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Any refined WELL ENDOWED BLACK MASTER in Mumbai, India?

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Hi! I am from Mumbai, India.
I fantasise about my shy wife ( she is 5 feet tall, black hair; Indian, very intelligent) with a black guy. I wish to be cuckolded and humiliated by her (would be ) black lover.He should be well educated, sensitive and intelligent.....with the other usual attributes( very strong sex drive, extremely large etc. etc and with lots of kinky imagination).
I wish to see her ravished hard!!!! I want to become a sub cuck while she is made into a sex slave by her black Master.

If any Bull/Master is in Mumbai, please let me know, I want to meet up and see if my fantasies could be actualised......
Please go to http://uk.f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/bangmywifeplease/album
for my wife's delectable views.
Thank you.

damn, she's sexy as hell. wish i was in India.
Seems like you want your wife slaving really well, but yet not hurt. Well, I think I am more than up (pun intented) to it. Want yourself humiliated; well, seek and ye shall get. Get the drift?

So, are you man enough to put your money where your mouth is and act on this fantasy of yours, or is this just a fantasy that you've put on paper that will never be lived out? Decide and let me know.

I tried checking out the Yahoo gallery, but that was not accessible. However, I tend to trust people (see the sensitive side), and believe that your wife will be a very beautiful, slutty slave!

Mumbai - that's where I am currently, and can definitely add a lot of spice to the curry that you call your wife. So, let me know when and where, and the master will be there.

Do remember to send some pics. Would like to see my slave before I decide how I wish to be pleased.


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