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  1. ToniBoy

    New Black Cock Wife becomes a Slut for her Black Boss

    It began innocently enough with me catching my forty-six year old wife surfing a fantasy website. This led to me discovering that she was a black cock slut who didn't realize it! The good part of this was that interracial sex and wife sharing was a fantasy of mine and it was at that point, that...
  2. A

    The First Step

    The First StepChapter OneBy Arc LightOne wonders where the fantasy first begins......And what makes one take the first step ?My wife Kathy and I first met while attending UCLA.... she was a vivacious young beauty that immediately caught my attention. Her shoulder length blonde hair...
  3. Black girl takes it up the ass

    Black girl takes it up the ass

    black booty takes it deep
  4. Smart Hubby

    Smart Hubby

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