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Asian Girls in UK Get Blacked

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Mar 6, 2005
In UK in recent years more and more petite and pretty young Asian girls have ended up with Black lovers and Black Masters. Often initially they may have white boyfriends but it is not too long before they switch to Alpha males. The muscular well endowed Caribbean and African guys soon win them over. The following Blog is by a pretty Chinese girl called Sharon.

She says that ".....There is something of a sexual revolution occuring in the West at the moment and we are witnessing an incredible rise in the number of Black and asian relationships. However, the media has been slow to pick up on this trend and as such these relationships remain largely uncatered for...."

As an asian female, Sharon says she is".... well aware of the facts and reasons behind the increasing number of Asian women who are opting for bBack partners. Until recently, Asian women have felt pressure to resist relationships with Black men due to the social stigma involved in their home countries, but know all this is changing and Asian women are feeling more confident to break down the barriers....."

Sharon first came to the UK some eight years ago together with seven other Chinese female students. She goes on to say ",,,,,Six months later most of us had white boyfriends, however, a further six months down the line; five out of the seven of us had black boyfriends. ..."

Although there are many reasons behind this, one of the major reasons is undoubtably sex. It is surprising to hear so many Black men claim that Asian women are not interested in them because they couldn't be more wrong! The majority of Chinese women have a strong preference for
Black men and the same can also be said of Japanese and Thai women.

The number of young Japanese women in the west who opt for black men is astounding and women in Thailand are reportedly often on the look out for black tourists to 'hook-up' with. This would simply not have been the case five years ago, so what has changed?

The major factor in question here is sex and sexual attraction. As I have said, most Asian women actually consider Back men to be the best looking, strongest, most masculine and best lovers. ..."

Sharon points out she dodent just say this from personal experience but also from interacting with other Asian women.

Surprisingly, more than half of her Asian friends first black sexual experiences came at the request of their previous white boyfriends. Most white men are happy to concede that blacks are better at sex and as such they enjoy the prospect of watching their wives/girlfriends having sex with black men. There is also the extra stereotypical image for them to enjoy of sweet 'child like' Asian women being aggresively fucked by 'rough' black men

There is a steady rise of bBack on Asian sex available on the internet and within a few years there will probably a large number of sites specifically dedicated towards it ie. the Yellow Eclipse sex site. The 'black gang bang' series of videos produced by ideaspocket.com in Japan are bestsellers and are being purchased by a large number of curious Japanese women. One of Sharon's Japanese friends said she watched a similar video a number of years ago and claimed that it converted her to black sex.

She said: 'you could see that the women were genuinely enjoying the sex unlike many other videos I have watched. Japanese women have long held the belief that black men have bigger penises and are better at sex, Just from watching the video I could see that the rumours were true and I felt more comfortable to try it myself'

It may be surprising to some men to know that Asiian women are focused on sex and many even place it above the traditional importance of money.

But why is sex with black men so much better? This is something only a woman could answer. I discussed sex with a couple of my Chinese friends who like me both gave up their white boyfriends for black boyfriends. I told them I would not display their names. Here are some of the things we came out with:

'I have always enjoyed slightly aggressive men and had always fancied black rap stars over everything else. Sex is important to me at the end of the day and I hope I can enjoy the best available to me'

'Black men are generally stronger and fitter than other men and sex usually lasts twice as long and is twice as good. I think that black penises are thicker than most and a little bit longer, so they feel buch better and also look nicer'

'I enjoy the rascal element of black men, my first experience of sex with a black man was with a clothes shop assistant who chatted me up. I had a white boyfriend at the time who had mentioned that he would enjoy to watch me with a black man. The black sales assistant came round the same evening and I have never forgotton the experience'

'my friend has a black husband and she always talked about his sex abilities. I have many chinese friends who only date black men and I had to find out why, now I know why!'

'When I worked in a supermarket, our clothes had quite a low neckline. Everytime I leaned over, the black security guard always looked down my shirt. He asked me out loads of times and I always refused because he smoked dope and seemed a bit weird. I ended up sleeping with him after he tried to follow me home one day and it was probably my best sexual experience to date an we slept together again a few more times. The next day, everyone at work knew I had slept with him and suddenly I had a load of black and indian men winking at me and asking me out. I think they became more confident when they realised that I didn't just fancy asian and white men.'

'I feel more comfortable with black men because they aren't afraid to say how they feel and also seem to understand me better. I have become more open minded about everything'

Asian and Black relationships need more recognition and more promotion in the media and on the net. It's not all about sex but also about genuine love. When more asian women see black/asian relationships, they will be able to break down the barriers that sometimes prevent them from displaying their black desires.

Thanks for your comments. The Blog is called"Black Asian Revolution:"http://blackasianrevolution.blogspot.com/
Excellent post Kinkray.
I think its just all made up nonsense to me, I never see any chinese/japanese women with black men in the UK.
Those websites referred to don't exist.
jibstar said:
...Those websites referred to don't exist.

Unfortunately that blog is from 2003. :cry:
If our Malaysian friend's observations are correct then I would have to wonder if our oriental soulmates are more perceptive than we are. But I'll have to confess I have observed more than a few Japanese-American girls in the company of a cute black attendant while wandering some of the malls in Nashville.
well i could not disagree with the blog statement any better.Blkmen to me are much much better in bed on the average.I have numerous blkmen and they have not disappointed me at all.
as a black man i am glad to hear that asian women are interested in black men i alway's thought it was the reverse that asian women wanted nothing to do with black men i have always wanted an asian woman i think they are the epitome of feminity now i see hope for meeting one
I think that its true that asian women are starting to prefer black men. My ex was asian and she had a few friends with black boyfriends. Eventually we broke up and the next guy she was with was black. I don't know if it was just a sexual thing or not but she always was curious about how big their penises were and would sometimes compare what her friends told her to my own

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