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The Psychology Of Cuckoldry

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by Ben Steel, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Ben Steel

    Ben Steel The Cuck Coach Beloved Member :)

  2. redback

    redback Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Im afraid I dont agree with your "psychology of cuckoldry". You are making the same mistake that society and government has been making for 5000 yrs. Trying to put people in a box. But no 2 people are the same, we are all individual.
    By your definition I fall into the "alpha cuckold" box. I have been in that box for 30 yrs. To this day I do not wish to travel across to the "beta" box. Now I admit there is a certain amount of humiliation an masochism in any cuckold relationship. Another man has enjoyed your wifes body with your consent an both your wife an the other man know it. Of course your going to feel humiliated BUT for me thats as far as it goes . I never had any interest in being humiliated or degraded . If Im going to allow another man to enter my wifes body then he better show gratitude an respect to me a well a my wife or it aint gonna happen.
    Choosing a 3rd person is always a joint activity between my wife an I. If either of us have any misgiving it aint gonna happen.
    You say that a "alpha" cuck is more into voyeurism. Yes I do like to watch but I prefer to partake. My wife also prefers for me to partake.
    We can go long period without another person joining us . Its not an essential part of our lives .
    It all about mutual enjoyment an we both agree that when one of us stops getting enjoyment from it, it aint gonna happen no more.
    I dont get turned on by the sight of a naked man, except to see him get hard for my wife.
    I dont do cream-pie. I dont like to even touch another mans cum except on my cock while it in my wife pussy.
    i like to hear another man compliment my wife. I dont like to hear how he will fuck her.
    I dont perform any sex act with another man. I dont even touch another man unless it to do with sex with my wife, like guide his cock into her pussy.

    Why do I do it? simple. It turns me on.
    Why does my wife do it? It turns her on.

    What turn me on? I like to see my wife enjoy herself.
    I like to see our friend enjoy himself.
    I like to explore her body with a friend, show him how to touch her.
    I like to see his cock in my wife Pussy.
    I like to fuck my wife after she has been fucked. I like the feel of it.
    I like to know that my wife i attractive to other men.

    What turn my wife on? she like to enjoy herself.
    she like to see our friend enjoy himself.
    she like to see me enjoy myself.
    she like the attention of 2 men. make her feel sexy an feminine.
    she like to know she is attractive to other men.
    she really like to kiss me while another man i in her pussy, make her feel very naughty.
    knowing she has 2 different loads of sperm inside her. make her feel special.

    Most cucks could probably relate to the above an most psychologists could probably find a box to put it in but at the end of the day I make my own choice about why, where, when or how I do anything.
    Putting cucks into 2 catorgories is being a little narrow minded. Im sure some cucks fit neatly into your boxes but many wont.
    The reason for choosing this way of life is varied .
    some cucks do it strictly for their own fulfillment with little concern for how others feel, including their wife. some do it for medical reason, erectile dysfunction for example. some are probably force into it while other are led into it an some lead into it.

    Just my opinion, many wont agree .
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  3. okdeacon

    okdeacon Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Redback, I second this motion. A great big ole 10-4. okdeacon
  4. zippless

    zippless Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    redback well said! Ditto the reasons you do it. I love to see the wife pleasured.
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  5. old fred

    old fred Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I find that I am in complete agreement with your post, I feel no humiliation in having other guys fuck my wife, joy at seeing her happy and I enjoy watching their cocks go in and out of he body. I know it makes her feel good about herself to know that she is such a turn on to so many guys and she needs what I can no longer provide.
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  6. watchedwife

    watchedwife New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Just like you said my wife also likes being the center of attention with two guys at the same time who are totally focus on giving her sexual pleasure. And she claims when we dp her with one cock in her ass and the other cock in her pussy it gives her the ultimate orgasms. And it also feeds her ego that she can handle two guys at the same time sexually.
    just like you said the wife enjoys being the center of sexual attention with two guys at the same time
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