Fair point. My partner's first was a very "meh...you're way better than him" experience which was absolutely not what I was hoping for. And before we go down that road of thinking maybe she was trying to preserve my feelings or be nice, I was there for the whole thing. It just wasn't that good. Horrible way to start.
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