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advice for a 25- male virgin

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Hello everybody,

Iam a young male of 25 yrs but still a virgin. Some days back i posted a thread on some site for a lady to take my virgnity and at the same time to teach me the art of sex. A lady replied back asking whether my penis is circumcised or not. Is there any special reason for this question. Coz Im new to this country and I didnt understand the question. So I kept quiet by not replying. By the way i stay in dallas,tx and Im an Asian Indian (Hindu).
You should reply to her. It's not any special reason, she just asked from curiousity. It's a matter of taste. You should answer to every question to this woman who offered to help you.

Best luck.
Its based on preference and customs (in some places it is the norm), what site did you post on...

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