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ATTN: Detroit and Flint area BLK Males, my wife is ready

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We are looking for clean and discreet blk guys to meet up with in the Detroit and Flint area. If interested post some pics showing what you got along with your contact info, if she likes what she sees we will hook up.
we have more pics and can take more. most are to large to post in here we can send them or someone tell us how to resize em. and guys let her know what you think


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Nice cookie from what I can see, post more or email me with some

where are you from and what do you look like
p.s. i sent you a pic send us one for more
Have you shared her before? Did she get it bareback? Love to see her tits.
leave your email address and we'll attatch a photo
Hi Big Balla how a better pic show her tits and moorpussy
flint male here

would love to meet up with you i'm from the flint area


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