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A New Dawn

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Feb 27, 2004
A New Dawn by Carol Collins

Dawn Tikken hurried to get dressed. The thirty year old wife
and mother had enrolled in classes at the university when her
youngest child had started kindergarten. Her husband was a sergeant
in the U. S. military and with him being gone half of the time, she
needed something in her life to relieve the boredom.

She had maintained a figure that most of her younger female college
classmates envied. Dawn was five foot five, one hundred twenty five
pounds, smooth white skin, 38C cup breasts that still did not
require much support, shoulder length blonde hair and electric blue
eyes that captivated most all males. She was initially shocked at
the loose behavior of the younger students but was trying to fit in
with them. Perhaps it was a culture shock that was caused by the
sheltered life that she had had before she had married.

Dawn slipped on her white nylon panty briefs. John, her
husband of over ten years, referred to them as "granny panties".
Dawn donned her plain white brassiere before rolling her pantyhose
up her very shapely legs and bottom. A white cotton blouse, a knee
length brown skirt, brown flat heel shoes, her watch, a pair of
earrings that John had bought for her anniversary last year and her
wedding rings completed her ensemble.

Dawn looked in the mirror as she used a brush to fluff her
hair just a little more before putting on a light coating of
lipstick on her full soft lips. She almost never wore more than
lipstick. Her face was pretty, but she never seemed to notice. She
picked up her eye glasses and put them on, checking her appearance
one last time before leaving the bedroom.

Dawn picked up her school books, locked the front door, walked
to the drive way, got into her Dodge Caravan, started the engine and
started down the nearly deserted residential street. An hour earlier
she had gotten her children off to school. An hour before that, John
had left for his duty assignment at the military base. Now, Dawn was
on her way to her classes at the university.

Parking was always a problem. A parking sticker was said to be
nothing more than a hunting license. Luckily, she found a space next
to the building where she had her first class. Dawn entered the
classroom and sat next to the beautiful long haired, blue eyed
blonde teenage girl that had become her friend.

Susan Quigley was one of the wilder girls that Dawn had met on
campus. They had, purely by accident, been taking the same sections
of the same college courses. Sitting next to one another in each
class allowed them to share lecture notes and even work on a few
assignments together. It was a strange combination. Dawn was a
thirty year old wife and mother who had been raised to be sexually
conservative. Susie Q, as she like to be called, was a nineteen year
old that was wild and led the life of a free spirit.

Dawn did not approve of Susie's wardrobe for today. A red
halter top that left little of the teenager's voluptuous breasts to
anyone's imagination. A matching red micro mini skirt that ended a
couple of inches below her crotch and allowed her thin white silky
panties to show when she sat down. On Susie's small feet were a pair
of red high heel sandals. Dawn had decided that since she was the
only older person in the class, it was not her place to judge. After
all, she was the intruder here. The professor walked into the room
and began the lecture.

After classes were over, Dawn and Susie Q were in the library
studying for their psychology test scheduled for the next day. Susie
looked at her older friend and said, "Dawn, you know how you said
that you would like to have a part time job to give you some extra
spending money? I think that I know of the perfect job. Have you
ever heard of a House Mother? There is a fraternity here on campus
that needs a new House Mother."

Dawn thought about what it would be like to be surrounded by a
bunch of horny college boys. She shook her head no as she said that
she did not think it would be the right type of job for her. "Loosen
up! It is just the job you need! We're about through here. Let me
take you to the fraternity house and you can meet some of the
terrific frat brothers. You'll see what I mean." Dawn tried to say
that she needed to go home and clean house. She ended up in the
passenger seat of Susie's red corvette convertible with the wind in
her hair as they rode across the campus to the fraternity house.

The three Greek symbols mounted on the sign on the front of
the large house proclaimed that the three story house was the home
of a college fraternity. Susie parked her Corvette in the parking
area next to a lowered BMW coupe and a new Lexus. Dawn was
impressed. There was a row of tall hedges that surrounded the front
of the house. She followed the teenage blonde as they ascended the
front porch steps and Susie rang the doorbell.

Dawn was surprised when the door was answered by a tall
handsome, very dark skinned Black male. Susie and he were evidently
very well acquainted because she leapt into his arms and they kissed
passionately. Dawn was shocked as she saw the large muscular black
hands wrap around her young friend and cup her rounded buttocks
through her short red micro mini skirt. The young African-American
male had to lean over to plant his large lips on the excited
blonde's eager mouth. Dawn had led such a sheltered life that she
had never witnessed, in person, a white girl being kissed by a Black
male. She was both shocked and intrigued by what was taking place
only a few inches in front of her.

When Susie Q and her friend finally came up for air, she
turned toward Dawn and said, "Dawn, I want you to meet my boyfriend,
Mobotto." Mobotto said hello as his eyes slowly swept down and back
up Dawn's body. Dawn felt her body shiver under the appraising gaze
as she automatically mumbled how nice it was to meet him. Susie took
Dawn's hand and pulled the confused housewife through the front

The foyer of the house was large with a curved staircase
rising to the second floor. Susie led her older married friend into
the living room where several of the fraternity brothers were
lounging. Mobotto sat on one side of the broad sofa as Dawn was
pulled down to sit alongside her smiling friend. As Dawn had entered
the room, she noticed that all of the males were of African-American
descent. Susie and she were the only white people in the entire

"Mobotto, Dawn is looking for a part time job. Is the House
Mother position still open? I think that Dawn would be perfect once
she gets to know all of the frat brothers and is broken in."
Mobotto's dark eyes once again swept over the thirty year old wife
and mother's body before nodding his head. The other frat members
had stopped what they were doing to look over the older blonde. Dawn
began to feel even more nervous under the intense scrutiny.

Mobotto spoke in his deep resonant voice, "Yea, we are looking
for a new House Mother. The hours are not fixed, but they are
flexible. The money is very good for a woman with the right
qualifications." He smiled a broad smile for the nervous woman. "Let
me give you the grand tour of the house. Maybe you will like it here
and want to stay." Dawn tried to turn down the offer, but, Susie
insisted. Just as Mobotto was leading Dawn out of the room, Susie
said that she had to visit the little girl's room and for them to go
on without her.

Dawn followed Mobotto through the first floor rooms. The
kitchen was large and modern. The dining room was spacious and could
seat twenty or more. Then, Mobotto lead her down a set of stairs
into the basement. Several Black males were sitting in the
recreational room with their girlfriends. All of the girlfriends
were young and very pretty white girls. Some of the couples were
making out. Dawn could see a black hand moving under a pink silk
blouse as one couple kissed.

There was a cloud of smoke that filled the air in the rec
room. Dawn, even though she did not smoke, could not help but inhale
some of the pungent fumes hanging in the air. Mobotto seemed
determined to prolong their stay in the recreation room as he
demonstrated each and every amenity that the basement had to offer.
Dawn's head was beginning to feel dizzy as Mobotto offered her a
seat on a vacant love seat. She refused the offer, but when he took
her hand and pulled her down beside him, she found herself
cooperating. After all, she did not wish to seem impolite.

Mobotto opened a small box beside the love seat and took out
a strange appearing cigarette. He lit it and inhaled the smoke deep
into his lungs before expelling it in Dawn's direction. Dawn coughed
as the smoke penetrated her own lungs. When she recovered, another
cloud of smoke had also been blown in her direction. She could not
prevent some of the smoke from being inhaled as she breathed.

Dawn felt her mind becoming disoriented as she sat beside the
younger tall Black man. The room began to reel slightly as he leaned
even closer to her each time before exhaling more of the pungent
smoke. His dark eyes could see the effects the smoke was having and
his pants were becoming tighter as his very large black penis
expanded in anticipation of what was to come.

Dawn had never smoked a cigarette in her entire life, but
inhaled when the strange cigarette was held to her lips and she was
ordered to do so. It felt as if she were floating on a cloud and
Mobotto's voice was coming from far away as she obeyed his commands.
He had her finish the joint before he proceeded farther.

Dawn's blue eyes were almost closed as she was led from the
main recreation room to a slightly smaller basement play room. The
center of the room held a king sized bed. A row of sofa's surrounded
the bed in a circular pattern. Dawn's mind was so disoriented by the
pot that she had inhaled, she looked at the bed and wanted to lay
down to take a nap. Mobotto helped her to the bed and laid the
helpless white wife and mother on the satin sheet covering the bed.

Dawn was ******* that the other couples and fraternity
brothers were filing into the room and taking seats on the sofas
around the large bed. She was barely aware of the fact that
Mobotto's long fingers were unbuttoning her white cotton blouse.
Extra hands helped her to sit up as the blouse was removed. Her
brassiere was unhooked before she was allowed to lay back down.
There were grins of approval as the size and shape of her C-cup
breasts were ******* to everyone's view.

The cool air on Dawn's sensitive nipples caused them to pucker
and expand. She became aware of her surroundings as the fog lifted
slightly. Her hands came up to cup over her breasts and cover her
extended nipples as she tried to rise from the bed. She thought to
herself, "I am a married woman! I can't let something like this

Dawn calmed down when Susie leaned over her. "Relax, Dawn.
Nobody is going to hurt you." Susie's face was so close to her as
she whispered, "Here, inhale this. It will make you feel very good."
Some sort of a glass pipe was held to Dawn's lips. As she took her
next breath, a cloud of vapors invaded her lungs. The effects were
almost instantaneous. A sense of well being washed through Dawn's
mind and body as she sank back onto the satin sheet.

Susie Q helped to remove her older friend's brown skirt. The
ten or so Black males in the room, as well as the six white females,
watched intently as Dawn's pantyhose and white nylon briefs were
peeled from her now nude body. Dawn was now wearing only her
earrings, wedding rings and eye glasses. Susie was impressed at how
well preserved the older blonde's body was. Dawn's body was in even
better shape than she had expected. She knew that Mobotto would be
pleased with her for delivering another pretty white married woman
to him.

Mobotto ordered, "Susie Q, get your friend's twat ready for
me," as he stood to remove his own clothing. Susie understood what
was expected. She eagerly leaned forward and took one of the pinkish
brown pointed nipples in her mouth and sucked on it for a minute
before moving to the other nipple. A minute or two later, she had
spread Dawn's shapely legs and had moved between them. Susie kissed
around the soft light brown pubic hair before burying her tongue in
the small pink slit that she found there.

Susie's efforts were rewarded by a moan from the lips of the
unconscious married woman. Dawn had always considered all forms of
oral sex to be dirty. She had never even had sex with anyone other
than her husband. Now, she was lying on a bed in the basement of an
all Black fraternity while her young friend sucked on her clitoris
and a nude six foot plus tall very well endowed African-American
male, about ten years her junior, anxiously awaited his turn with
the white wife. Dawn's head was spinning so much that she barely
noticed the camera flashes.

What did penetrate into Dawn's fog soaked brain was the
intense sensation of pleasure coming from her tight little vagina.
Susie was an expert at going down on another woman. Her step mother
had taught her and she had learned her lessons well. Dawn felt the
signs of an approaching orgasm. She had been so indoctrinated to
believe that sex was dirty that she had never let herself go while
having sex with John. The drugs had removed Dawn's inhibitions and
she was beginning to writhe on the cool satin sheets as her clitoris
was being expertly licked and suctioned. Dawn's fingers entwined in
the long blonde hair of her young friend as she approached the most
powerful orgasm of her life.

The other coeds in the room all had a large black cock in
their hands as they watched the lesbian seduction of the wife and
mother. The Black fraternity brothers that did not have a white
female partner had loosened their huge ebony tools and were stroking
them. Mobotto's uncircumcised rammer was almost nine inches in
length. What was amazing was the width. It was three inches across
and was as stiff as an iron bar.

Susie Q felt Mobotto flip her short red mini skirt up over her
back as his long black fingers pulled the crotchband of her white
silky panties to one side and slide inside of her wet hairless
vagina. Dawn's delicate fingers in her young friend's hair were
forcing Susie's mouth against her pulsating clitoris as her orgasm
approached. Susie moaned as Mobotto found her clitoral hood ring and
began twisting it as his middle finger speared deep inside of her
dripping pussy.

Dawn arched her back and let out a scream as she experienced
the strongest cum of her life. John, her husband, had never brought
her such ecstasy. The combination of the drugs, the uninhibited oral
sex and the strange situation combined effects caused Dawn to pass

Susie realized that Dawn was unconscious, stopped eating her pussy,
turned to Mobotto's huge black cock and began sucking on it. Mobotto
had his sights on the fresh meat that his girlfriend had delivered
for him to defile. He called two of his frat brothers over to handle
Susie Q so that he could concentrate on the white man's wife. He had
learned to take extra pleasure in screwing a white woman that was
married to a white man. The thought of what he was going to do made
his big black dick even harder.

Four black hands had taken hold of Susie's beautiful young
body and had her laid on her back on the other side of the bed. One
huge dark tool was already entering her hairless and hungry vagina
as another was being fed to her luscious red lips. Susie completely
forgot about her boyfriend and Dawn as two of her orifices were

Mobotto climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between
the splayed white thighs of the unconscious wife. He smiled as he
aimed his swollen rod at Dawn's unprotected slit. Mobotto loved the
feeling he got the first time he rubbed his huge cock in the cunt
juices of a strange piece of ass, especially if it was white, and
even more especially if she was married to a white guy.

Mobotto pulled his foreskin back and dipped the baseball sized
head of his cock in the wet hair fringed slit. He rubbed his cock up
and down the ********** woman's vagina a few times before he began
to bear down on the opening. "Damn!" Mobotto exclaimed, "This
bitch's husband sure hasn't been wearing her pussy out! She is as
tight as a fifteen year old!"

Mobotto bore down with more of his weight and was rewarded
with the pleasure of a very tight pussy stretched around his huge
cock head. He had gained entry into what had been John Tikken's
exclusive territory. Mobotto shoved forward again and sank another
inch into Dawn's tummy.

Dawn became aware of her surroundings. It felt as if she had a
telephone pole stuck up inside her tender belly. The drug was still
fogging her mind as she looked down to see the gigantic black pole
that was skewering her tightly and painfully stretched vagina. "What
are you doing to me?" Dawn gasped as another inch was ****** up into
her. "Take it out! It's too big!" Mobotto smiled down into the
thirty year old's frightened face. He loved to hear them plead to
take it out. He knew that, if she behaved like all of the others
did, she would be begging for him to fuck her in a few minutes.

Dawn's vagina had not been stretched like this since the birth
of her last baby. She wanted to get up and run, but was pinned to
the bed by the monstrous black cock working it's way deeper into her
over stuffed vagina. She groaned as another inch disappeared. Dawn
raised her head to see that at least four more inches remained
outside of her. She looked up into the grinning face of the younger
Black man that was on top of her. He boasted, "Dawn, your pussy is
going to belong to me after today.!" Then, he drove another inch
deeper into the protesting housewife's violated opening.

Dawn was caught up in a world of her own. Her vagina was being
painfully stretched, but, deep inside, a inkling of pleasure was
being mixed in with the more dominant sensation. The drug dazed wife
gave out a yelp as the last inch sank out of sight. Mobotto had
passed the portion of Dawn's vagina that her husband had used and
was in virginal territory. It was the coarse pubic hair grinding
against her clitoris that triggered Dawn's unwanted orgasm. She
screamed and her body bucked beneath the Black frat brother as she
experienced her first orgasm with a man other than her husband.

Mobotto grinned as he watched the facial expressions that
danced across the married white woman's face. Her big blue eyes were
wide open as she was cumming. Her fingers gripped Mobotto's muscular
arms as she wiggled and bounced about on the satin sheets. Several
pictures were taken of her dramatic climax. She sank back onto the
bed, covered in perspiration, as she eventually calmed down.

Mobotto was far from being finished with his new plaything. He
began a slow in and out movement. His hips thrust his huge tool in
and out. Each time that he bottomed out in the older blonde woman's
cunt, he made sure to grind his pubic hair against her sensitive
clit. The result was that she began a series of climaxes the like of
which she had never known.

Mobotto felt his sperm bubbling up from his massive balls. He
knew that he was about to deposit his baby making juice deeper
inside of the white married woman than she had ever had done before.
Dawn was allergic to birth control pills. Her husband was required
to use a rubber to prevent pregnancy. Mobotto's large ebony penis
was unprotected. The combination of the drugs and the newly
unleashed lust prevented Dawn from worrying about the possible
outcome as she felt Mobotto's cock pulsing deep inside of her
defiled tummy. Instead, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and
held tight until every last drop of baby cream was drained from
Mobotto's balls. That's when Dawn ********** with her own massive


Consciousness came slowly for Dawn. The after effects of her
orgasms were being compounded by the fact that Susie Q was between
her legs licking every drop of cum from Dawn's widened vagina that
her talented young tongue could reach. Despite the fact that what
Susie was doing felt wonderful, Dawn summoned her will power to push
the long haired blonde's head away from her swollen and abused

Dawn looked at her young friend and saw that the lower half of
her face was covered in wet viscous cream. She realized that the
cream had come from her vagina. The Black college fraternity brother
had done something that Dawn would not let her own husband do. He
had coated the inside of her womb with sperm!

Dawn very carefully sat up on the rumpled bed. Everyone but
Susie and she had left the room. Dawn collected her clothes and
slipped on her white panties. The door opened and Mobotto entered
the room carrying three bottles of beer. Susie accepted one and he
offered another to Dawn. Dawn had never drank alcohol and she turned
it down. Mobotto shrugged as he sat on the side of the bed.

"Hey, Baby, don't be in such a rush to put your clothes back
on. Stick around. The party is just getting started." Dawn put on
her brassiere and picked up her pantyhose. "Don't be like this. You
enjoyed what we did. I bet you never came like that for you little
white bread husband! Admit it. You know what they say, 'Once you go
Black, you never go back!'"

Dawn had rolled her pantyhose up her legs and had tugged them
the rest of the way in place. As she picked up her blouse and put it
on, she asked, "Susie, can you take me back to the parking lot to
pick up my car. If you want to stay here, I can call a taxi."
Mobotto nodded to his girlfriend. She reluctantly got up and began

The ride back to the campus was mostly silent. Dawn was still
in shock. She thought, "How could I have let this happen?" She had
never been unfaithful to her husband, at least, not until today.
Now, she was no better than the common military slut wives that
sneaked around on their husbands each time they went on maneuvers.
What worried her most was the fact that she had loved what Mobotto
had done to her.

Dawn got home before her children arrived. She picked up some
fast food take out and returned home just in time to take a bath
before John got home. John was tired and glad to be home. He had a
private under him that was the biggest gold brick in the military.
An African-American private six foot six inches tall and about two
hundred and fifty pounds of honed muscle. John thought to himself,
"Dewandel Johnson could be the best man in my outfit if he weren't
so damn lazy! And, I have to be the sergeant stuck with him! Double
Damn! Maybe Dawn can help me take my mind off of Johnson?" Dawn was
not in the mood.


The alarm went off. Dawn was so sore, she could barely get out
of bed. Her vagina was very tender. At least she managed to get John
and her children off for work and school on time. Dawn sat at the
kitchen table drinking an extra cup of coffee. She felt extremely
guilty about what had happened the day before. She decided that it
was the drugs that had caused the problems. From now on, she would
stay away from the drugs, the fraternity house and Susie Quigley.

Dawn dressed in black lingerie, black pantyhose, a black
dress, black flats, her wedding rings and her eye glasses before
leaving to go to classes. Susie was sitting in her usual seat. Dawn
sat on the other side of the room and did not even acknowledge
Susie's presence. They had three classes together. Dawn repeated her
actions in all three class rooms.

At the end of the day, Dawn was walking to her car when Susie
caught up with her. "Come on, Dawn. Don't be mad at me. I'm not mad
at you even though you seduced my boyfriend." Dawn turned around to
look incredulously at the younger woman. "Dawn, don't deny that you
enjoyed yourself. You made quite a hit with Mobotto. He wants you to
come back this afternoon. I'll try not to get jealous if you go."

Had she heard correctly? Susie was accusing her of seducing
Mobotto? Dawn's temper flared up, "Listen to me, Susie! I did not
seduce your boyfriend! I was drugged! I never want to see him or any
of his fraternity again! Good bye. I am going home." Dawn unlocked
her car door just as Susie laid an envelope on the roof of her van.

Susie softly said, "Before you go, perhaps you should take a
look at these pictures." Dawn reluctantly opened the envelope and
almost fainted. She had been so under the influence of the drugs
that she had not remembered the photographs that had been taken of
her and Mobotto. Her hands were trembling as she sorted through the
sexually explicit pictures. The ones most damning were of her as she
climaxed, hugging the big Black stud while her eyes were rolled back
in her head. She felt so ashamed.

"Dawn, I am doing this for your own good. Mobotto has your
home address and is threatening to mail copies to your husband. He
said that he can find out where you husband works and can send his
commanding officer a set too. Dawn, it would be best to do what
Mobotto wants. Come with me to the frat house. The guys there can be
real nice once you get to know them." Susie was lying. She enjoyed
corrupting faithful wives. She just hoped that Dawn fell for her
act. She did.

The ride to the Black fraternity house was one of turmoil for
Dawn. She had had sex with a Black student there the day before. It
had been the first time that she had sex with anyone other than her
husband. She now knew that she was just as bad as any slut that she
had ever known. Dawn had always condemned such women. She crossed
her legs and found that the crotch of her panties were unusually
moist. A wave of shame swept through her.

Dawn remembered her first encounter with young Black males.
She had grown up in a remote area of New England where there were
almost no African-Americans. She remembered when her father, her
mother and her had gone to Florida on vacation one summer. She was a
very young and extremely innocent teenager at the time. Dawn's
mother had let her wear a skimpy new bikini swim suit over her
father's objections.

They had stopped at remote service station for gasoline and a rest
room break. While her father watched the car, she and her mother had
walked around to the back where the rest rooms were located. Three
teenage Black males were smoking pot beside the drink machine and
were blocking the way. Each noticed Dawn, even though she had a tank
top and a pair of shorts on over her bikini bathing suit, and asked
her to stay with them for a little while.

Dawn's mother began telling two of the boys that they needed a
lesson in manners as the third one moved in behind the mother and
close to Dawn. The young teenager was so frightened that she did not
make a sound even as she felt a black hand on the bare white flesh
between the back of her tank top and shorts. She quivered as the
questing fingers delved down under her shorts and inside of her
bikini bottoms. As her mother lectured the other two Black youths,
the third one had his unseen hand inside her suit and squeezing the
cheeks of her tight bottom.

Dawn had looked up into her molesters dark face in the hope that he
would remove his hand. Instead, his fingers dipped between her legs
and played with her tiny brown anus and small vaginal opening. She
had never played with herself and had never felt the sensations that
were now emanating from her pubic region. Dawn still looked up into
the dark eyes of her molester as a dark finger found her virginal
clitoris. Dawn had begun to breathe heavily and was about to spread
her legs for her molester to have more room when her father came
around the corner. They had been gone so long that he had come
looking for them. Fortunately, the drink machine blocked his view of
what was being done to his sweet and innocent young daughter or else
he may have murdered the misbehaving youth.

Dawn was disappointed when the long black fingers were pulled from
her shorts and bikini bottoms. Her mother and father mistook her
flushed color and shortness of breath to be caused only by fear as
they shuffled her back to the safety of their car. If her mother and
father had not been there, Dawn would have lost her virginity to
three Black Florida teenagers all of those years ago.

Dawn, despite her apprehension, felt an unmistakable tingling
sensation in her vagina. She also noticed that her nipples were
stiff and sensitive. Susie pulled into the parking area of the all
Black fraternity house. Dawn felt both nervous and sexual tension
coursing through out her shapely body as she reluctantly climbed out
of the passenger seat of the Corvette convertible.

Once again, Mobotto answered the door. He swept Susie up in
his strong arms and gave her a passionate kiss. Susie's feet were
off the floor and were dangling in the air as they swapped tongues.
Dawn's nipples and clitoris tingled as she remembered how it had
felt as the well endowed Black student had his way with her the
previous day. Dawn swore to herself that she would not repeat what
had happened the day before as Susie took her hand and pulled her
inside the frat house and shut the door.

Mobotto looked down into the older woman's big blue eyes as he
said, "I'm glad that you came back with Susie Q. I would have hated
to have had to send copies of those nasty pictures to everyone.
Besides, I probably gave you the best loving that you have ever
experienced." Mobotto moved in close to Dawn as his arms encircled
her narrow waist. "A fine woman like you deserves a good lover. You
certainly deserve better than some needle dick white boy!"

Dawn tried to say that her husband had more than a needle
dick. Mobotto countered, "Can you truthfully say that he gave you as
many orgasms as I did yesterday?" Dawn was at a loss of how to
answer. John, while a good husband and a decent lover, had never
turned her inside out the way that the grinning Black male that had
moved to rub his swollen black penis against her tummy had done.

Susie had wandered off, leaving Mobotto and her friend alone
in the foyer. Dawn turned her head when Mobotto bent down to kiss
her lips. His baseball glove sized dark hand held her head and
tilted it back as his thick lips sealed hers. His tongue was broad
and long as it penetrated Dawn's red painted lips.

The previous day, Dawn had been drugged. Today, her nipples
were erect, her vagina was very moist, her breathing was rapid and
her heart was racing. She was more turned on than she had ever been
in her life! The breeding session that she had the day before had
forever changed her psyche. She justified the fact that she was
being blackmailed and had no control over the situation as she
finally returned Mobotto's deep kiss.

Waves of sexual heat coursed through the white married woman's
body as she wrapped her arms around Mobotto's strong neck. Her
nervous energy level was at an all time high as she was swept up in
a pair of strong dusky arms and carried upstairs to Mobotto's room.
Dawn offered no physical resistance even though her mind was in a

Mobotto kicked the door closed as he carried his latest prize
to his king size bed. He peeled Dawn's clothing from her body as if
he were unwrapping a birthday present. He sucked her big pinkish
brown nipples as soon as they were uncovered. Dawn was gasping for
air as her black pantyhose and black panties were removed from her
slowly responding body.

Dawn vainly tried to push Mobotto's head away as his lips
descended to her moist vagina. She had been drugged when they had
gone down on her the day before. She had always said that oral sex
was nasty and only animalistic men and women would do such a thing.
Her thin arms were not strong enough to hold back the Black
fraternity brother. When she felt his broad tongue licking her juicy
slit, her entire body trembled as her clit sent shock waves
throughout her quivering nervous system. She lay back on the bed as
the strong waves of pleasure swept through her trembling body.

Mobotto alternated between licking the married blonde's cunt
and sucking on her swollen clit. By the time Dawn had her third
orgasm, he knew that she was his to do with as he pleased. Dawn was
recovering from a mind blowing orgasm when she realized that her
Black lover had moved up on the bed and was straddling her panting
torso. A pair of huge black balls were resting between her C cup
breasts as a gigantic black cock was being pressed against her
slightly moistened and parted lips.

Dawn tried to pull away from the erect penis that was dripping
pre seminal fluid into her mouth. Unfortunately, Mobotto was sitting
on her chest and her arms were trapped beneath him. Dawn closed her
lips only to have the drops of liquid already in her mouth coat her
tongue. Mobotto pulled the foreskin away from the head of his
extremely thick tool as he rubbed it across her lower face.

Dawn had refused her husband's repeated pleas for oral sex.
She had been taught that only sluts and whores performed oral sex.
However, as she lay on another man's bed, completely nude except for
her slightly fogged eye glasses, her body covered in perspiration
from the orgasms that she had already had, she felt like a slut.
Dawn made an unconscious decision and slowly opened her mouth.

Mobotto needed no other invitation. He slid the huge domed
head of his cock into the sweet, and heretofore unsullied, mouth of
the older married blonde. He smiled down into her beautiful blue
eyes as he felt her pink tongue tentatively licking several drops of
fluid from the leaking Black cock. As much as he wanted to cum in
her mouth, he could tell that it was her first time. He decided to
pull out and fuck the married white woman.

Mobotto's cock made a popping sound as he pulled it from
Dawn's sucking lips. She had just discovered that she liked the
taste of cock, and now, it was gone. She almost asked for it's
return before she saw that Mobotto was moving into position between
her wide spread thighs. The pole of moistened black rigid flesh was
moved to line up with her light brown hair fringed, vibrating and
very wet vagina.

Dawn looked between her large breasts and watched as Mobotto's
hand wrapped around his over sized sex machine and guided it to the
entrance way to her lower body. She could feel the blunt head making
contact with her swollen vaginal lips. A few vertical motions of
Mobotto's big dick to spread her moisture around and it was being
pressed into her opening. John's cock had never opened her up like
Mobotto's was doing! She groaned in a combination of pain and
pleasure as part of the huge black pole disappeared from view.

Dawn's shapely legs wrapped around Mobotto's waist as his
rigid black tool hit the bottom of her stretched vaginal sheath.
Thoughts of her husband and family were completely pushed from her
mind as her hormonal levels reached unprecedented heights. She
squealed in ecstasy as his course kinky pubic hair pressed against
her distended clitoris and she experienced another orgasm.

The married wife's dainty white fingers gripped the strong
black back of the younger college student as his hips began an up
and down motion. The previous day, Dawn had been given drugs to
weaken her resistance. Today, no drugs were dulling the sensations
emanating from her abused vagina. The conflicting senses of pain and
pleasure fought for dominance. Pleasure won out as Dawn's body
shuttered under the onslaught of numerous orgasms.

Fifteen minutes later, Mobotto could no longer hold out
against the effects of the spasming vaginal sheath milking his stiff
cock. Jet after thick jet of black man's seed splattered against the
married white wife's uterus as he dumped his sperm deep into Dawn's
belly. Dawn screamed as she felt the pulsating cock in her violated
vagina and had yet another orgasm.

Mobotto lay atop of Dawn for a few minutes to allow his sperm
time to saturate her womb. When he finally rolled off, his still
very swollen cock made a slurping sound as it pulled free of her
loosened pussy. Dawn's eye glasses were fogged and askew, her body
was covered in perspiration, her blonde hair was matted to her head
and sperm was streaming from her open vagina. She felt like a slut.
A satisfied slut, but a slut none the less. With her present state
of mind, Dawn was too content to worry about what she had just done
as she cuddled up to her big Black lover.

Half an hour later, Mobotto and Dawn arose from his bed. Dawn
had to get home in the next hour or else she would not be there when
her children got home from school. A very quick shower washed away
most of the sweat that had covered her curvy body. She slipped on
her clothes as Mobotto wrapped a bath robe around his muscular
torso. She did not try to resist as he took her in his arms for a
final kiss before they opened the door to go down stairs.

Susie Q was found in the basement play room. She was
completely nude, sitting on one frat brother and riding his cock
while another brother plowed his stiff black cock into her rectum
and her intestines as she gave another a blow job. In Dawn's newly
carnally awakened brain, the image conjured up the cookie that had a
chocolate outside and a white inside. Poor innocent Dawn had never
imagined that a woman could accommodate three men at the same time.
Mobotto moved in close behind her, his large black hands moved under
each arm, massaged her firm breasts and his lips kissed her neck as
they watched the four person orgy.

Dawn had another orgasm as her sensitive nipples were massaged
and she rubbed her wet thighs together as they watched the gang bang
taking place in the playroom. A few days ago, she would have called
Susie an animalistic slut for letting three men, Black men at that,
have sex with her at the same time. She was amazed at the eagerness
that the younger blonde showed as she hungrily sucked on the long
black cock in her mouth. Dawn had no idea how Susie could swallow it
go all the way down her throat without choking. The long, but
thinner, black cock that was stroking in and out of Susie's abused
rectum actually seemed to be a source of pleasure to the teenager.
Dawn was almost in shock as she reached yet another orgasm while
watching Susie Q reach yet another climax.

Finally, the three Black fraternity brothers had deposited
their sperm in Susie Q's three receptive orifices. Susie was left
lying limply on the king sized bed as her partners went to get a
cold beer. Mobotto led Dawn to the side of the bed, leaned forward
and scooped up some of the juices dribbling from the teenager's
widened hairless pussy. Dawn saw that Susie's clitoris was pierced
and wore a large diameter gold ring. She was so fascinated by the
wetly glistening clit ring that she did not notice that Mobotto had
brought his wet fingers to her lips. Mobotto's long dark fingers
penetrated Dawn's swollen parted lips. She unconsciously sucked the
pungent soupy mixture from her own lover's digits as she realized
that this was what her own pussy probably tasted like after Mobotto
had made love to her. The taste was not as bad as she had expected.

Mobotto wrapped the fingers of one of his large hands around
the back of Dawn's graceful neck and he pushed her face down towards
the messy cunt of the teenage blonde. Dawn's mind was screaming,
"No!", even as her mouth and nose were being smeared with the fresh
juices draining from the open twat of her younger friend. Mobotto
ordered her to lick Susie's clit, and, she obediently did as she was

Dawn followed each of the commands as she licked the thick
cream dripping from Susie Q's widened channel. Susie laced her long
thin fingers in her older friend's hair and pulled her face farther
into her leaking pussy. Dawn even took the clit ring between her own
lips and flicked it with her tongue when she was ordered to do so.
Susie's body convulsed as she was racked with another massive
climax. Dawn loved the sense of power that she derived from sending
her young friend into such an orgasm. She continued sucking on
Susie's clitoris without being told. Eventually, Mobotto had to pull
her off of the teenager so that the writhing eighteen year old could
catch her breath.

Dawn was so aroused after going down on her friend that she
wanted Mobotto to make love to her again. Her body needed it!
Mobotto knew that it would be better to send the wife and mother
home while still wanting more. Even when Dawn tried to press her wet
lips to his own, he pushed her away and told her it was time for her
to leave if she was going to be home in time to greet her children
as they got home from school. Dawn was torn between her duty as a
mother and her newly found lust as a woman. Susie putting on her own
clothing and Mobotto ********* them to the front door solved her
dilemma. Dawn reluctantly said goodbye to her Black lover.

In the open convertible, as they drove back to where Dawn's
van was parked, Susie had to remind Dawn to wipe the juices from her
lower face. The visor mirror showed Dawn that her face was coated in
cum and pussy juice. No wonder the people that had looked at the two
blondes in the red corvette had stared at her. She wiped her face on
a couple of tissues, reapplied her lipstick and fluffed her still
damp hair with her hairbrush. When she got out to enter her vehicle
she looked almost normal.

Dawn arrived home a few minutes after her children. She sent
them out to play as she peeled her perspiration soaked clothing from
her tingling body. Her panties and pantyhose were drenched in
Mobotto's and her own juices. She knew that this was her safe
period, but if she and Mobotto continued to see each other,
something would have to be done to prevent her from getting
pregnant. The option of not seeing Mobotto again did not occur to
her as she ran warm water into the bath tub.

A long bubble bath washed away the odors of semen. Her hands
caressed her breasts, fondled her sensitive nipples and played with
her ultra responsive clitoris until she had another climax. She left
the soothing water of the bath and dried her still tingling body as
she thought about how much fun sex really was. Her father and mother
had lied to her. She had missed out on so much fun because of that.

Dawn had dinner ready just as John returned home from work.
She had set out some frozen dinners to microwave for supper before
she had taken her bubble bath. John was preoccupied with Wandel, the
gold brick private in his platoon. He was very big, very muscular,
very Black and had a very serious attitude problem. John was
considering sending Wandel to a court martial. He ate quietly as he
considered what he would do.

After dinner, Dawn sent the children to bed early. Her libido
was still in high gear. Mobotto had sent her home while she was
sexually excited. She tried sending her husband signals that she was
available this evening, but he seemed to be concentrating on other
things. She went to the bedroom, put on some makeup, painted her
lips with red lipstick, and donned the gauze thin red baby doll
nighty that John had bought her for their last anniversary. She had
told him that she was not a slut and would not wear such slut sleep
ware. As she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror, she
could see her erect nipples through the top and the faint image of
light brown pubic hair through the equally thin red bikini panties.
She was surprised because she had never worn the pajamas before.

When John saw his normally conservative wife enter the living
room in the red nighty that he had bought her, his penis went
immediately into an erect condition. She had gotten mad when he had
given it to her. She had threatened to throw the sleazy nighty away.
She looked very hot in it. She moved to sit on his lap and was
rewarded with the feeling of her husband's hard penis under her
scantily clad and shapely bottom. She placed her arms around John's
neck as she kissed his lips.

John did not know what had brought about the change in his
wife. At the moment, he did not care. He scooped her up in his arms
and carried Dawn to the master bedroom. He gently lay her on the bed
and began ripping off his uniform. Within a few seconds, he was
climbing on top of his obviously horny wife. He was so excited, he
did not take time to remove her red gossamer bikini panties. He
pulled them to one side as he sank his slightly larger than average
sized penis into his wife's very wet, and strangely very loose,

For years, John had only dreamed of having a wife that was a willing
sexual partner. Dawn had never been adventurous in the bedroom. The
missionary position was all that she had tolerated. Since the birth
of their last child, she had insisted upon him wearing a rubber
every time that they had sex. Tonight, she had made no mention of a
rubber and John did not remind her.

John attributed the loose feeling of Dawn's vagina to the extra
wetness that he encountered there as he stroked in and out of his
unusually responsive wife. She wrapped her arms and legs around her
husband and moved with him as he stroked in and out of her. John was
all the way in, but, after having Mobotto's longer and much thicker
black cock stretching her opening, she was not getting the same
intense sensations. She was working her excited pussy up and down on
her husband's stiff white penis as he stroked into her. She still
needed a climax and was getting closer. She was horrified to feel
John's body jerking as his cock shot his cum into her pussy. He
pulled out and rolled over. He had worked so hard recently, and his
orgasm had been so satisfying, he was asleep in moments.

Dawn lay on her marriage bed, her legs still open, her
husband's sperm inside of her belly, her chest rising and falling
rapidly as she almost screamed in frustration. She had been so
close! She had seduced her husband only to be left hot, breathing
heavily, unsatisfied and with a wet crotch. She played with her clit
until she reached an orgasm. She had fantasized that Mobotto was
making love to her as she went over the brink. She fell asleep and
dreamed of Mobotto's big black cock.

The next morning, John had to get himself off to work. He did
manage to get Dawn up in time for her to send her children to
school. Dawn took a quick bath before picking out her clothing for
the day. Her sexiest set of lingerie consisted of a pink lace low
cut brassiere, a matching pair of pink lace panties cut high in the
thigh, a pair of cinnamon colored thigh high stockings that John had
bought in the vain hope that she would wear them for him in the
privacy of their bedroom. A pair of high heel sandals and a pink sun
dress that had a low neck and was mid thigh length were also
selected. Her eye glasses, her wedding rings, a pair of earrings and
her purse completed her selection.

Dawn felt like a lewd woman as she walked out to her van. She
wondered if any of their neighbors noticed the risque way in which
she was dressed as she drove to the university. She felt a
heightened level of excitement as she entered her classroom and sat
beside her younger friend. Susie wore a pair of blue silk wide
legged running shorts and a form fitting blue top that molded itself
to her otherwise unencumbered large breasts. Today, rather than
looking away in disapproval, Dawn wondered what it would be like to
venture out in public dressed that way herself.

Classes seemed to drag through time. When they were over, Dawn
automatically followed Susie Q to the parking lot. Both women got
into their own vehicles and drove to the African-American fraternity
house. Dawn noticed, in addition to the sexual tension that she
felt, that the crotch of her panties were moist. The door opened and
Mobotto let them in before giving each of them a passionate kiss.
Next, he led both of the willing white women to the basement play

Three tall and very dark beer sipping frat brothers awaited
Mobotto and their two guests. Mobotto kissed Dawn as Susie Q made
the rounds kissing each of the other three. Dawn did not object as
her dress was unzipped and pulled down around her luscious body.
Several whistles were sounded as her sexy undies and shapely blonde
body were displayed for one and all as her dress puddled around her
high heel sandals.

Mobotto's long black fingers slipped into the front of Dawn's
pink lace panties and cupped her pubic mound. Her blue eyes opened
wide and she gasped as his fingers found her moist clitoris. Mobotto
used his talented fingers to quickly bring the married white woman
to the brink of a climax. It was then that Dawn felt three other
sets of hands on her semi nude body. Six hands massaged, tickled and
caressed every sensual square inch of her shuddering body as she was
brought to several orgasms.

Dawn barely knew when her bra and panties were removed. She
was lowered to the king size bed wearing only her cinnamon colored
thigh high stockings, her high heel sandals, her jewelry and her
glasses. A black cock was fed to the blonde housewife's sweet mouth
as one of the brothers went down on her and tongued her erect
clitoris. She followed their instructions and was soon sucking black
cock as if she had done it for years.

Susie Q and Mobotto sat on a sofa next to the bed and watched
as the three African-American fraternity members worked on the newly
defiled white wife and mother. Susie wrapped her soft dainty white
fingers around her boyfriend's huge black cock. His fingers were
busy inside of her loose fitting blue silk running shorts. Both were
excited by the willing surrender of the thirty year old blonde

Dawn lay on her back as the man above her drove his black cock
in and out of her mouth. She sucked on the head and swirled her
tongue around the tip as she was ordered to do. She had trouble
letting it slide down her throat as she was commanded. She had
watched Susie do it and she really wanted to please the people that
were bringing her so much sexual pleasure. She gagged several times
as more than eight inches of stiff black cock was rammed down her

The man sucking Dawn's clit was now fingering her vagina too.
He knew it would only be a matter of seconds before she came for
them. She tried to moan as her orgasm overtook her. The cock in her
mouth slipped out just as he ejaculated, spraying cum all over her
pretty face. Susie came on Mobotto's fingers as she saw the prim and
proper housewife's face being coated in black baby making seed. A
large glob of sperm landed on the left lens of Dawn's glasses,
running down and dripping onto her face.

Before Dawn had a chance to recover, another man, with a fresh
hard cock, moved into position above her. Her mouth was stuffed full
of cock as the other man continued sucking her cunt. This process
was to be repeated three times until Dawn was able to swallow the
cocks all the way down her expanded throat. The questing fingers had
****** their way into her vagina until she now could take four at a
time. Her virginal anus was now able to accept three wiggling

Dawn Tiikken had thought that her sex session was over when
each man had cum down her throat. She found out that they were only
half finished. She was lifted up and was placed in a straddling
position over the long hard black cock of one of her partners. Her
big blue eyes bulged as she slid down onto the very thick tool. A
cool gel was applied to her anus and the guy with the thinnest, but
longest, cock began to enter her virginal anal opening. Dawn moaned
loudly and pleaded with her tormentor to please pull it out. He slid
in even deeper.

Susie Q was sitting on Mobotto's cock with her back toward
him. Both were watching Dawn loose her anal cherry and were grinning
when they heard her feeble pleas for the offending tool to be
removed. They knew that she would change her tune in a few minutes.

Dawn felt as if a truck had made a wrong turn up her rectum.
She was pinned between the two black frat brothers and had no hope
of escape. Finally, the ten inch tool was all the way up her butt.
She breathed shallowly as it was withdrew part way, only to be
driven back in. A rhythm was established as her bottom was being
violated. Each time that the cock in her anus reached bottom, her
vagina was driven down on the huge thick black cock in it. Her clit
was also ground onto the coarse kinky pubic hair of the lucky
African-American male beneath her. Dawn slowly began to enjoy what
was being done to her.

Susie watched as the two black males remained still as Dawn
began working her body back and forth between them. She would drive
herself backwards onto the long thin cock in her stretched rectum,
then drive forward onto the thick cock in her expanded pussy. Just
as the rhythm was established, the third black cock was ****** into
the married woman's mouth and shoved down her expanding throat.
Susie came again as she watched her friend in action. Mobotto saved
his cum until the finale where everyone came at once. When Dawn came
again for the twelfth time, she felt all three cocks let go inside
of her. She **********.

Susie woke Dawn about ten minutes before her children were due
home from school. Mobotto would not let her wake up her married
friend any earlier. Dawn could not see through the dried sperm on
her eye glasses and had to quickly clean the lenses. Her brassiere
and panties were no where to be found. She put on her dress over her
laddered thigh high stockings. She wanted to shower before going
home but had no time to spare for such a luxury, even though sperm
ran down the inside of her bare upper thighs.

Dawn pulled into her driveway to find her children waiting on
her. Luckily, they were too young to recognize the signs of a
cheating housewife. Their mother's dress was wrinkled, her erect and
bra less nipples showed beneath the thin dress, her stockings had
runs, her hair was mussed and had dried semen in it, her lipstick
was smeared and she smelled of sperm. If her husband had been home,
he would have noticed his wife's condition immediately.

John came home to find everything back to normal. That night, when
he tried to get romantic with his wife, she told him that she had a
headache. After the previous evenings activities, he had hoped for
more wild sex. He tossed and turned until he finally fell asleep.
Dawn fell asleep almost immediately.

The next day, Dawn accepted the position of House Mother to the
African-American Fraternity. Her duties included sexually satisfying
each and every one of the fraternity members. She was also supposed
to coordinate parties, help plan social activities and help with the
general running of the house. Her pay was almost excessive with a
generous clothing allowance. She did not complain when Susie was
assigned to help her older friend select her new wardrobe. While at
work, Dawn dressed like a slut.


By the end of the semester, Dawn had been well trained for her
new career as House Mother. She could accommodate even the most
well endowed of the frat brothers in any of her body orifices. She
had lost interest in having sex with her husband and, after two
months of excuses, he had given up hoping that she would change her
mind. The last time that he had sex with his wife, it seemed as if
her vagina was as big as a coat sleeve, so, he did not mind as much
as he would have a few months before.

It did worry John that his wife was dressing in more revealing
clothing and working at an all Black fraternity house. She now wore
revealing tops, short flouncy skirts and high heel shoes every day
that she went to school. Her lingerie drawers were bulging over with
the sexiest brassieres, skimpy panties, garter belts and wildly
patterned stockings. He was upset because she was still shy and
would not let him see her in her new sexy lingerie! He was becoming
extremely sexually frustrated.

Two weeks before the end of the semester party, Dawn was told
that there was to be a special party for the following Saturday
night and that she needed to be there. John was out of town that
entire week, so, she only had to make arrangements for her children
to stay with friends that night in order to be free until the next

Dawn, after she had her house to herself, prepared for the party.
She took a leisurely bubble bath and shaved her legs and underarms.
Drying off, she picked up her white silk bikini panties, garter
belt, black silk long length stockings and matching silk demi
brassiere. Her large pinkish brown nipples peeked over the top of
the very low cut brassiere. A pair of four inch high heel pumps and
a white silk mini dress completed her outfit. She was glad that John
was not at home. He had become such a nuisance as he tried to peek
at her in her lingerie while she dressed for work. She applied her
makeup, her wedding rings and put on her glasses before leaving for
the party.

Dawn used her key to let herself into the Fraternity House.
Every frat brother that she passed in the hallway wanted a kiss and
a feel of their sexy House Mother. It took Dawn twenty minutes just
to get from the front door to the basement. Dawn found the younger
African-American college men so much sexier than any white man that
she had ever known. She could not imagine going back to a life of
sex with just her husband.

Mobotto was waiting for her in the playroom along with a very
tall, very muscular and very black stranger. "Hello, Baby. This is a
guy that you need to meet. This is my cousin, Wandel. He is in your
husband's outfit." Dawn felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as she
heard that the new Black man probably knew her husband. She had been
very careful to keep her husband and children from finding out about
her new sex life.

"I want you to show Wandel how much you love black cock."
Dawn's blue eyes got big as she looked at Mobotto. "I want you to
give Wandel a blow job so that he can see what a well trained slut
his sergeant's wife is." Dawn considered turning and running for the
door. However, over the last two months, she had been well trained.
Her legs were weak and her mouth was watering as she slowly dropped
to her knees in front of the grinning soldier.

Dawn's trembling fingers unzipped the trousers of the giant
Black man. Her eyes must be deceiving her! No man could have a cock
this thick and this long! She had trouble wrapping her fingers over
half way around his telephone pole sized ebony horse cock. Wandel
loved the way the pretty white wife looked on her knees before him.
He laced his dark fingers through her beautiful blonde hair and
pulled her face toward the end of his uncircumcised cock.

Dawn pulled back on the loose skin on Wandel's massive foot
long rammer and saw that the head was a huge purple dome. Her head
was guided to where her lips made contact with the drops of pre cum
on the round purple head. She stretched her jaws apart as far as
they would reach just to get the head in her obedient mouth. Her
tongue tasted the drops of semen as it licked the sensitive head.

Mobotto received the thumbs up signal from his cousin as Dawn
gave him one of the best blow jobs of his life. It would have been
better if she could have taken him deeper into her throat, but he
was just too thick and too long. She swallowed every last drop of
his thick and potent sperm. Dawn's panties were soaking wet when she
finished eating his cum.

Mobotto and Wandel stripped dawn's clothing from her sexually
heated body. They left her in her white silk garter belt, black silk
stockings, high heel pumps, wedding rings and glasses as they
centered her on the king size bed. Mobotto took her first. After
fifteen minutes of heavy duty screwing, Dawn had cum three times.
When she felt Mobotto shooting his sperm into her unprotected cunt,
she came again.

Mobotto pulled out of her with a suctioning sound. Wandel
climbed between her legs with his resurrected tool standing a full
attention. Dawn could feel the depths of her vagina being stretched
even farther than the other fraternity brothers had been able to do.
Her legs and arms wrapped around the muscular body of her new Black
lover. Her body began to reach peak after peak as the twelve inches
of rigid dark meat ****** itself impossibly deep into her tummy with
every forceful stroke.

Mobotto and Wandel smiled as the white wife spasmed, writhed
and shook with each of her many orgasms. Climaxes were racking her
beautiful body like a machine gun as she came so many times that she
lost consciousness. Wandel dumped his load of Black baby making
cream so far inside of his sergeant's wife's belly, that he knew
that it coated the inside of her uterus. He hoped she was pregnant
with his baby.

When Wandel pulled out of Dawn's now even more permanently
widened vagina, Wandel and Mobotto could see deep inside of her
gaping cunt hole. The mouth of her cervix could be seen twitching up
and down as it dipped into the pool of sperm still inside of her.
Wandel and Mobotto gave each other the high five.

Wandel retrieved the equipment that he had borrowed from his
other cousin, Sister LaTisha. Mobotto plugged in the hair removal
machine and Wandel used it to permanently remove each and every one
of Dawn's pubic hairs. Her pussy was left smooth and bare. Next,
came the piercing instruments. Dawn was still **********, but, came
to as soon as a thick needle was pushed through her thick left
nipple. A numbing antiseptic spray had been used, but she still woke
up in time to see a stainless steel needle piercing her sensitive
left nipple as Wandel searched for the gold nipple rings.

Dawn opened her mouth and screamed only to have her own wet
panties shoved into her open mouth. Wandel left the needle in her
left nipple and ****** another needle through her slightly
anesthetized right nipple. Mobotto held her down on the bed as her
wide open eyes saw the long shiny thick stainless steel needles
piercing both of her nipples. She tried to plead with them to take
the needles out, but her mouth was full of her own panties.

Wandel slowly pulled the needle out of Dawn's left nipple,
feeding a two inch diameter gold ring through the hole at the same
time. He did the same to her right nipple. A drop of super glue to
each catch mechanism and he was finished with her nipples. Dawn
could not believe her big blue eyes as she saw the heavy gold rings
hanging in her thick pinkish brown nipples.

Mobotto held Dawn's legs high in the air before bringing them
back so that her knees were on each side of her head. She still had
her panties in her mouth and was spread wide open for Wandel. She
had never felt so helpless in her entire life. The pain
killer-antiseptic spray was used all around her erect clitoris.
Wandel took a thick curved needle from the equipment bag and pierced
the flap of skin that protected her clitoris. Another gold ring was
placed there and the catch was glued shut.

Dawn realized that she now had a clit ring just like Susie
Q's. In addition, she also had her nipples pierced. She had no idea
how she was going to hide her new body jewelry from her husband. He
was sure to see them someday. A special salve was rubbed into the
wounds where she had been pierced. She would heal within a day or

Dawn was sent home without her underwear. Her new gold rings
could be seen gleaming through the thin white silk dress that she
had worn. She was glad that her husband was gone for the next few
days. It certainly made her life a little easier. It seemed that, no
matter what she did, or how she sat or walked, the rings kept her
nipples and clitoris erect and excited .....
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A New Dawn (Part 2)

John returned home to find that his wife was even more distant
and aloof than ever. Even the suggestion of sex brought a negative
response. He knew that he had to have sex some way or another in the
next few nights or he might explode. He was married. He was
determined to have sex with his wife.

It was John's misfortune to arrive home on the night that the
fraternity where Dawn worked was having its end of the semester
party. Dawn locked the bedroom door as she dressed for the party.
When she came out to leave, she was wearing a red silk wrap mini
dress that hugged her shapely figure. John could swear that he saw
some thing that was circular on each of her breasts. Her legs were
long and sexy in her black silk stockings and four inch high heels.
John's penis was standing stiff and hard as he watched his wife of
about ten years walk out the door, leaving him to baby sit their

John called some friends and took his children and dropped
them off for the night. He found the Fraternity House and parked
down the street. Dawn's van was in the parking area, parked next to
a red corvette convertible. He sneaked onto the property and was
about to peep into the basement windows as four large black hands
seized him. There was a struggle, but he was out sized by both of
his adversaries. He was physically carried into the house and down
the steps into the basement.

As John was carted into the playroom, he saw his wife in the
arms of a Black college student. She did not notice him because her
back was to him and she was passionately kissing the young Black man
as a pair of dark hands kneaded her firm buttocks through her thin
red silk wrap dress. John was forcibly seated in a straight back
chair and a roll of duct tape was used to secure his arms, legs and
body to the chair. A piece of tape was even used to cover his mouth.
The chair was moved to a corner of the room where Dawn would be
unlikely to see him.

Two more frat brothers moved in close to Dawn and her red wrap
dress was untied at the waist. John struggled against his bonds as
he saw his wife's dress being removed by the three younger Black
men. Underneath her dress were a red satin brassiere, a red pair of
satin bikini panties, a red satin garter belt that held up her dark
silk stockings. The high heel shoes made her tall enough to reach
her arms around the neck of one of her suitors and kiss his thick
lips. John groaned into the tape covering his mouth as he saw how
horny his wife appeared to be with her Black suitors.

Dawn spun around to kiss one of the other Black college
students and John got to see the front of her red satin brassiere.
It had cut out holes that circled her big pink nipples. That was
shocking, but not nearly as shocking as the two inch gold rings
hanging in her passion swollen pierced nipples! She seemed to almost
cum for them as they hooked their fingers in the rings and tugged on
them as they were twisted in different directions!

Dawn was lifted and carried to the king sized bed in the
middle of the room where she was laid on the bed with her legs in
John's direction. When her legs were spread by one of the fraternity
brothers, John could see that she wore crotchless red satin panties
and that she had a gold ring in her pussy slit. John had begged Dawn
to loosen up and be a little sexier at home in their bedroom. This
was going too far!

John began rocking his chair back and forth in an attempt to over
turn the chair where, he hoped, he would have a better chance of
escaping so that he could rescue his poor wife. If he could get
loose, he thought, he still had a chance of saving his marriage. A
hand stopped his chair from rocking, then smacked him on the back of
his head. He looked up to see Wandel standing over him. Wandel had
gone AWOL over two weeks ago. John had finally put him in for a
court martial. Now, Wandel was towering menacingly over him and
happily watching Dawn as she began sucking a big black cock.

John could not believe that his sweet innocent wife, who had
always said that oral sex was dirty, was deep throating such a huge
black cock. When she pulled her mouth off the cock for a moment and
smiled up into the male's dark eyes, John knew that this was not the
first time that she had sucked cock. Another Black moved between her
silk covered legs and she spread them even farther apart for him.

John could feel his own penis swelling in his pants as he
watched the wanton way that his wife was behaving with the
African-American Fraternity Bothers. As a black pole, much bigger
than his own, penetrated his blonde wife's hairless slit, he could
hear her moaning around the cock that was stroking in and out of her
throat. John was at a loss as to what to do to get them out of their

The three on the bed were oblivious to the others in the room
as they screwed and sucked their way to their orgasms. John could
tell that Dawn came at least four times before both of the other two
males had cum once. He knew she was not on the pill. She was
allergic to the hormones. She had always made him wear a rubber when
they had sex. Now, she was obviously letting Black males cum in her
unprotected womb. John's penis was so hard he thought that it would
rip his pants.

Wandel leaned down and whispered in John's ear, "Yo wife sho
is a fine piece of ass. All the guys agree on that. She sho loves to
suck the juice right out of a cock. And, her pussy has been
stretched by each and every brother here. Most have fucked her ass,
too. Lordy, she is one fine fuck!" John shot his cum in his pants as
another pair of Black frat members took their place in his wife's
mouth and pussy. Wandel smiled as he saw the spreading stain on the
front of his sergeant's trousers.

John's penis remained hard even after he had unloaded several
spurts of semen in his under shorts. He could not believe that his
loving wife, and the mother of his children, was lying on a king
sized bed in the basement of a Black fraternity house and taking on
all comers.

Wandel moved away from Sergeant Tikken to talk to some of the
frat brothers. As soon as the two Blacks screwing Dawn finished with
her, three more took their place. One lay on his back. Dawn climbed
up over him and slid slowly down onto his very large black cock.
Another brother moved into position behind her and fed his long cock
into her receptive bottom. Instead of screaming in pain, she had a
smile on her pretty face as both dark cocks disappeared from sight.
The third Black moved to where the blonde wife could suck his big
tool as she was being double screwed by his friends. John almost
came again when the four on the bed all came at the same time.

Three more Blacks joined Dawn on the bed as a beautiful young
nude blonde girl walked up to John and sat on his lap. "Hello, John.
You don't know me, but Dawn has told me all about you. My goodness!
Have you got an erection? I have been making love to Black guys for
so long, it is hard for me to tell when a white guy is hard! My, but
your pants are wet. Did you cum in your pants while your wife was
being properly screwed by some Black men? My Daddy does that when he
watches my step mother being serviced by a Black man. I bet all
white men have this as a fantasy. Do you enjoy watching Dawn being
fucked by such well hung Blacks? Did you know she is not on the

Susie Q wiggled her tight bottom on John's lap as she was
talking to him. He groaned and shut his eyes as he shot another load
of cum inside his shorts. The thought of his wife becoming pregnant
with a Black man's child had, for some unknown reason, pushed him
over the edge. Susie's gorgeous ass wiggling on his lap had not
helped him control his orgasm, either.

Dawn had just finished draining the cum from another three
frat brothers and lay back on the bed. Mobotto was up in his room
breaking in another sweet, and heretofore innocent, young white girl
into the joys of interracial lust. Except for Wandel, all the other
Black males had already had a turn with the insatiable housewife.

John saw his wife lying on the bed with her spread legs facing
his direction. Her formerly tight pussy was hanging open as sperm
drained out onto the satin sheets. John was amazed that his penis
was still hard. That is when he heard Dawn's sweet and sexy voice
call out, "Who's next?" John struggled to get the young college aged
girl off his lap and to get free of his bonds so that he could make
love to his wife. That is when he saw Wandel, completely naked,
getting on the bed with Dawn.

John had never seen Wandel in the showers. He was completely
shocked when he saw the size of the gigantic piece of horse cock
standing out in from of the private. It appeared that Wandel had
been born with three legs and that the doctors had amputated the
middle leg at the knee. It was huge! What was equally shocking was
seeing his wife eagerly dive for the Wandel's huge dusky tool as if
it were the most important thing in the world.

John had to sit as his wife made cooing noises as she wrapped
her petite fingers around the base of huge black cock and pulled the
foreskin back away from the baseball sized purple head. John could
see the light reflecting from his wife's engagement ring as she
stroked the big black cock. Dawn hungrily licked a drop of pre cum
from the end of Wandel's magnificent cock. Her blue eyes were
sparkling as she smiled up into his dark face.

Susie began whispering into John's ear, "Dawn is addicted to
Black cock now. There is nothing you can do to change that. Mobotto
and Wandel have decided that you and Dawn can stay married. However,
you won't be allowed to actually have sex with your wife. She
belongs to the frat house and to Wandel now."

John could not understand why his penis was becoming erect as
the teenager continued to whisper in his ear, "Wandel told us what a
son of a bitch you have been to him. Lucky for you, he has decided
to forgive you. From now on, though, you will have the other men in
your group do his work for him. You will have them stand his duty as
well. If you can't get them to do it, you will just have to do it
yourself. Wandel is going to be busy impregnating your wife. He
wants to see his baby grow in her belly and will be screwing her
each and every day until she is pregnant."

John hoped it was the fact that Susie was sitting on his lap
that had made his penis so stiff. Susie whispered, "Just think of
Wandel ramming his huge Black cock into your wife's cunt each
morning after you and your children leave the house. Of course, your
nosy neighbors may talk. Don't worry about them. They would be
talking after the baby is born anyway." John knew that if the cute
young blonde kept wiggling and whispering in his ear, he would cum
again in a minute or two.

He looked at the bed in the center of the room and saw that
Dawn was seriously trying to deep throat the unbelievably huge cock.
She was driving her entire body forward as she tried to swallow it.
She lunged her mouth and throat around Wandel's cock, causing her
throat to visibly expand around it like a snake swallowing a larger
animal. The cock would become lodged in her throat and she would
have to push back forcibly to withdraw the oversized cock from her
stretched esophagus.

Just as John thought that he was going to shoot his sperm into
his already saturated shorts, Wandel pulled his thick cock from the
sex crazed wife's gullet and called out, "I wants to fuck this
bitch's twat but it is full of cum. Bring her white bread hubby over
here to lick her clean."

Susie Q jumped up as two well muscled frat brothers picked up
John, chair and all, and carried him over to the side of the bed.
For the first time, Dawn was aware of the fact that her husband was
in the room. She automatically tried to cover her nakedness. She had
not wanted John to find out what a slut he was married to.

The duct tape was removed from Sergeant John Tikken's arms,
legs, torso and mouth. He was free at last! He could run from the
room and possibly escape. He could grab Dawn's hand and perhaps they
could both escape. He heard Wandel order him to crawl onto the bed,
get between his wife's legs and lick his wife's dripping cunt clean.
He decided that he would stand up and punch Wandel's teeth out.

Before John could act, Dawn wantonly spread her laddered black silk
stocking clad legs even more, ******** a close up view of her red
crotchless panties and her hairless and swollen pussy lips to her
husband. Her desire to please her Black lover had over come her
embarrassment of being caught by her husband. John could see the
gold clitoris ring gleaming wetly as his wife's cunt opened up to
reveal just how much it had been stretched over the past couple of
months. It looked like a tunnel! A tunnel full of puddles of sperm.

Wandel was becoming impatient with his sergeant, "Come on,
Tikken, get a move on! Drop down there and suck out all of that cum
so I can give your wife a good fucking." John felt his mouth
watering as he stared at his slut wife's stretched and abused pussy.

Dawn's soft and sweet voice called to him, "John, please eat
me so that Wandel will fuck me. He has the best cock in the world
and I love for him to fuck me with it. Please?" Susie Q had come up
behind John and was gently pushing him down on the bed between his
wife's wet silk covered thighs. He could not resist as his face was
****** to Dawn's pungent and dripping cunt.

Dawn laced her slim dainty fingers in her husband's brown hair
as she helped guide his lips to her hungry hole. "Come on, Dear.
Show all of these young Black men how good you are at eating pussy."
John did.
Not For Men Only

Wonderful story. Wish this were happening to my mom. Sure she'd enjoy it - and I'd enjoy her well lubed pussy. June
What a hot story. WOW!!
This is one of the best stories I have read on any site.
Read this to my wife as she sucked my cock...she was cumming as I read on...I also came twice...what an intense and great story this was...When we were done, she insisted on calling her black stud Eddie and invitied him over...She attacked him as soon as he was in the door, dropping to her knees to suck his beautiful black cock...then taking him upstairs to work that huge black pole in her hot kitty...Eddie came twice, my wife multiple times...Thanks again for a great story!
hot hot


I read the story and it makes me rockhard just thinking about it. Everytime i see a pic of a girl with piercings i just need to jack off. Anybody got pics of piercings like those made in the story ??


I could not make it through the story, I had to come back several times to finish it....talk about orgasms!...WOW....xoxoxo...Kate
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I wish my wife would turn into a slut like you teenslut.
You'd enjoy your moms' well-lubed pussy?
Jesus, where are the "sick fuck police" when you need them?
Where They Weren't

No idea where they are. Just sure that they weren't eating Maria's canoli.

maria_canoli said:
You'd enjoy your moms' well-lubed pussy?
Jesus, where are the "sick fuck police" when you need them?
Great story! I have already printed it out. A nice bedtime reading.

Thanks :)
wow, great story for women and guys alike.................hot
very nice

I love the story but not the peircings . I was hoping it would contain Dawn getting knocked up and having Mobotto's or Wandel's black babies. Thanks teenslut.
Awesome story! Thank you Teenslut!
Great story!!!!

I totally agree!! This is a really great story. My cock got really hard reading it. I would kill to have wife like her. She wouldn't have to ask me twice to lick that wonderful cum out of her pussy. I would even fluff up her black boyfriend's cock to make sure it was hard enough to properly service my wonderful wife's pussy.

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