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Mrs Redbacks Confession

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by mrs redback, May 17, 2017.

  1. mrs redback

    mrs redback New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Ok, a promise is a promise. I recently cuckolded my husband with his best friend and he talked me into confessing my sins here on slutwives. So here goes.

    A couple months ago my husband and I went on a short holiday with Blake and his wife and their friend. Blake is a serious cuckold and is denied sex whenever their friend is around. Anyway, on the last morning I had showered, put on a kimono and was having coffee on the balcony when Blake turned up and joined us. His wife and her lover were still in bed. When I said I was going to change my husband stripped my kimono off in front of Blake, letting him have a good look at my naked body. My husband likes to show me off and to be honest I like being shown off. Usually its elegant sexy, backless evening gown, short skirt, lacy top kind of thing but he has allowed a lot men to see me topless and a few to see me naked. Blake, however, was the only man to see me naked and not have sex with me.

    Well, last Sunday my husband was called away to an emergency at the airport. Seems a chemical spill had occurred and he had to help with the cleanup. I had been gardening all day and hd just showered and dressed in my favourite nightie was about to prepare tea when Blake turned up to return a lawnmower that he had borrowed. His wife was out of town for the weekend and wouldnt be home until the next day so I invited him to stay for tea. Ok fellas, get rid of the “Victoria's Secrets” image. It was an old, warm and very comfortable long flannel nightie. I was home alone, what did you expect and no it was not my husbands favourite.

    Blake and I had an enjoyable, if simple, meal and were getting into a bottle of wine and deep conversation, listening to quiet music. I was feeling pretty relaxed and mellow. The conversation turned to our respective lifestyles and soon we were relating experiences to each other. He told me of how he and his wife entered the cuckold life and why they do what they do. He told me that he was a quick cummer and that his wife, then girlfriend, started seeing other men to get the satisfaction he couldnt give her. The humiliation turned him on and it went from there. I told him of our 1st mfm and fmf and so on. We sorta clicked when he told me that he had been cucked on his wedding night and I confessed to sleeping with the best man the night before our wedding.

    That was when Blake kissed me. I returned the kiss. We sat close and Blake put his arm around me and caressed my neck. We kissed again but when he touched my breast I stopped him. Except for that one night with the best man I have never been unfaithfull to my husband. He has always known and approved of any man I have been with.

    I didnt remove his hand, just stopped him. He continued to caress me and then kiss me again which I aloowed but once again when he cupped my breast I stopped him telling him we shouldnt. He agreed saying that my husband was his best friend and it is wrong to make a move on his wife and appologised.

    I got up, gathered the glasses and took them to the sink to wash them. I needed a little time to calm myself as I was getting pretty aroused. Blake came up behind me and kissed my neck and ear. I grabbed the sink and tried to stop my body from betraying me. Blake put his arms around me a cupped both my breasts and gently squeezed them. This time I didnt stop him. I turned my head so my lips could meet his. His thumb and finger pinched my nipples and I moaned and stuck my tongue into his mouth. He pushed against me and I could feel his erection against my bum.

    He guided me to the kitchen table and forced me to lay on it face down. He raised my nightie up and lay it on my back. He told me to spread my legs. I complied. His fingers found my pussy, feeling how wet I was. I heard his zipper go down and then felt his cock slide up and down my crack. Then the head entered me, withdrew and entered again. I pushed back, forcing him into me. I had never felt so full.

    He started to fuck me, deep and hard. Just as I was reaching the point of orgasm he pulled out and shot his cum over my back. I have never felt more disappointed in my life.

    Blake was very appologetic saying that I now knew why Sheree had a lover and why she denied him.

    He tucked himself back into his shorts, apologized again saying he had to leave. The poor man really was dejected. He was almost crying. He made to go but I caught him at the front door and stopped him. I told him it was all ok. He said it wasnt. He betrayed his best friend, he failed as a man, as a friend and with me. Actually I said, I think you just made Jack's day, we have talked about you joining us. We hadnt but the little lie seemed to cheer him up a bit.

    Then I kissed him. I told him he hdnt failed yet. I stepped back and lifted my nightie over my head and dropped it on the floor. I took his hand and said follow me. I led him to our bedroom, kissed him and started to undress him. I removed his shirt and caressed and kissed his chest. By the time I got to his shorts he was showing signs of arousal. I pulled his shorts and boxers down and gazed at his cock for the 1st time. It was beautiful. Thick and hard. I wrapped my hand around it but my finger and thumb never met. He was quite a bit thicker than my husband and about the width of my finger longer. I told him this and it seemed to boost his ego a bit. I took him into my mouth and sucked. When I felt his arousal peaking I stopped and lay back on the bed. I told him to explore my body, which he did with great enthusiasm. I let him kiss, caress, feel, probe, suck and gaze to his hearts content and until I could feel myself getting close to orgasm.

    Then I opened my legs, pulled him on top of me, grabbed his cock and guided it to my opening. I just held him there. I asked him why he puled out down stairs. He said that he wasnt allowed to cum inside Sheree. I guided his cock into me and said, this time dont pull out. I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me to 2 beautiful orgasms before he finally flooded my pussy with his seed.

    We showered together and he got dressed, I remained naked, and went downstairs for coffee. 2Hrs, 3 coffee's and a long talk later he said he had to go.

    After he left I rang my husband and told him what I had just done.

    So there is my confession. I apologize for the poor writing. Im afraid Im not a novelist.

    PS, My husband was and is thrilled and we are both hoping for a repeat but with my husband present. I have told my husband if he leaves me alone with Blake and he tries to seduce me again I cant promise he wont succeed, My husband just smiled.

    I have a feeling my pussy is going to be well used in future..........sorry darling.
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  2. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    Well done and well written. Looking forward to more adventures.
  3. Enigma632

    Enigma632 Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for that, great to hear the other side of the story (already read your husbands) and also very good of you to look after your husbands best friend
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  4. tterry298

    tterry298 white bull for wives Beloved Member :)

    what an excellent story
  5. SquirmingSub

    SquirmingSub Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    It is always great to read the perspective from the wife and the husband. Looking forward to your continued posting.
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  6. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    mrs redback, thanks for posting. My first wife in her journal would often write out in great detail some of her activities. Personally, it is much more erotic when a woman writes about the "fun" she's had. Thanks again. GTR
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  7. MANNY33

    MANNY33 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Very nice story. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted please.