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a natural redheaded wht wife in savannah georgia

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hey all i am a natural redheaded wht wife in savannah georgia looking to do a gangbang, i can only meet in savannah as it is hard for me to travel. i am married, i do not meet without my husband, he is cool and straight, he is not a submissive or into clean up or that stuff, we are just looking to have fun. i am looking for about 5 to 10 blk men to do me. i am cool with giving oral, titfucking, doing anal and dp, and of course giving up my pussy. however condoms are a must, i gotta be safe. ok well those are some basics, i can answer any questions you might have, as far as a pic i will get one up soon. i do have one on my yahoo profile, once i get in contact with someone i think is for real and not a pic collector or one of these cuckolds then i can send one to the party involved, thanks guys. sheila. oh yes i am 26 yrs old, 5'2 tall, 140 weight, 38d, redhair

Hi...I'm not far from Savannah. Have you had your party yet?
party in savannah georgia

not yet i am trying to get a grp of about 4-10 guys for it, looking for them still :twisted:
Atlanta Here

Black male in Atlanta, Getting to you is not a problem, 5'11 22o lbs, stocky buildm brown skin a bit over 7 inches with lots of stamina. Hit me back at cit2000@bellsouth.net.

Mista Biggs
Professiona blk male from Hotlanta, I would love to hang out for a satisfying weekend for fun.

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