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any husband of wife can send me wet panites

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Oct 30, 2004
Hi all you husbend and wifes out there can send me your wife pussy panites make it so that the panites smell like your wifes pussy i will play with them jack off with them and cum and then, and send them back to you and your wife full of my cum you will love it no joke


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You have a very sexy wife

ok this is my email tony1902001@yahoo.com i will love to smell her pussy in her panites, i will jack off with them have my big black dick all in them i will cum all in them and send them back you can lick it all up you will love it.

tony :D
Hi ,tony , very interested in your proposal
Hi ,tony , very interested in your proposal
My girls G Strings

Would love to send you my girls g Strings for you to come on. Send me them back and i will replace them without her kowing ,whats your address, mine is chaofita@aol.com
ok, where?
white sub needs panties 2 sniff....

would any sexy wifes out there pleeeeze consider sending me a pair of panties to sniff and lick clean while fantasizing about you?
i will pay for em (seriously) i just luv sniffing that intoxicating scent that a woman leaves in her panties after wearing them all day long, especially if their a little sweaty and damp or have been slipped back on after a long hard fuck and soaked up plenty of sticky pussy cum and jizz!!

i used to get off so hard sniffing the sweaty crotch of my girlfriends thong that she got wet in while making out with another guy and then tossed in my face as she led him back to our bedroom and slammed the door!
that way i could sit outside with my ear to the door and jerk off several times so i wouldnt be begging her for a hand job after she finally let me in to clean all the cum out of pussy! anyway she dumped me and i really miss her and the panties she let me sniff and clean for her....can anyone help me?
why don't you do this on my pics? you can chose one in my ad (on wife pix section).

u can send it at elsablack@virgilio.it
Irena for all black mens

If you like this body and pantie, I can send it.


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Good idea to cut off some pubic hair and include with panties and photo being sent. This will help the Bull to more vigorously sperm the panties before sending them back to the wife to wear, or rub over her tits and face.

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