Another Example of Small white boy

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Mar 2, 2004

Small white cock. 3.5 to 4in hard


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Hey, thanks for the reply Tina. If you want to see anymore just let me know. I would even be willing to do requests.
here are tina


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hey soft2 that is the most pathetic little thing ive seen.
my small offerings

yes, i too am a typical white boy as you can tell from my pix... you can imagine the countless times i have heard the sounds of disappointment from women when they see what i have to offer...


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hell yeah ur so right tina! white girls need to know the truth! im gonna post my lil whiteboy dick here soon! do u have any pix tina???
Pregnancy minded women still servicing white males take note.

The above phalluses would hardly be capable of providing their partner a deep muscle vaginal orgasm or even delivering a forcable enough ejaculation to complete insemination. If unlikely pregnancy were to occur there is a probability of passing this humiliating genetic inferiority to your offspring.

Women for years brainwashed into denying their own impuses by white male mantras like "such size doesn't matter" are finally listening to their own reproductive instincts. Women embracing the choices available in a multi ethnic civilization are responding to their natural craving for longer thicker cocks because on a suconcious level it is understood that the deeper the penetration the better chances of conception.

A thin stubby penis which orgasms closer the vaginal openning is less likely to successfully fetilize than one who's massive glans presses against and seals or pierces the cervical openning. A thicker penis causes the vagina to stretch and the mouth of the cervix to open.

A man's inspiration to thust "to the hilt" while in climax serves this phenomenon best, and women anticipating their partners approaching orgasm will often instinctively attempt to keep the seal of their bodies tight until the male begins to deminish.

The following Kinsey charts focus on white men with predictable results...