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Support Us!

You will be discreetly billed by CCBill.com *Busterdog Pr on your cardholder statement. Your secrets are safe with us!
VIP package
  • VIP! status (chat and forum).
  • Customer support (chat and forum).
  • Custom news post every 30 days.
  • Change your own username.
  • Animated profile cover.
  • Set your mood.
  • Use special emojis.
  • Text special effects.
  • Forum Benefits
  • lifetime access to dig420's video section.
  • Access to Let's Meet Up! forums.
  • No ads.
  • Self delete posts and media.
  • uploads limited to 200mb.
  • storage limited to 30gb.
$14.95 recurring every 30 days (base package).
MVP Package
    Our MVP package provides many of the benefits most of our members love and gives your pics and videos extra visibility! Your text ad will scroll every 10 minutes and you can change it every 30 days. Your wall post goes in the News section and is visible to all members. You can change it every 30 days.

  • VIP package plus:
  • Custom text ad in chat, scrolling every 10 minutes.
  • Delete your own content (chat and forum).
  • Forum Benefits
  • All VIP forum benefits.
  • Sticky thread on the forum of your choice.
  • uploads limited to 500mb.
  • storage limited 50gb.
$24.95 recurring every 30 days.
    Our Superstar! package provides every benefit we can offer. A scrolling text ad, a sticky post on the News wall and 100% customer service. We will not stop until your issues are completely resolved. In addition, you can have your own pinned room in chat, upload large files to our media section and control who can see your uploaded content.

  • MVP package plus:
  • Superstar! status
  • Create your own pinned room!
  • Forum Benefits
  • uploads up to 1GB
  • storage limited to 100GB
$34.95 recurring every 30 days.
VIP package for 6 months.
    We prefer a stready stream of recurring income so that we always know the bills are going to be paid. However, we recognize that some of our members prefer a one-time payment. This one-time charge provides you with six months of our VIP package listed above, at a significant discount. This allows you to support your favorite website without worrying about a monthly charge. You get VIP status for six months for less than the cost of paying for a dinner date for your wife and her boyfriend. What a deal!

    We need your support! As with all our packages, your credit card info is completely safe. For security, we use 3rd party billing services. You will be billed by either CCBill.com or Wishtender.com.

    $49.95 single payment.
MVP package for 12 months.
    $99.00 buys you MVP (most valuable perv) status for twelve months. You will enjoy all the benefits provided to our recurring MVP subscribers, including an ad-free experience on our forums, a sticky thread in a forum of your choice (at the top of the page) and the ability to upload large video files and images to our media section. In addition you get access to dig420's private media gallery, a curated collection of the best cuckold content the web has to offer.

    Enjoy a much greater level of visibility in chat as well with a pinned room, a rotating News post and text ad - including an image - that scrolls every 10 minutes in chat!

$99.95 single payment.