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Any Asian Wives out there?

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Anybody have any Asian wives going for the BBC? That's always hot.

my wife is filipina and I want her to go black like some of her friends, but she hasn't yet, but she might
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I know, I've been dating a Vietnamese woman for several years and would love to see it. Asian women rock!
i'm an asian woman in North Cali and i luv BBC.
any hung gentlemen around this area? holla.
























I was surprised by the number of Black/Asian adult sites I could find in just a few moments! I hope that these images are enjoyable to my fellow members of this board. Watching beautiful Asian women and handsome black men enjoying each others sexy bodies is great fun. Although I hope that these sites are Black or Asian owned, I expect that most of them are predominantly visited by white men, serving up as they do, two sexual stereotypes simultaneously.

One site cleverly lures white men with this boast..."There's no bigger taboo in Asian culture than for an Asian girl to have sex with a black guy. Watch as these fresh young Asian girls become instant pariahs in their community as they take on their first black cock!" http://www.blacksonasians.com/

A Goldsea Relationship Poll asked both Asian women and black men what might attract them to a sexual relationship with a partner from the other's ethnic culture.

While the results listed facial features, physique, attitude and personality... It also included the following question...

Assuming you are an Asian female, what most dissuades you from relations with African American males?
64% selected "I don't think they would find me attractive."
Only 23% answered "I'd rather not deal with the disapproval of family."


Assuming you are an African American male, what most dissuades you from relations with Asian females?
81% selected "I don't think they would find me attractive."
Only 12% said "I'd rather not deal with the disapproval of family and friends."

It is obvious from the results that Asian women and Black men are very attracted to each other, and at a glance, it might appear that something as simple as low self-confidence might be the only thing separating those polled from per suing thrilling sexual and emotional pan-cultural relationships.

But whether the "Asian Females" polled be Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian or any of Over 50 distinct Chinese ethnic groups the fact remains that for many, it is the insecurities fostered by White America and re-enforced by their entertainment industry that create non-exist ant divisions and strive to keep mutually desirous minorities apprehensive and apart.

After all, Whites want complete control of the stereotypes they have created, and their "Asian Fetish" is for them alone.

While the latest generation of White "Asian fetishists" are the result of lovingly constructed stereotypes ranging from Nancy Kwan in The world of Suzy Wong


to the Lucy Liu's interracial lesbian kiss on Ally Mcbeal

have sexually aroused white men and perpetuated the objectification and hypersexualization of Asian women in America.

Darrell Hamamoto, associate professor of Asian American Studies at UC Davis referred to Lucy Liu's character Ling at the time as "a neo-Orientalist masturbatory fantasy figure concocted by a white man whose job it is to satisfy the blocked needs of other white men who seek temporary escape from their banal and deadening lives by indulging themselves in a bit of visual cunnilingus while relaxing on the sofa."

Other popular Asian Fetish objects

"The China Doll",

"The Geisha Girl",

"The War Bride",

and "The Vietnamese **********"

Hollywood's relentless portrayal of "the oriental woman" as mysterious, servile, sensually exotic, promiscuous, and eager to be dominated have given Caucasian men perverse satisfaction for over seventy years.

In Hollywood, while the Asian man is historically depicted as untrustworthy, feminine, weak, and yet strangely dangerous because poses a threat to white women, the white man is often portrayed as the "liberating" the Asian woman from the tyranny of her Asian male oppressor.

These are sexual expressions of classic Eurocentric prejudice, of the "white man" in his quest to render the world his own in a game of white against dark, of civilized against savage.

In the White imperial conquest of African and Asian cultures, the masculine colonizer penetrates and tames a feminized colonial host, there is no liberation--only a reaffirmation of the white male's masculine dominance.

Not coincidentally, most major periods of past racial and cultural fetishes roughly coincided with major periods of white colonial activity. The mulatto fetish of the eighteenth century, for example, occurred at the height of West Indian colonization.


Similarly, the Islamic fetish, which generated many fine paintings of harems and harem girls, occurred during a period of heavy European intervention in Near Eastern affairs. Particularly appealing to whites of the period and beyond was the notion of the eunuch, a neutered black man rendered sexually harmless and entrusted with the intimate service bathing and grooming of a large stable of beautiful women.


The Asian fetish is essentially rooted in white supremacist imperialism, white men regularly revisit hundreds of years of oppressive behavior by exoticizing Asian culture in general and the Asian woman in particular.

Just as the white's divisive propaganda succeeded in driving a wedge between the American blacks and American Jews during the civil rights movement of the sixties, any alliance between American minorities is viewed as terrible threat.

In fact the largest proportion of intermarriage occurs across various Asian American Communities, where rates can be higher than 50 percent in some cities. Here in California where one quarter of all interracial couples live, Black/Asian couples are common. I have female friends who exclusively date black men confiding that their immediate intellectual and emotional compatibility also made them excellent sensitive lovers.



I recently introduced a black male friend to a Japanese woman I dated briefly, the first Asian he has ever been with. He was nervous at first but surprised by their instant natural connection. Amazed by her "not nappy" (soft straight) pubic hair, he claimed to enjoy licking her so much he almost forgot his own orgasm! He's since met her family and they only want him to treat her well and the color of his skin didn't seem to matter.


Asian women

Chinese, I want to stand up, applaud and take My hat off to you for the information you posted. I thought I was reading a well written term paper or viewing an in-depth documentary on interracial relationships between black men and asian women. It was written unlike some of the B.S. on this site

I have ALWAYS found all asian women to be extremely beautiful and extremely sexy. That is one of my unfulfilled fantasies that I have yet to fulfill. It's not for lack of trying, however. I always find it difficult to approach asian women probably because they are immediately intimidated by a black man. Plus, in North Carolina there isn't a surplus on asian women and the ones that are here are strict into family tradition and value.

Again, thank you for your information and pictures!

Master L
tx1964 said:
I know, I've been dating a Vietnamese woman for several years and would love to see it. Asian women rock!

When a guy (married) wants to have other men fuck his wife... is'nt it about time to lookup some help with the old brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asian women

Alphadec, apparently you have no problem logging in to look at pictures and videos of other men's wives taking BBC, but you feel the need to chastise those same people. Time for you to roll back from the monitor and go get a new, dry piece of paper towel to clean up with. What on Earth did you come in to this site thinking you were going to see? :?:

Great pictures in the post. Any amateurs out there?

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