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    ***** Wife | Chapter 7

    Lisa was exhausted, both mentally and physically. She didn’t check the time when they got to the club but it was after 3am when they left. After so many hours of being fucked by big hard black cocks her body was aching and sore. Her mouth ached from being stretched around thick slabs of cock...
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    Post what captions you want, I dont care thread

    And all over your pillow too.
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    Comment by 'Whoreowner' in the story '***** Wife'

    Working on chapter 6. Should go up in the next week.
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    ***** Wife | Chapter 6

    As Lisa awoke she felt very different to other mornings. For the first time since her wedding day she wasn’t overwhelmed with guilt. Every other day since Mark took over her life she was worried, scared, humiliated and consumed with guilt for what she was doing behind her husbands back. But this...
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    ***** Wife | Chapter 5

    wedding day ***** part 5Thank you to all who are reading and enjoying the stories so far. I hope you enjoy this next instalment. Please leave comments, tell me what you like and don't. feel free to give me suggestions on what happens next.Lisa awoke in the morning, her body aching, her...
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    Comment by 'Whoreowner' in the story '***** Wife'

    Chapter 5 should go up this weekend
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    ***** Wife | Ch. 04

    Please let me know your thoughts, good or bad.Lisa was fast asleep; she was having a dream about being groped by one of the hotel staff. He was black and a total stranger to her, yet she was allowing him to put his hands all over her body. As the stranger moved his hands over her body, he...
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    ***** Wife | Ch. 03

    As soon as the pictures were sent to Mark, Lisa stood up and went to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up. As she stood at the sink, looking in the mirror at the naked woman in front of her with cum dripping down her face and clinging to her eyelids, she started to cry. How had she let it go...
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    Comment by 'Whoreowner' in the story '***** Wife'

    Chapter 2 has been added. Hope you like it.
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    ***** Wife | Ch. 02

    The photographer was clicking away, taking picture after picture of the newlywed couple and their guests. Lisa was smiling for the camera, smiling with happiness that she was married, but also smiling to hide the unhappiness of what had happened earlier. Then the photographer suggested a picture...
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    ***** Wife

    Lisa stood there with her mouth wide open in shock. Twenty minutes ago she had been putting on the finishing touches, getting ready for her big day. Her hair and makeup were looking perfect, her nails recently manicured. As she looked at herself in the bridal suite mirror, she thought to herself...
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    hi, my internet dropped out and took ages to get back.

    hi, my internet dropped out and took ages to get back.
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    Hi just new here so be kind HOTHEELS

    looking great hot heels. would love to have found you under my xmas tree :)
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    She's hot, you are a lucky man, your killing us with the teasing pics though. Can't wait to see what you will post next.
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    Its happening!!

    She's fucking hot. Keep the pics coming my friend
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    Sexy slut wife that needs to be filled. Any takers?

    I'd bring a group of friends over to your house and make the slut service us all. You could stay and watch if you behaved. We would stay all weekend. Everytime you looked at her she would have a cock inside her or exploding over her. I would make her wear her wedding dress on Saturday night so...
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    Slut wife wants to be shown off.

    what a hot little slut.
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    Upskirt Wife - Big Tits - Beautiful Ass - Soft Pussy

    Definatly show more of your beautiful woman. She's hot with nice tits
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    How to deal with bull being around our kids?

    if hes the bull in the relationship you gotta accept he will probably dominate your daughter as well as your wife.
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    She's got a nice body with great tits.